Daily Outfit: 2/8/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 2/8/11 feauring wide leg pants

Polka-dot shirt, thrifted – similar
High-waisted wide leg pants, thrifted – similar
Silk tie belt, thrifted – similar
Black boots, Kork-Ease Alva
Earrings, Swirly Keen courtesy April Kawaoka

I was warned of -30 degree windchills this morning, and these pants are my go-to for snot-freezingly cold weather. Why? Because my silk longjohns layer perfectly beneath them. A pair of knee-high boots helps, too.

Pretty sure they’ve never gotten an outdoor outfit shot, though. I was running late this evening, and arrived home after sunset. I’ll have to make a point of wearing them sometime this spring so they aren’t always getting the photographic short shrift!

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35 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 2/8/11”

  1. Ruby

    I really need to make thrifting a habit! I totally know if I do it regularly I’ll be able to make outfits and find some great vintage pieces too- I was able to find a beautiful broach to spiff up my cardigans, so I need to get back at it!

    Adorable ensemble!

  2. Lisa

    Hi, Sally. This is probably my favorite outfit! I love love love this. I have 2 questions…..I am short (5’1.5″) and small..everywhere but my hips and booty. My booty is quite exagerated, and my waist very small, but I would love to wear an outfit like this and don’t know it it’s possible. I wear heels alot..so I would definately do so with this outfit. Is this a look that extreme pear shapes can pull off?

    • Sal

      Hi Lisa! I think two main concerns would be torso length and boob size. These pants are wide legged AND high-waisted, so they visually shorten the torso. If your torso is long compared to your legs, this could work to your advantage. As for boobs, if you have big hips and a big booty but small boobs, it could work … but if you’re busty, I think this look would make you appear as if your boobs were sitting atop your butt.

      I get comments on how these pants make me look tall (!) so they could work for you. If you’re wary of ponying up for the pants, try on a pair of widelegs and then wrap a same-colored scarf around your waist to simulate the high-waistedness. See how that looks before you take the plunge!

      • Lisa

        Great Idea to do a trial with the scarf and wide leg pants! Typically, I think everything looks good in the “trick” mirrors in the stores..then think otherwise when I get it home. Boobs are on the small side, but I’m short waisted. Great visual example..the ‘butt-boob shelf’! You are such a genius at visualizing, describing the image and conveying your fashion sense……I so love your blog…it’s my daily pick-me-up. I’m going to do the trial run of this outfit. It”s so Katherine Helpburn glam.

  3. Charlotte

    I love those pants! They look fancy, yet super comfy at the same time. That shirt works perfectly also. I’m getting a very chic retro vibe.

  4. Rebecca

    Those are great pants. I wore a skirt today, which was probably a smart move. At least I drive to work, so I didn’t spend much time outside.

  5. AsianCajuns (Cath)

    Lar and I are constantly battling against the clock – trying to get in outfit photos outdoors before the sun sets. It’s nearly impossible with work during the winter.

    You are the most stylish-looking, super cold weather dresser I’ve ever seen. If I heard the windchill was going to be that cold I would show up to work in 10 layers of sweat pants!

  6. Gracey

    You’re wearing two of my favorite things – polka dots and wide-legged pants. And you look fabulous.

  7. Sheila

    This high waist with the wide legs is SO flattering on you – you look like Katherine Hepburn. Just wonderful!

  8. Jen HaHA

    Love, love, love this outfit! Those pants are awesome and make you look statuesque! I’m so into polka dots nowadays. This reminds me of Katharine Hepburn, in a glamourous way of speaking.

  9. Cynthia Brown

    The husband pulled your website up a few minutes ago and I said, “Oh my goodness that’s a great outfit.” Ensembes that never go out of style – the epitome of chic. Love it.

  10. MmeCurly

    Those pants are FABULOUS. Also, I’ve been following you for a bit now and I have to thank you for the brevity of your outfit posts. I love that you only post one pic and then have a clever&entertaining paragraph or two below. I mean, I’d love to see more angles of your outfits but it’s kind of a nice change from bloggers (who shall remained unnamed) that post a zillion similar shots of one outfit. So, yeah thanks for the short&sweet OFTDs and saving your words for your more substantive (and very cool) posts.

  11. coffeeaddict

    Oh, so gorgeous! I never met a polka dot print I didn’t like.
    I think this outfit works particularly well because of your hair style. It’s a cheeky outfit that requires a youthful bouncy hair style.

  12. futurelint

    There is something very old-timey and almost Charlie Chaplin-ish about this outfit and I love it! I was not so smart yesterday and wore a skirt (and two pairs of tights) and froze my legs and face off on the walk from the bus! Ooops!

  13. Eunice

    I love this pants! I have ones just like those. and I love the shirt you pair it with. I’m going to try it also. Thanks for the idea Sally đŸ™‚

  14. Lisa


    I took your advice and tried the pants/scarf trick to check out the high waist look. I liked it and to my surprise…found great wide legged pants much like yours on clearance at Dress Barn ($18) when I went in to pay my bill! They are great. Later today, I went into Carson’s to see my friend, who is a manager..and saw a blouse like the one in the picture! The look is almost identical to yours..(sorry for the outfit copy)! It’s going to be perfect to wear at a Ballroom Competition I am participating in for the festivities after the dancing! Thank you for the inspiration…

  15. Angeline

    Those pants are awesome! I love how sweepy and elegantly they fall. And the polka dot top is the perfect complement!