Daily Outfit: 12/29/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring Prairie Underground Long Cloak Hoodie, ponte pants, Frye Veronica Slouch, Moissanite studs

Hoodie, Prairie Underground Long Cloak Hoodie
Scoopneck sweater, thrifted – similar
Ponte pants, Macy’s (no longer available) – similar style
Boots, Frye Veronica Slouch
Moissanite studs, courtesy Charles & Colvard

Today, I drove eight hours. By myself. To get home! And, once again, my Long Cloak Hoodie served me well.

My husband is an incredible travel partner, but I still enjoy traveling alone. I’ve done it loads in the past, and plan to continue doing it in the future when opportunities arise. This particular drive is a bit long and, having done it so many times, a bit dull … but that made it fairly meditative, too.

Have you ever done a road trip on your own? Or do you regularly drive long distances? Do you have a road tripping outfit formula that works for you?

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23 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 12/29/11”

  1. Chelsea S.

    I’ve driven down and back to LA from SF about a dozen times in the last six years, at least half of those solo… and it is TOTALLY meditative. I love it. And I’ve done it in sweat pants (okay, terry cloth), jeans, dresses, etc, but nothing beats leggings + a tunic and slip on shoes like moccasins. I think that long cloak hoodie would be perfect.

  2. D

    Those hoodies are so amazing. You look awesome (as always!) AND super comfortable.

    I can’t say that I do much road tripping alone- I think the longest I’ve driven on my own was to a destination about three hours away from my house. On the way home I successfully navigated through a blizzard though, so I’m pretty proud of that one. I have driven back to my parent’s home in south Texas, which is usually a 2ish day trip, but I’ve never done it on my own. I kind of want to try it though- it seems like it would be really nice being alone with ones own thoughts for a while.

  3. Angela

    Driven 8-10 hrs just me and 2 kids…not fun, not meditative but necessary..done it 4 times, in comfy shorts and t shirt ( only ever in the summer)

  4. Mar

    I love your travel outfit, Sally! So comfortable but yet still stylish. I’ve done only one or two longer road trips (6+h) by myself, but I loved them, and I totally will do more once the opportunity presents itself. I also don’t have a road trip outfit formula yet that works. I typically end up wearing yoga pants and a fleece top/hoodie, and changing at the destination. I don’t feel terribly good about myself when I am dressed that way, and get a bit self-conscious at stops along the way. I think leggings/jeggings and a longer non-wrinkling top (like your hoodie!) would be the ticket for me to upgrade from my current road trip uniform. Does the Cloak Hoodie get rumpled after 8 hours of sitting in it, or does it still look presentable?

  5. Eden

    I used to solo road trips when I lived in southern Oregon and would visit friends out of state. I loved going up and over mountain passes with music playing and the pine forests flying by.

    Now I’m a newly wed and we’re still in the attached-at-the-hip phase, so my road trips are now viewed from the passanger seat. I can now knit and doze.

    My winter travel outfit tends to be jeans and an easy top. Though, truth be told, the jeans aren’t all that comfortable. Don’t tell anyone, but the belt ends up unbuckled and the top button undone. 🙂 Your stylin’ hoodie and leggings are a much better choice.

  6. Catherine

    I regularly drive between San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to see various family and I love to bring my boyfriend or siblings or friends, but I also love when I go alone and listen to music and just drive next to the ocean. It’s beautful and relaxing and very meditative.

    I love your hoodie; it’s on my wishlist! Until I can snag one of those beauties, I usually drive in a cardi, dress, tights, and flats. It’s immensely comfy!!

  7. Kimberly

    Have to admit the longest I have driven by myself is 4 hours.

    Love this hoodie! You are looking fab, Sal. Hope 2012 brings you nothing but the best!

  8. Jill

    I just splurged on that hoodie in black as a Christmas present to myself and I can’t wait wait for it to get here!

    And I love taking long drives by myself. Longest was from Philly to Toledo, OH- about 9 hours.

  9. Alison

    I love road trips. I’ve driven Minneapolis to Dallas with just me and my 3 dogs. I’ve also done Minneapolis to New York City with my Dad. MPLS to New Orleans, MPLS to Santa Rosa Beach, FL; MPLS to Seattle all with my hubby. and MPLS to Carlisle, PA by myself mostly but caravaned with friends.

    So much fun, so much to see in our beautiful country. Comfort is key though on those long trips.

  10. Kathleen

    13 hours with a breastfeeding 3 month old (meaning it should have been an 8 hour drive). Not fun!!!

  11. Amy K

    I moved to Montana, but my family still lives in Minnesota so I do the 11 hour drive on my own. I love driving by myself (my parents hate it!) but it works well. My travel uniform is a pair of leggings, comfy boots, a t-shirt dress and long sweater that works as a jacket long enough for the runs in to pay for gas or grab a bite to eat. Plus, when I do get home and I’m ready to hit the sofa bed I can just slide off the boots and sweater and start snoozing, no need to change into pjs.

    Last Christmas break I drove across North Dakota in swirling snow; about an hour after I went through the interstate was shut down and I ended up having to take a different route back to Montana. I learned the lesson of having an overnight bag packed just in case I’m stranded! [luckily it hasn’t been needed :)]

  12. Mia

    I used to live in Santa Cruz while I was going to school, and when I started dating my boyfriend, he lived two hours away. It’s not such a long drive in comparison to yours, but I made the drive there and back nearly every other weekend for two years, and I could probably do it with my eyes closed, even now. I enjoyed that four hours by myself, listening to music and thinking; I kind of miss it now, although I don’t miss filling up the tank so often.

  13. Ericka

    I have for the last 7 years regularly done the drive from Saint Louis to Mississippi to see my family; did it solo on the way down (husband had to work til Christmas, retail sucks). I am usually fine but I was so tired; I had been working pretty long hours.

    I do love blasting my college tunes and rolling down the road though! I think I covered the full REM discography over the round trip.

    I go for comfort—leggings,tank top, tunic, hoodie (but I get hot so it usually gets tossed on at rest stops), flats or a good boot. Really comfy well broken in loose fitting jeans also work. Can’t wear anything that needs to be fussed with.

  14. Nomi

    Is your hoodie black, or blue? Hard to tell in the photo. After seeing that picture I spent a long time trolling the internet for these hoodies — they’re gorgeous. But NOWHERE that sells them gives sizing info, not even the Prairie Underground site. Do you think they run large, small, true to size? Hope you answer soon — I want one, but I’m a largish person (US 14-16) and some of these boutique emporia don’t sell in my sizes (anthropologie, I’m looking at you). And yes, I love traveling by myself. It’s such a meditative thing that I often don’t even play music. But it can also put me to sleep at the wheel, so it’s a problem….

      • Amanda

        I was about to ask the same question of you. One of my 2012 goals is to acquire one of these gorgeous hoodies but I had no idea if they ran small, true to size, or large. Thanks for the info!

  15. Dana Wielgus

    Hi Sally,

    I have a fashion question. how do you wear tall boots with flared / bell bottom jeans without making it look like a horrible 90’s flashback, or worse, two big muffin tops hanging over the tops of your boots.



  16. JuliR

    I hate road trips but love traveling. I recently took a vertical cross-country train trip from Texas to Toronto solo. It was awesome! I would have caught up on my reading by my trainmates were too interesting to not talk to.

    That said, how do you take your pictures? Does your hubby take them or do you just put the camera up somewhere and let it snap away while you pose? The indoor pictures I assumed were the camera snapping but the outdoor pictures? How awkward that would be if a car came up the street!

    • Sal

      If they’re outdoors, my husband is usually behind the lens. Indoors, it’s me, a tripod, and a remote!

  17. Celynne

    I used to make the 5 hour drive out to my parents’ often enough when I still had a vehicle. Unless it’s super-hot-summer, I try to wear things with sleeves so I can push them up or down while driving to help temperature-regulate. It’s kinda hard to shrug out of a cardigan on the highway, eh?

  18. Amy

    Greetings Sally : I have been following your blog lately, I found you because I am a retailer of Prairie Underground and when I am looking for images of certain styles in Google Images, your pictures always POP up! I have to say that my hoodie is my favorite item in my wardrobe and I live in it night and day. I have 2 kids and we are always on the go …. I always feel presentable when I drop them of at school in the morning, or when I work at my shop, to road trips 😉 Cheers to lovely blog.
    Best regards,