Daily Outfit: 12/22/09

Black cardi, Banana Republic Outlet, remixed
Floral chain brooch, mysunshinevintage
Plaid dress, vintage sale
Black opaques, Target, remixed
Black boots, Frye Engineer 8R, remixed
Studded belt, thrifted, remixed

Dear Dame Viv,

I pretty much can’t wear anything plaid without attempting to recreate a punky ensemble that would make you proud. I doubt ANYTHING I wear would make you proud, but you’re still the inspiration behind anything remotely punky that I attempt.


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13 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 12/22/09”

  1. La Historiadora de Moda

    I love how you added the floral chain brooch to this – it's punky with a whimsical twist!

  2. Rosie Unknown

    Amazing! I love the little belt, so subtle, but it adds such a great feel.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure your "brooch" is actually a "sweater guard" that is meant to be worn across the top front points (where the button and button hole are on either side) of the sweater opening.

    I spent about a month last year trying to figure out what the correct word was for these so I could buy them.

  4. Sal

    Anonymous: Very possible! Although I own a couple of sweater guards and they have clips instead of pins … either way, I like the drapey chain effect.

  5. Sara

    I loved this outfit in your first head to toe shot – it's a great plaid in fun colors and I love how you paired it with a black cardi (that has fun oversized buttons), but then I saw the pin and it totally gave the whole outfit a new edge and a new playfulness. I love that about accessories, and this is a great one. I love how the chains cascade like that! I believe Dame Viv would applaud this look.

  6. Casey

    Do you know how seriously awesome your outfit is, Sal?! If I could, I'd steal every piece. lol! I love how you punk up plaid dresses, but you still keep it soft without over-doing it. That brooch (it looks like a vintage sweater guard to me đŸ˜‰ is divine!

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  7. Kasmira

    You are a Lady Punk! An Uptown Punk!

    Maybe you just need a grumpier expression or some facial piercings (safety pins through the cheek?) to get the full-on punk look.

  8. Victoria Bitten

    i adore that skinny stud belt!great site!