Daily Outfit: 11/8/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring argyle sweater, Karen Kane skinny jeans, laceless oxfords, Skagen watch

Argyle sweater, thrifted – similar
Tunic, Old Navy (no longer available) – similar
Skinny jeans, courtesy Karen Kane
Laceless oxfords – Boutique 9 Rochele
Watch, Skagen
Necklace, self-made
Earrings, no idea – similar

THIS is the outfit I’d planned for yesterday, skinny jeans and all. The sweater is freshly thrifted yet this may be it’s only wearing because – and I bow my head in shame as I admit this – I did not take my own advice to examine it before purchasing. And it is full of tiny moth holes. I have stitched up most of them very, very carefully, but found a few more during wearing today and just can’t imagine it holding together post-laundry. Luckily, I can chop off the sleeves and use them as adorable neon legwarmers should all else fail.

Now that we’ve made the Daylight Savings switch, it’s getting dark about 10 seconds after HM arrives home. Soon we’ll have to move outfit shots indoors. No more molting maple tree in the background, no more dodging traffic. Not till spring, anyway!

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28 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 11/8/11”

  1. Chelsea S.

    Awwww I love this sweater! So sad it’s full of holes… boo 🙁 But the great thing about blogging (one of many of course) is that you’ve documented it’s amazingness with this adorable outfit. I love it all, top to bottom. The oxfords are so cute paired with the cuffed jeans, and I love the oxford shirt peaking out below the argyle. A bit of preppiness and androgyny and I’m swooning!

  2. Tia

    Argyle, my one true love! You’re wearing it so well here…too bad about the moth holes! 🙁

  3. Peter

    Moth holes or no, that is a gorgeous sweater and it look great with the skinny jeans — preppy with a twist.

    I love all the brilliant color you’ve been showing lately!

  4. KLynn

    First, I love this outfit. Argyle gets me every time. But second, I love the idea of using sweater sleeves for leg warmers. Brilliant! I’m about to check my closet right now for unloved sweaters that can live a second life! (Any tips, BTW, on your “sweater sleeve to legging” trick?)

  5. Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    I love that the argyle is neon, but how sad that it’s full of holes. This is a great outfit though – and I’m impressed that it’s one you actually planned to wear. That rarely works for me. Although I’ve got one for Thursday that I’m determined to make work. I’ll let you know…

  6. Velma

    I just thrifted a nwt argyle sweater–mine is pea green and two shades of blue. So sorry about the holes in yours!

  7. Katie

    It’s such a shame about the sweater — it looks great on you and I love the outfit!

    Stupid m—s.

  8. Missey

    Those sleeves would look great sticking out of the top of a pair of Frye boots…I’m, thinking the campus boots…;)

  9. Marti

    Love that sweater and love the color! Pity about the moth holes. You might try a session with Fray Check or one of the alternative products to keep the sweater from disintegrating entirely in the wash.

    I have a general question about shirt tails hang down below the sweater. I know this is the style and has been for a while, but I am of the generation that sees this as sloppy, and can’t bring myself to do that. You must like it, because you wear it, but I would like your thoughts on it. Maybe sometimes we are just stuck in some style period of our younger days (raising hand here LOL).

    • Sal

      Marti, I think everyone has certain styles and combos they’ll just never get used to. For me, allowing the tunic to peek out creates better proportions. It looks casual to my eye, but not sloppy.

  10. FutureLint

    Doh! I still do this all the time, I think I check things and then get home and see a stain or hole I missed! Too bad, because I love argyle and these colors are fabulous! Good plan for the legwarmers though!

  11. two birds

    that stinks about the sweater, but having just made a pair of legwarmers out of an old sweater, i highly recommend it! also, these jeans look amazing on you! they are so flattering…i think i might need a pair!

  12. Anna

    When that autumn with his chilly blast
    doth cause the maple tree to molt,
    the time for outdoor photos now is past,
    and HM, with Sally, indoors will bolt.

  13. WendyB

    Sometimes I’ve sworn that I’ll give up on vintage due to moth holes….I never follow through but I do hate those things.

  14. Kookoo

    If I don’t have a hole or stain I make one daily. I hope you can salvage this in some way, infinity holey scarf? And leg warmers or a beanie? Just a thought.