Daily Outfit: 1/6/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 1/6/11 featuring red bootsFloral blouse, thrifted – similar print, similar shape
Olive dress, Athleta Flirtatious Dress
Red tights, Express
Red boots, Aldo (no longer available) – similar
Necklace, Bellina

Dear Athleta

I am wearing my Flirtatious Dresses into the ground. Turns out I love this particular one so much, I’ve worn it twice in one week. (I did laundry on Monday, I swear.) I see that you’re nearly sold out, and would like to humbly request that you revive this style. Promise to buy one in each color.


Already Pretty Daily Outfit 1/6/11 featuring red boots

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18 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 1/6/11”

  1. Caroline

    Ah, you got me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just bought two — one in black, one in olive. Thanks for the tip!

    Your blog is the greatest. I always walk away feeling better about myself. It’s a real attitude adjuster after I visit other fashion blogs. Your title says it all, and I stop feeling embarrassed to be over the age of thirty with a body to match.

  2. Cynthia

    My favorite Athleta dress this year was the Dhara dress. I just snapped up one in magenta because I love my grey one so much. But I’ve been getting stuff from them for years and they always have something awesome.

  3. EE K

    What fun colors in your blouse. I love that you are bringing a little spring into winter ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Dorothea

    LOVE THIS! I have read your blog for a long time, and have often exclaimed, “Oh I love that,” but this one makes me stop lurking. That blouse fits perfectly — I think the fit is what makes this outfit sing. This is a great one.

  5. laura

    I wear my olive to death too. i also have mauve? why did i get that colour? I want black now. thanks for all your advice. my thrifting, shopping and wardrobe selecting had sky rocketed since i discovered your blog.

  6. Rlutz

    I love all the red with those great boots and tights…what a versatile dress and a fun shirt!!

  7. Megan Mae

    I’m in love with your red boots. I think those are perfect layering dresses. One of these days, I’ll stock up on them.

  8. Sarah

    Lovelovelove that blouse and boots – and I especially love that you are wearing the gorgeous floral in the middle of winter!

    And I agree with Caroline – I always leave your blog with a smile on my dial and feeling good about myself. Yay Sal – you are the bomb!

    Sarah xxx

  9. Kylara7

    That IS a very cool dress and I especially like the color…such a good base for all kinds of creativity.

    As for “I did laundry on Monday, I swear”…eh, even if you didn’t, who cares? Most clothing (other than workout clothes, undies, and in seasons other than hot + humid where you just sweat through everything) can be worn more than once before it has to be washed. It saves water, energy, and wear on your clothes ๐Ÿ™‚ In the winter, like you, I often wear a silk layer or undershirt or cami for warmth or for color and that means that whatever went over it doesn’t get as dirty. I got in the habit of being judicious with laundry when I had to schlep mine to a laundromat and kept the habit even now when I have my own washer and dryer. It’s really easy to just default to putting everything in the hamper. Just my musings…

  10. Budget Chic

    So pretty I love the print of that shirt. Lady, have been rocking some fierce boots. I almost bought a pair like those a few years back from Dillard but pass them up, regret it now. That’s the perfect tint of red too. Red boots and shoes are perfect for adding a splash of color and I reach for my red pumps all the time.