Daily Outfit: 1/27/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 1/27/11 featuring shirt dress

Plaid shirt dress, Land’s End Canvas
Red tights, Express
Cognac boots, BCBGeneration Doris (no longer available) – similar
Hoop earrings, Mocahete

I’ve been stalking this dress for months. Having had such luck with the regular Land’s End shirt dresses, I was eager to give this style a shot. But the $80 price point seemed a bit high, so I waited. And waited. And once it got down to $29.99 I jumped. And I am tempted to wear this dress every day for the rest of my life. Or, at least, until the second one in the red plaid colorway arrives at my doorstep.

Style and body image blogger Sally McGraw 1/27/11

So my hair, right? I’ve had really good luck doing $15 walk-in haircuts for YEARS, but recently things started to go downhill. When it got chopped shorter than expected in October, I actually grew to love that style … but when I went in to get a trim a month or so later, a different stylist did something odd and I ended up with a weird two-level cut. I lived with it for a while, then went in Monday to try to get that fixed, and yet another stylist made it worse. So today I plunked down at a fancy salon for the first time in ages. And yes, it was worth it. It’s still a bit damp here, but I can tell it’s going to be worlds better. WORLDS.

I feel like someone once asked for stylist recommendations. I can give one now! Richard at Salon Rouge. He saved me.

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 1/27/11 featuring shirt dress

One last quick note, since I seem to be feeling verbose today: A commenter asked if the past few outfits have been shot inside and Photoshopped onto an outdoor background. Promise no! It’s just barely light when I get home from work these days, and I’m sick to death of posing in the entryway … but we’re shooting in the last rays of the sunset with flash. So things look a little funky.

With an afternoon hair appointment today, I got home early and we have better light. So things look normaler. Just, ya know, FYI.

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84 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 1/27/11”

  1. Amy

    As someone with a similar hair type, I may just take your photo in when I go next! It looks fantastic! And that dress is super cute, too. Love it!

  2. erindyan

    I feel like this dress is maybe a little on the shorter side of what you normally wear…and I love it! It’s so flirty and fun! and FLATTERING.

    And the new hair was pretty much the first thing I noticed. ADORABLE.

  3. emmy

    My first thought was “What’s going on with her new hair?!” I love it- it really looks great! πŸ™‚

  4. Cynthia

    I love the look of those dresses, but I’m glad I didn’t buy one — on me they’d be way too short to be SFW! But you are looking fab in it!

  5. Rebekah

    Whoa, I like the new haircut! You look spunky and happy. It’s good to surprise yourself with a new look now and then, isn’t it?

  6. maryeb

    Richard did a wonderful job.I love your new cut. You look fabulous.
    I’ve had many a bad cut. I don’t think stylists always know how to cut curly hair.

  7. Tanya Skidmore

    I have to say it’s so nice to see that you also have a ton of snow. I live in Alberta Canada and so I know what it’s like to try to dress for the seasons. ( which btw is winter 8months of the year) or so it seems. It’s such a treat for me to see your fashion ideas that are even suitable to our cold, snowy days. Thank you so much!

  8. Lynne

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for over a year now and today I was moved to make my very first comment to tell you how much I LOVE your new ADORABLE hairstyle! Seriously, I squealed like a girl when I saw it.

    And I like how a series of haircuts you weren’t very happy with turned into the most awesome hair of all. πŸ™‚

  9. Alexandra

    Wow, what a dashing haircut! The outfit is lovely, but the haircut is AWESOME.

  10. Becky

    Ah, yes, this dress. I saw it on the blogosphere and bought it last week in the red colorway. I’m 4’11” and it was too short for me. And I’m in my 40s (tho do look quite a bitter younger) and it made me look like a school girl. Thankfully it does not have that affect on you! I think it was my short stature that nixed it for me. Sadly, it had to go back. I do love the fabric tho, nice stretch and sheen. And a few days ago it was something like another 40% off the $29!

    And for anyone who is thinking of ordering this, I’d say it runs TTS but if you don’t like it definitely fitted, size up.

  11. Cynthia

    Love, love, LOVE the hair. Excellent! So glad you found someone good! There’s not too much that stresses me out more than finding a new stylist.

  12. Audi

    Yes! A good hairdresser makes such a world of difference. Your new cut looks so adorable, and I’ll bet it feels great.

  13. Raven1025

    Before I scrolled down to see your whole outfit, or even read any of your post, my first thought was, “OMG, her hair looks AMAZING! I must comment!”

    Seriously, your hair looks fabulous. I never saw any value in getting an expensive haircut. Until I got one. Then, I figured out what all the fuss was about. I jumped from stylist to stylist, though, until I found “the one.” Then he moved to NY, so my hubs was the guinea pig in finding a new “the one.” But when we found her, she turned out to be even better. There is something really comforting about knowing that you can go to someone, and you will come out looking amazing every time.

    Oh, and did I mention your hair looks fantastic?

  14. MarieP

    I have that dress in the navy blue and dark green combo and I looooooove it! So flattering, right? Love it! Now I just need to find someone who can give me a decent haircut. I really, really do. And, going by the amount of snow in those photos, Richard at Salon Rouge is just a leeetle too far away for me. Darn it.

  15. Laine

    Oh my goodness, your hair is perfect! It suits you so well and really highlights your pretty face. I have a similar hair type and you are seriously making me consider a shorter style. You look wonderful (you always look beautiful but this hair is extra special)!

  16. SWFTerra

    Fantastic dress… definitely worth the wait. And the hair looks great! Worth the extra cash to know what you’re getting, I hope? πŸ™‚

  17. Twice Five Miles

    De-lurking to say that I LOVE the haircut. The length is perfect.

  18. A-C

    I really really really wanted to join you in having this dress. I do appreciate the awesome sales head’s up though!

    The cut looks fantastic! You look genuinely happy with it too. πŸ™‚

  19. Laurabelle

    Great haircut! I used to get $15 cuts too, but found someone who was worth the $60 she charges (she has crazy natural curls herself, and I got her name from a coworker whose curls always look spectacular). The bonus is that she cuts my curly hair so well I only need to get my hair cut every 3 to 9 months. My sister was so impressed, she now goes to her, too! When you find someone who cuts your curly hair that beautifully, the cost doesn’t matter anymore!

  20. Rita

    Hi Sal! I love the new haircut! I have curly hair and I, too, have been given the weird two-layer haircut… What’s with that? I go for the mid-level salons now and I always write reviews so that other curly-haired people know when I’ve found a curl-friendly stylist!
    Also, you did a post a while back about your hair care regimen. The once-weekly wash is my standard as well. I use this great shampoo that was recommended to me at a local salon. It’s called Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash (I’m not affiliated, just really happy with it!) and it’s a hair detox deal that helps prevent greasiness and buildup, etc. And it’s natural/organic! Just a suggestion…

  21. Amy

    LOVE the hair! I learned a while back that haircuts are something I’m willing to shell out a ton of money for. I’d follow my stylist to the ends of the earth and beyond!

  22. T.

    All winter I have thought your hair looked amazing. Whatever you didn’t like about it–well, I loved it! And the new cut is darling as well.

  23. Londyn

    I gave your fabulous blog the stylish blogger award! check it out πŸ™‚

    PS. your hair looks amazing and I love the red tights (I was wearing them this week too!!)

  24. MisfitSarah

    Oh I just LOVE every single thing you are wearing here. The dress, the tights, the boots… I am on a mission to recreate this perfect outfit! Can’t wait to see you in the red version.

    And I do like your hair and I like it even more a little unruly (because I am so envious of your curls – I want curls!).

    Sarah xxx

  25. rb

    I see you wearing that makeup! Love your haircut. I wear more makeup when my hair is shorter, too. Why is that? But it looks great.

  26. Kaye

    Wow, the dress looks so much better on you than on the model!! Gorgeus πŸ™‚

  27. sarah

    oh my GOODNESS! You are SO cute. There’s a kind of delightfully elfin perkiness to the hair and the dress! So adorable!

  28. beth

    your hairstyle is absolutely fantastic; and the way you’ve pulled off that dress make this outfit my favourite one of yours ever.

  29. La Belette Rouge

    YES!!! I LOVE your hair. LOVE it. It is so great on you. Richard definitely deserved that shout out. And that dress is fantastic. I love it with the red tights and boots. You have created a lemming in me.:-)

  30. Chelsea

    Wonderful haircut! It looks incredibly refreshing and that outfit is lovely too, especially the boots! You look like you came right out of an ad, everything looks so perfect.

  31. Minu

    Love your dress very much. Excellent color combination and your hair cut is perfect for this costume.

  32. Glam on the inside

    I am also emerging from lurk-dom to exclaim over that fab hair do! It draws attention straight to your pretty eyes and smile. Gorgeous. And I love the outfit. Annie, get your gun!

  33. MJ

    Don’t you just love it when your favorite things go on sale??!! That is such a cute dress! I’m totally with you on the salon. Once you find a good stylist, regardless of the price point, you stick with them!

  34. Clare

    Eeps! Sal, I loooove it. When I cut my hair super short, I quickly learned the value of a good salon and a good hair-cutter that knows you and knows your hair. It’s been two years, and I have yet to have a cut from Ruth that I don’t love.

  35. Rubiatonta

    Cute dress, cute-cute hair! The thing about curly hair is you need a consistently good cut. Emphasis on the “consistently” — and I’ve found that means spending a little dosh (my hairdresser charges $46 — a big improvement over the $150 or so I paid living in NYC). The upside is that a good cut will last longer, so the cost amortizes somewhat.

  36. Alyssa Fox

    I read your blog religiously but have never commented. However, the pics from today’s post absolutely compelled me to. Though my style is quite different from yours, I think your outfit today is inspiring and fun and perfect.

    And the hair! Your new cut is insanely flattering and looks marvelous. You are glowing!


  37. Tracy

    I love your outfit AND hair! Your outfit is super cute and all around fun.

  38. katy

    i LOVE the haircut. curly short hair is one of my favorite kinds of hair…and you pull it off wonderfully.

  39. sartoriography

    This outfit is just perfect. The blend of fun and respectability is spot on. I love how flattering the shape is on you and how the red tights give it just the right kick.

    Lovely hair! Wish mine were so sassy and cute!

  40. Sarah Cowgirl Rose

    This dress looks so adorable on you that I couldn’t help myself–I popped over to Land’s End and purchased one for myself!

  41. Keely

    I love your short hair! I once read something about paying for a good hair cut is always worth it because you wear your hair every. single. day. And ever since then I never feel bad about shelling out the $50 every 6-8 weeks. It makes (almost) everyday a great hair day!

  42. Rachel W.

    I’m obsessing over this dress– it’s exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for. A lot of the reviews on Land’s End complain about the too-short length, though– what d’you think? Any thoughts on whether it would be suitable for a 5’3″ twenty-something?

    Your short hair is uber cute! I wish I could get mine to do that!

    • Sal

      I think it would be PERFECT for a 5’3″ 2-something. But it is short, and since the skirt is full, it feels VERY short. I hope to wear it without tights come spring, but it might be too racy!

      • Rachel W.

        Ooer. I may have to spring for this, short-ish though it is. Thanks!

  43. joelle van dyne

    you hit the jackpot with this dress- it is SO CUTE!!! it fits you perfectly. i’ve been hearing a lot of good things about land’s end recently, and you’re pushing me over the edge to try it out. i love your haircut too- glad you found a good stylist!

  44. Sally

    I have been a regular reading your blog for a while now and wanted to comment several times (love everything you do πŸ™‚ but didn’t. Now I will!! I LOVE your new do. It is so flattering and, I think, will give every one of us the courage to do the same! I am growing mine out for “Locks of Love” at the moment, but come April, off it goes to a good cause and I am going to go short, short, short!!!

    Love your blog so very much.

  45. Sheila

    The hair looks absolutely fab, Sal! You totally suit a short cut. And it’s worth it to have a “real” stylist fix up your hair.

    Love the dress too!

  46. Margarita @ Weightless

    You look gorgeous! I’m sorry that you had so much trouble with your haircut but it looks beautiful. I think it opens up your face, so you can see it better. πŸ™‚

    I really love this outfit on you. I can’t believe you got that dress for such a ridiculous price. I also would’ve never thought to wear such bold red tights, but it works beautifully! Thanks for the inspiration!

    P.S., I can’t believe the dress has pockets. I think I’m in love. πŸ™‚

  47. Darlene

    That dress is so cute and so is your new hair! I’ve got to ask, though… how on earth do you manage to wear so little in the winter? I have been loving your winter outfits, but no way could I run around like that. I’m in Chicago so it’s got to be even colder where you are…. and here I sit, bulked up in a shirt and 2 sweaters, with tights under my jeans, and STILL shivering at my desk at work.

    Are you just naturally warm-blooded? Have you found a magic brand of tights or non-bulky long underwear that actually keeps one warm? Inquiring minds want to know, I don’t want to have to wait until May to wear my skirts and dresses again!

    • Sal

      Hahaha, no indeed! I’m constantly cold. But I honestly spend very little time out of doors in winter. There are tunnels all over my university campus, so I can get from the parking garage to my office, office to Starbucks, office to lunch, and never be outside. I dress warmer on the weekends, but during workdays, I can dress lighter. πŸ˜‰

  48. Marley

    Sally – I had not looked at your blog for several months (life got in the way) – but I just checked in on you today – and OMG – your hair is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

  49. STL Mom

    Your hair looks great!
    I just bought the same dress, and I can’t decide if I’m going to keep it. It’s much shorter than all my other skirts and dresses. I’m 5’1″ and in my 40’s. I think it looks just a bit too “young” on me. But I think it looks great on you, so maybe I’ll try it on one more time before returning it.
    For me at least, it is way too short and full to wear without tights — one breeze and I’d be showing far too much of my thighs to the world!

  50. STL Mom

    FYI, for anyone considering ordering this dress, you can not let the hem down.

  51. Lauren

    Oh my goodness – I’m returning from a week away and this picture in my feed reader made me click through immediately for a closer look. I love the new cut – you look great! I’ve been trying to explain that shape (rounded but not bubble-like) to various stylists for a year – am going to point to this and say “like that, please”!

  52. Anusha

    OMG I am gaga over that dress!!!! That is sooooooooo cute and retro and Indie Girl (no idea how to describe that, exactly … I’m thinking kind of Zooey Deschanel?)! And I love how you’ve paired it with boots … squee!! πŸ™‚

    And the haircut is very fabulous too! Everything works really well together.

  53. Meg

    I bookmarked the link to this dress, but when I went to buy it tonight, it was completely sold out! My husband was on the phone, and he asked me if I was alright, because I looked “distraught”. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you, and hopefully end up with one of their summery shirtdresses after they go on sale…

    Your hair looks amazing. It suits you really well. It’s hard to find someone who does a good job with curly hair, and I’m glad you did!

  54. April

    love the hair! this is totally what my dad talks about when he says, if it’s worth the price and you can tell the difference between the real thing and a cheapie version, go for the real thing – and your real-profesh haircut is awesometastic. I myself have never gotten a super profesh one but I think I might treat myself to one this spring!


  55. two birds

    i have never shopped at Land’s End before, but i might have to start! love this dress!! it’s also so nice to find another local blogger!!