Daily Outfit: 1/5/12

Already Pretty outfit featuring boyfriend cardigan, Horny Toad dress, maroon tights, BGBGeneration Doris boots, vintage scarf
Red cashmere cardigan, via Opitzsimilar
Coral dress, courtesy Horny Toad
Tights, Target (no longer available) – similar (deep burgundy color)
Boots, BCBGeneration Doris (no longer available) – similar
Scarf, thrifted – similar
Earrings, courtesy A.W.E. Jewelry 

It was 50 degrees today. 50 DEGREES. I know, weather talk, blah, blah, but seriously. 50. Wow.

And yet I couldn’t quite do bare legs. Didn’t seem right. This mix of warm colors seemed like a good alternative celebration. I am loving neutrals lately, but trying to keep the brights in rotation, too.

I did a monumental closet purge yesterday and it felt fabulous. I’ve been consigning a few pieces recently, and I set aside some of yesterday’s stuff to resell, but most of it went to ARC. Even a few items that might’ve fetched a decent price on eBay. It felt like time to balance out my exceptional thrift karma by putting some awesome stuff back into the pool.

Have you been thinking about weeding out your closet with the arrival of the new year? Any style-related resolutions you’d care to share?

P.S. 50 degrees. I mean, dang.

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23 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 1/5/12”

  1. Megan Mae

    I weed out my unworn/doesn’t fit/bored with stuff on a monthly basis. I have a bag to go to donation right now. I love your red on red mix.

    And omg, I knowww it was so warm. I wore a velvet dress and OTK boots… without tights. It felt weird, but I was the perfect temperature.

  2. rachel

    I have been weeding out so much, I barely have anything left! Not sure what gets into me every year.

    P.S. Great look, and love your blog 🙂

  3. Kat

    I weed out things periodically and keep them in a big pile for clothing swaps–even stuff that could get a decent price. Selling is a pain. And it is easier for me to part with previously-loved clothes when I know that I’ll probably find things I’ll like better almost immediately. (It’s fun to see someone else excited to pick up what you brought, too.)

  4. Eleanorjane

    I’m emigrating in about three weeks, so it’s a great opportunity to sell a whole lot of stuff online and take things to thrift stores. It’ll be jolly interesting trying to work out how many pairs of shoes I can fit into my suitcase!

  5. Mar

    Like a previous commenter, I too might be moving in 3 months to overseas for a couple of years, so I’ve slowly been working through my closet to weed out things that don’t pass the “if I move, will I want this with me” test. It takes me pretty long to deliberate with a lot of items, as before I toss anything, I try to come up with outfits utilizing those pieces that I would be excited about, and/or consider whether they could be somehow refashioned. I’ve sold some stuff to Buffalo Exchange, and the rest I’ve donated. This weeding out is partly, like I said, motivated by a potential move, but partly also by my realization that my preference in style has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years – partly because of me having way more info about options and inspiration (like your blog, Sally!), partly because I am going through a major life change (and, well, getting older, so I feel my current anthro-ish soft-cute style doesn’t work for me anymore). So a resolution of sorts for me is to move more towards my current style goal, and to get rid of pieces that no longer excite me (or never did) frees up space and a bit of money through selling.

  6. Dianne

    I purge my wardrobe a couple of times a year, usually in spring and autumn. In some ways, a good thing, as one knows if one has worn, or not worn, various items recently. But last spring I seem to have given away ALL of the turtleneck sweaters that I owned, only to find that, come September, turtlenecks under little fitted jackets were being shown for the up-coming season. And most of them in colours (like greys, blacks & purples, that I look ghastly in. And I have not been able to find any replacements in my favourite thrift stores, Fortunately, other than a couple of weeks in November, when it actually snowed, the weather has been unseasonably mild for the Canadian prairies. We have been breaking record temperatures and today it actually rained! So I haven’t NEEDED turtleneck sweaters yet, although I am sure we will get some winter weather yet. However, now I am a bit unsure as to when is the best time to purge one’s wardrobe, at the end of, or the beginning of, the season.

  7. Anne

    Wow, such an innocent question, yet so loaded. I have major clothing related resolutions this year. The biggest and hardest is to spend less money on them. I am trying to combine two ideas: a shopping ban and a 30 for 30 remix (a la Kendi ) I am just finishing up day two. If I can make it through this month successfully, I plan to do another remix in February with a different set of clothes. I thought by doing this I would keep myself from getting bored, really get to understand which clothes work best for my life, and force myself to wear clothes that having been sitting in my closet unworn. Wish me luck gals.

  8. E

    I just helped my sister purge yesterday and I’ve been thinking of doing the same. Plus, I could really use a little extra cash. Now, you’ve pretty much convinced me.

  9. Allison

    I’ve been weeding out my closet periodically over the past several months thanks to a fairly substantial weight loss. My wardrobe is pretty sparse at the moment, but I’m adding pieces little by little.
    I love your outfit for today. I’m wondering how you might style it with something other than boots. Our Southeastern Virginia winters are not nearly as harsh as those in MN so boots are not always a good option. Any suggestions? Thanks!! 🙂

  10. Fabienne Jach

    You look fabulous in all those reds! I’ve definitely been going through my closet and trying to purge. For stuff that’s worth selling, I’ve recently been listing them on Poshmark (iphone app). While nothing of mine has sold yet, I’ve certainly picked up several amazing bargains.

    Typically, I favor a combo of ways to disperse my oldies: I save some for friends then donate most to Out Of The Closet, (non-profit that provides medical care for AIDS/HIV patients.)


  11. Anonymous

    I’ve just finished a huge purge last year post-partum and have been working on revamping my style and refreshing my wardrobe. It’s summer here so the spring/summer bit is sorted but now I’m looking to sort out autumn and winter. There’s a few more bits to go once I have replacements but overall the purge is done.

    There’s a lot of baby things to go through and put away/pass on but they grow so fast that the job is never near done.

    Now if I can only get my other half to go through his stuff…

  12. Pammy

    I just discovered your blog a few days ago and I just keep coming back for more! I have absolutely way too many clothes. I have lots that I’ve set aside because they don’t fit, or I don’t want them anymore. But most of the time, I have a hard time donating because they’re like new, very fashionable, and I spent good money on them! I just have to suck it up and ebay or take them to a consignment shop. But i’ve been avoiding it because I think it’s going to be a lot of work. Then for the things that are just too small there is a voice telling me, “save them for when you lose weight!” Ugh.

  13. Stacy

    I usually do a closet purge in the spring and fall as I am doing the clothing transition. It also happens now when I wear something that just doesn’t work, it goes into the giveaway pile right away. I’m trying to keep only those clothes that I really like to wear, and not the ones I feel obligated to wear since I spent money on them and they are taking up space in my closet.

    My goal for this year is to make more of the things I think I NEED. I have a closet FULL of fabric that I need to use before spending money on clothes from a store.

    Your outfit looks lovely on you, too. I’m loving this weather! After the snowmagedden last year, I will take unseasonably warm. 🙂

  14. Robin

    It was 50 here too and I was like sweltering. I mean, 50 in January in Colorado is just nonsense (not that I’m complaining because I freeze in a breeze).

    I love this look Sally, very much. It is comfy and stylish.

  15. Elizabeth

    I love the dress-and-sweater combo, that is a superb color pairing! It was 79 degrees here during the week. It’s so confusing to have warm weather in “winter.”

  16. Anonymous

    I definitely want to weed too, and your blog is inspiring me to do it when I can spare a moment from my one-year-old (or at least move all the junk out of my closet to prepare for said weeding). But the main reason I wanted to comment is that I love this outfit. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

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