Daily Outfit: 2/21/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 2/21/11 featuring Diesel bootsCat-print dress, The Mexican Shop – more cat dresses here and here
Tights, Target (no longer available) – similar (Scout Green color)
Boots, Diesel Go-go
Scarf, courtesy Eileen Fisher
Earrings, Swirly Keen courtesy April Kawaoka

Despite my signature grin in these photos, I am none too pleased that it is snowing. AGAIN. We had a tiny glimpse of spring last week but alas, it’s been obscured by a 10″ dump of flakes. I couldn’t say why, but this winter seems longer and harder than any in recent memory. Maybe it’s because I bought a new bike in the late fall, and never got a chance to really ride it. I’m itching to get back in the saddle …

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 2/21/11 featuring Diesel boots

This dress includes many of my favorite colors, but I can’t resist pairing it with these green tights. The match is just too perfect! And I love how the wee pom-poms on the scarf mirror the circular elements in the dress pattern. Matchy magic.

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34 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 2/21/11”

  1. Stacey

    I agree, very matchy magic – this outfit looks so fun. You rock it, we don’t have any more snow in Tn but I am ready for Spring too.

  2. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    I adore that dress. It’s so perfect with its bright colours and great pattern. I love how you have mixed it here.

    I know what you mean about winter. It snowed again on Sunday and a bit today. Nothing lay today but I’m over it already and longing for Spring. Here’s to a quick thaw, some lighter evenings and some warmer days.

  3. Sheila

    Matchy! I love it! I have a similar dress to this…I should get it out for another wear. Thanks for the inspiration, Sal!

    I’m over winter – bring on spring!

  4. Megan Mae

    Sal, this outfit is magical! The pomppomp scarf! The perfect matchy tights. All the pieces look like they were meant for each other. Sorry about the snow! Hopefully it won’t stick around much longer. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s turning weather.

  5. Ann V

    I love that dress! I’m a sucker for anything border print.

    This has been an especially long and hard winter for Minnesota, which is really saying something.

  6. Stephanie

    Maybe it’s because yesterday’s storm makes it the second snowiest winter to date since 1891. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So it’s certainly harder in the snow department!

  7. liz

    love the cat dress! and i just have to say, i tried layered tights the other day since we had several days of 60 and then.. 20. success and without segmented-worm-syndrome!

  8. Laura

    That IS matchy magic, and such a fun outfit. The snow, however regrettable, does help it pop!

  9. Sarah

    Gorgeous and fun dress in beautiful colours and are you are rocking the matchies. Love that you paired grey boots instead of black (which I would have done – yaaawn!). You look perfect, as alwats Sal!

    Sarah xxx

  10. Meg

    Love everything about this outfit from head to toe. The silhouette of the dress is especially pretty.

  11. Brenna

    I adore your dress and your whole outfit in general! I would die from happiness if I could find cat fabric (or a dress) like that.

    One question: what would you wear with it to keep warm? A blazer? A sweater? A giant parka? I generally suck at staying warm AND looking cute and am looking for ideas to mindlessly copy.

    • Sal

      Oh gosh, Brenna, you know I’d probably layer from the inside out. The dress has a square neckline, so a blazer could work but I’d rather just leave it alone. I’d do a nude cami underneath and a silk slip or pettipants instead of putting layers over the dress.

      Oh, and the silk scarf? Helped a TON. Even a flimsy little wisp of silk around your neck works wonders in the warmth department.

  12. JG

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this. The pattern, the colors, the neutral boots—perfect, perfect!

  13. Amber

    AH! I so couldn’t resist commenting as the Mexican Shop is only a block from my office! A lot of us girls go there and roam about during our lunch hours, picking up the interesting things there…you probably were shopping while I was just around the corner working away! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Budget Chic

    Love the pattern on this dress and the tights are cute. Hard for me to still see pictures of snow on the ground when it was 80 degrees here the other day. It got cold again but we don’t have any snow.

  15. Amanda

    That’s a fantastically happy outfit. Love the colors, the layers, the cat dress, everything. I actually covet the cat dress.