Daily Outfit: 4/18/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 4/18/11 featuring tie-neck blouse

Ocelot-print blouse, vintage via Mighty Swellmore tie-neck animal print blousesbudget option
Black skirt, Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Fishnets, CK via Nordstrom Rack – similar
Boots, Coclico Awasos (no longer available) – more Coclico boots
Bracelet, J.Crew (no longer available) – similar
CZ studs, a gift – similar

While I did have to go to work today, I mostly dressed for tonight: We’re off to a screening of the Bill Cunningham documentary, and I wanted to look appropriately fashionable. Somewhere between spiffy and glam.

This blouse rocks my world. Such a perfect fit and amazing details, from the three-quarter poof sleeves to the peplum fit (somewhat obscured by being tucked in, I’ll admit) to the super fabulous tie-neck. I can’t wait to see what else I can nab at Mighty Swell‘s upcoming spring sale.

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 4/18/11 featuring tie-neck blouse

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23 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 4/18/11”

  1. C.

    That blouse is gorgeous, indeed! Do you know if Mighty Swell has any plans to offer select goods online? I would be a very grateful e-patron. 🙂

  2. Kathy

    Very polished look, seems to fit the bill you were looking for perfectly. I am not a big animal print gal, but it does look very elegant on you. Hope you have a fun night!

  3. Audi

    I love the sassy 60’s vibe you’ve got going here, and the ocelot print is so unique and unexpected!

  4. RK

    I love this blouse on you! Animal print is another aspect of fashion that intimidates me a little, but seeing you in that blouse is giving me some courage to try it out on my next thrifting day…

  5. Skye

    Rowrrrr! (sorry, had to do it). Awesome blouse. Little dude concerned by anything animal print that I have in case it is made from a “real dead cheetah that died”, so am having to allay fears fairly regularly.

  6. Casey

    Meow! 😉 You look really gorgeous, Sal! I love the blouse. I thrifted a leopard print blouse last month for a song, and am dying to wear it (drat the hot weather!).

    ♥ Casey

  7. FutureLint

    Ooooooh! Sal! You are smokin’ today! I love that blouse! I really need to see that movie, he is so funny and cute!

  8. Sarah

    Gorgeous outfit – definitely smack bang between spiffy and glam! I adore that blouse on you Sal.

    Sarah xxx

  9. Desiree

    Oh my I would have to stop you on the street and ask you if I could borrow your blouse;). It is utterly, utterly gorgeous!!!