Daily Outfit: 2/25/10

Velvet peplum blazer, Gap
Plaid wool wrap skirt, thrifted
Black boots, Frye Engineer 8R
Pyramid stud earrings, Urban Outfitters
Black ribbon as belt, no idea

I try to eschew style rules, but there are still a few that live inside my head and refuse to die. One that I’ve never seen published anywhere is that velvet is a deep-winter fabric, and should be worn only when it’s truly winter. Where did I get this? Who knows. But I realized with a dull thud that my few velvet garments haven’t gotten much play, and March begins next week. March is typically the snowiest month here in MN (or so HM tells me), but it’s still verging on spring in many places. So I’m gonna squeeze in my velvets while my neurotic brain will still let me.

Also, do I secretly long to be Scottish, with all these plaids and kilt-influenced pieces? Why, yes I do.

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34 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 2/25/10”

  1. Casey

    Oh my gosh, Sal! I think this is my favorite outfit of yours so far!!! I have a huge weakness for velvet and plaid together–I love how classy you look! 🙂 I'm like you too with the velvet only in deep winter; I haven't really worn any of my pieces that are velvet since I moved to FL. *cries* Velvet just doesn't seem right without really cold weather and snow. 😉

  2. Jane W.

    You look like you popped out of a Ralph Lauren ad, only without the haughty gaze (and that's a good thing).

  3. orchidsinbuttonholes

    That skirt! It's gorgeous! I just love it – it's so vibrant! And I agree with you about the velvet. It's a winter-fabric in my mind, too, although I don't know why that is, really.

  4. La Historiadora de Moda

    Great blazer! I am in complete agreement with your velvet rule!

  5. The Waves

    I love the ankle length on you, you look… almost regal! I know how you feel about velvet, I am exactly the same, and I have no idea why.

  6. Sidewalk Chalk

    Sal — your outfit is so dramatic and gorgeous. You are the queen of long skirts!

    – JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  7. Ecc3ntricCynic

    Eee! This outfit makes me so happy. You look amaaaazing. It almost makes me wish for a longer winter and more winter fashions. Almost. ;P

  8. AsianCajuns (Cath)

    Ooooohhhh!!! I love how elegant and Scottish you look! It's true velvet is suited for the coldest months, but I think Alexander Wang's recent RTW Fall 2010 line proves you can get away with wearing it during the transitional months.

  9. secondhandshopaholic

    I was so excited when I saw your photo. It is absolutely gorgeous – I agree with Jane W. – right smack out of Ralph Lauren.
    I am in the minority of people who love to wear long skirts – however, I do not go for the complete look, as you have here. I just wear long skirts because I think they look classy and elegant.
    Feedback, however, has indicated I am not pulling that look off well.
    But that's my own struggle – not yours. I love this look. It shows passion and class, and my hats off to you!

  10. fashion herald

    Love a traditional red plaid! Yeah, velvet is for serious winter for me, too.

  11. Biba

    I'm in with you, girl! I (openly, not secretly!) long to be Scottish as well! Great outfit! I wore a Scottish inspired outfit myself a few days ago. Please, do check my blog!

  12. tiffany

    I have a black velvet jacket that is quite similar to yours, and I wear it absolutely whenever (we NEVER get deepest winter in Sydney). I think that looks gorgeous on you.

  13. fröken lila

    the jacket looks like sprung out of that 1995 pride and prejudice mini-series. you look so lovely and adorable in it!

  14. myedit

    Plaid and velvet in the snow look so elegant. I know what you mean about March, I feel like it could be spring but the reality is that it's definately still winter and it could snow. I can't pack the parka yet!

  15. Linda

    So Christmas-y! But I don't see why you couldn't wear the jacket in a different way as long as it's still chilly. Or velvet in a brighter color.

  16. mysterycreature

    I am trying to compose a comment that is slightly more coherent than "Ooooooooh, pretty"…

    I love the bright bright skirt (especially against the snow), and especially admire how the stunning jacket nips in your waist and balances the whole outfit out.

    But really, really, all I want to say is "Ooooooooh, pretty"!

  17. SWF_Terra

    Oh Sal you look so lovely in this! You look about 10 feet tall 🙂

    I'm a rule breaker. Tights with sandals and velvet whenever. Awful, I know!

  18. Shoeperwoman

    Oh wow, what a wonderful scrolldown! I thought this was going to be a short skirt, so it was a lovely surprise to see the length – there's something really sumptuous about this look, just perfect for wintry weather!

  19. Chelsea

    Oh that velvet number is gorgeous! I love the buttons and the cinched waist and the puffed sleeves! So glad you remembered to wear it this winter. Speaking of winter, this wintry ensemble is magical! All you need is a fuzzy white muff and a horse-drawn sleigh and you could totally be in a Christmas movie from eras past. I loooove the feeling this whole ensemble creates… you can totally rock the tartan!

  20. fleur_delicious

    sigh… you're not alone in your secret longing. I LOVE this look on you!!

  21. Audi

    That skirt is AMAZING, and I love the fact that you paired it with Frye engineer boots! The perfect badass touch to a very feminine outfit.