Daily Outfit: 12/1/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring asymmetric cable cardigan, blush pleated maxi skirt, Diesel boots

Asymmetric cardigan, courtesy Chadwickssimilar
Skirt, vintage via Etsy – similar
Belt, from a pair of shorts – similar
Boots, Diesel Go-go (no longer available) – similar – more Diesel boots
Earrings, courtesy Accessory Artists

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I thought, “Wow, tomorrow is the first. How bizarre to enter December with no snow on the ground.” And then Mother Nature was all, “MUAH HA HAAAAAA.” I remember that last year at this time we had around 20 inches of snow. And I remember that snow sticking around till May, so I’m good and grateful that we have a mere dusting today. But I still found said dusting utterly sadlarious in light of my errant snow-related thought last night.

If that all made sense to you, we can be friends forever.

This outfit came together by accident over a month ago when it was far too warm to actually wear it. So I made a note of the various elements and saved it up. I love the look of long-over-long, offset by the belt.

Also I played around with some indoor shots today. Dramatic! Also dark!

(I did these two photos with the remote, but today’s outdoor photo is by Husband Mike. That man has such skills, friends.)

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42 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 12/1/11”

  1. Megan Mae

    OOooh this is so pretty. It’s snuggly, but feminine. Shows your shape, but loose. I’m still head over heels for that cardigan.

  2. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    Love! What a gorgeous snow-day combination!

    I’m accustomed to seeing Husband Mike’s great photography and that MN street scene here on Already Pretty, but those indoor shots are new and novel. You did such a great job with them! I especially love the lighting in the last shot.

  3. Pam @over50feeling40

    That third photo of you is just beautiful…I really like the neckline of this sweater. The forecast for us way down in South Texas on Monday is freezing participation…that so rarely happens before Christmas or even after!!

  4. Arlyce

    I am definitely adding your word “sadlarious” to my conversations at every opportunity!

  5. Chelsea S.

    Oh, you look stunning, Sal! There’s something so cozy about that creamy off white mixed with the tan belt/boots.

  6. Abby

    could you tell me what coat you would wear with a maxi skirt or dress in winter? i want to wear one in the winter but i don’t know what coat to wear with it! thanks, love the outfit!! Abbs

    • Sal

      I’d recommend a cropped (high hip or above) jacket or a floor-length coat. Mid-lengths may look a bit awkward, but if you don’t have cropped or long you can make do.

  7. Debbi

    Oh my, this is the most beautiful outfit. It is just stunning. That last photo is my favorite. It is so ethereal and mysterious.
    But the first photo is utter perfection. The darker tones of the trees and the white of the snow and you in the cream color with your dark hair. Thank you Mike.
    Oh and I do understand the snow thoughts.

  8. Roberta

    Oooh, you make me want to wear lovely creamy things with cognac boots. Such a beautiful, elegant outfit!

  9. Grace

    I am wondering what your day held for you today? I’m remembering the “appropriate” conversation from last week and having a hard time imagining myself wearing an outfit like yours almost ever! I can already picture the snags, spills, wiped kiddo hands and mud. 🙂 But I can admire YOUR elegant creamy self!

    • Sal

      Well, I about six hours of office work, met with a furnace repairman, and put together a crockpot dinner. Didn’t have to run any errands outside the house today, but could’ve!

  10. Amber

    I understood everything you said, except this thing you mentioned called “snow.” Tell me more about snow. Apparently this snow stuff doesn’t flourish in warmer temperatures…

  11. Beth C.

    I really love this. You look like a fancy,old-timey lady, but not in the dowdy stuffy way. (That is supposed to be a compliment. I hope you get what I mean. 🙂 )

  12. Bella Q

    I love the indoor lighting of the last 2 photos. And it works so well with the soft ivory you’re wearing. Winter white looks winter wonderful.

  13. Dee

    I give you credit for wearing that cardigan. I would be fussing with it all day — making sure it stayed closed, collar layed (sp?) just right…no issues like that for you? I am not a cream/off white person, I look washed out in that color — but others look wonderful in it. The photo shots ARE really good.

  14. Becca

    Gosh, I love this look on you, Sal. I was flipping through my Google reader on my phone last night, and my gasp of delight over this outfit actually caught the attention of my roommate who was on his way to the bathroom. He agreed, by the way – you look chic, cozy and just lovely.

    Also, this outfit makes me want to give you an enormous hug. Just because!

  15. Cel

    Friends forever it is! That cardigan is absolutely amazing. I really love this outfit, it just looks perfect to curl up with some hot chocolate and watch as it snows outside. You look so lovely, as always. We’ve only had snow for the 2nd time today, and I’m hoping it will all melt into non-existence soon enough. This Canadian is mooore than happy to have a snowless December let me tell ya.

  16. Bethie the Boo

    First of all I love the outfit, there is something about it that just screams winter.

    Secondly yep, I totally get the snow thing. Let’s be BFF. LOL

  17. Elizabeth

    The only decent photos of me are taken by my husband. I can’t look reasonable when I do photos with my timer.

    This combination of filmy etherealness and chunky cableness is superb, Sal.