Daily Outfit: 3/3/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 3/3/11 featuring leopard print cardigan

Red leopard-print sweater, thrifted – similar
Red sheath, thrifted – similar
Black tights, DKNY via Marshalls – similar
Black boots, Coclico Awasosmore Coclico boots
Pyramid stud bracelet, Diesel – a few on eBay here and here
Earrings, Lulidesigns

I love pairing red and leopard, and feel like this cardigan constitutes a shortcut. I pondered doing chunky, tough boots but in the end, sleek, ladylike boots just worked better.

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 3/3/11 featuring diesel bracelet

Leopard cardigan and crown tattoo

The tattoo brings my matchy-mattchiness to a whole new level, don’tcha think?

Even if this outfit skewed more ladylike, I’ll get my badass on in a couple of hours. I’m off to Samantha Rei’s solo show at Hell’s Kitchen and will be wearing my black leather dress and a borrowed necklace from Bionic Unicorn. Rawr.

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40 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 3/3/11”

  1. Sheila

    Rar! You look absolutely classic in this, Sal. LOVE the red leopard – may I add you to the Leopard Lovers for Leopard Week?

  2. K.Bean

    Absolutely fantastic. You look gorgeous, and the matching tattoo does indeed take it to another level!

  3. Ellen

    Your looks always inspire me, so I don’t often comment, but today’s look makes me say WOW! You look great in red!

  4. K-Line

    This is the best outfit I’ve seen in weeks! I LOVE the sweater – I love the way it coordinates with the dress – and it’s PERFECT with the tattoo. Excellent styling Sally.

  5. Scary Closet

    So much love for this outfit! And so much envy that you’re going to Samantha’s show! If only I didn’t feel like my body was composed of phlegm…

    Not to pester, but I’d love to know where you do your best thrifting in the Twin Cities. You find the most gorgeous items!

  6. Priscilla

    I am usually a lurker, but I must comment: this is one of your best outfits ever! That is a terrific color on you!

  7. pope suburban

    Black leather dress? Shall this be posted? I hope so, because I’m kind of in love with the idea of such a thing. My inner badass is flailing around madly.

    • Sal

      For sure! Might not get ’em up for a few days, but will definitely post. Besides the dress, you all MUST see this necklace. It was insanely gorgeous.

  8. Nene


    I dont know if you know but here in New Zealand we had a pretty bad earthquake in Christchurch, and today the whole country was urged to red and black (their sports colours in Christchurch) in support. So your outfit couldn’t have been better if you planned it! Love it!

  9. Charlotte

    Ooh red leopard print! Love the outfit – classy, sophisticated and with an edge of rock ‘n’ roll. What’s not to like?!

    And that cardigan is just the perfect length too – I have so much trouble finding hits-just-below-the-waist cardigans.

    xx Charlotte

  10. R. Reed

    I love this outfit. It has a classic feel to is but at the same time very current. Love the tat!!

  11. Davey's House

    I tell you, that haircut really works for you, and especially now that I see the tattoo!!! Thank you for everything. Wonderful blog.

  12. futurelint

    You are looking all kinds of sexxxay in this! I love the red leopard and that you took a photo to show the matching tattoo!

  13. ELISE

    Hi Sally,

    Wow ! As my grandfather used to say “Hubba-Hubba” !
    Love your hair too!

  14. amber

    Oh lordy. Love that outfit. I just discovered you, and just id some thorough stalking. Bottom line? I want your wardrobe. All of it.

  15. Sara

    I adore you in red. I know, I know, I say that every time you wear it, but it’s the truth! You wear it well, Sal. I love the mix of red and black — so bold and so right.

  16. Eryn

    This is an *amazing* outfit! Im such a sucker for red, I would have never thought to pair red with red, but I will now!