Daily Outfit: 12/5/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring purple boyfriend cardigan, teal tunic, purple leggings, Miz Mooz Shelley boots, long silver necklace, pyramid stud earrings

Cardigan, thrifted – similar
Tunic, not sure – similar style
Leggings, via Amazonsimilar
Boots, Miz Mooz Shelley
Necklace, Patina – similar
Pyramid stud earrings, Urban Outfitters (no longer available) – similar

Well. I think it took me until about 1 p.m. to feel fully awake. So since I got dressed far earlier than 1 p.m., I reached for a relaxed, cozy, leggings-based ensemble. I loaded on the jewel tones to keep things lush and lovely. But really, there’s nothing like jersey, cotton, and a warm cardigan to help a gal ease into the day.

And yes, I have very purple legs.

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23 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 12/5/11”

  1. Anne

    Sally, I like your idea of color blocking with jewel tones. It is so much less Sesame Street than color blocking with primary or neon colors. I bought my first pair of leggings today. Now I just need to line up a few tops that cover my butt.

  2. Eleanorjane

    You look a bit like a superhero in the tights and boots (in a good way!) 🙂

  3. Teodora

    Color tights are something new to me this year but I have had so much fun with them so far. Still have unworn pair of mustard color ones – any ideas how to pair?


  4. M

    Love the purple!!!

    Finding your blog and reading through it has inspired me to wear way more colors the past year and purple is one of my favorites!

  5. LaChina

    I really like it. Just this weekend I decided to try color blocking and this gives me some ideas.

  6. sarah

    yep, it’s true – I totally went for leggings (sheer, lightweight wool ones) and a slip under my skirt to keep me warm and cozy all day (with a hoodie sweater under my leather jacket and fuzzy cabled gloves).

    in other news, came up against the brains/beauty binary again today! A paper I’ve written on the hegemony of culture in McQueen’s fashion was accepted to a major international conference in Paris next summer (yes!). It’s the big times. Yet, when I applied for travel reimbursement, the head of my program sends me an email to ask for more information. Am I *sure* that I got in, he asks. sigh. I fwded on the acceptance email. Yep, there’s nothing quite like getting a phd when the head of your program introduces you based on marital status and date of your last haircut instead of the quality of your research, eh?

    • Sal

      First, CONGRATS SARAH! Amazing! Second, how incredibly frustrating. Will you be out from under this person’s supervision soon, I hope? Bleh.

      • sarah

        thanks! As to the latter – not until I finish my phd! That’s motivation for you, eh? (But I don’t expect to be teaching next year – and while that means I’m on my own as far as finding some kind of funding, it does mean I’ll have less contact with this person. Silver linings, eh?)

  7. Anat

    I think this is such an amazing look, it’s so chic that I had a moment of disonance reading your description about this being a comfy ensemble. The boots and necklace just “make” this outfit, you look great!!

    By the by, I am on the lookout for quality leggings, which brands would you recommend?

    • Sal

      Old Navy leggings seem to hold up pretty well. Target ones are OK, but mine are starting to sag at the knees!

  8. Robert

    That’s really a great combination! Those purple leggings was a great choice of color…

  9. Liane

    Holy toledo! I love this outfit. I’m always drawn to jewel tones, and you are pulling them off spectacularly. I adore this. Great great great.