Daily Outfit: 4/21/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 4/21/11 featuring Faryl Robin Suzu pumps

Red dress, vintage, thrifted – similar
Belt, thrifted – similar stylesimilar color
Tights, oh, probably Targetsimilar
Pumps, Faryl Robin Suzu (no longer available) – another FR pair using silkmore Faryl Robin
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Earrings, repurposed vintage – similar

I chickened out on biking to work AND on bare legs today. I woke up at 5:45 a.m. per usual, it was 30 degrees out, and I just couldn’t face either of those things.

Originally, I thought I’d do this red dress with magenta tights and call it color blocking. But the dress is so columnar on its own and, combined with the button and pocket details at low hip, can make me look a bit like a grain silo. So I belted it. And once the turquoise/teal belt was in the mix, my color plans shifted.

The kimono silk pumps seemed like a great way to add a light color. Have to say, though, as gorgeous as they are, they HURT. Mostly the left shoe. The outer edge dips so low that it barely contains my foot. It’s no big deal, though. I’ll just find some matching silk, create a patch, and stitch it on using my superior cobbler skills … that will both work and look fantastic, right?

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 4/21/11 featuring Faryl Robin Suzu pumps

Random aside: I got to have coffee with Rad today, and it was so lovely to see her again!

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40 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 4/21/11”

  1. Kate

    I covet EVERYTHING about this outfit, but especially the dress and the belt. I have such a soft spot for teal. You look gorgeous!

  2. Relatable Style

    I thought about what you plan to do with your shoes for some of mine, too… I like wearing pumps, but one foot is a tiny bit smaller than the other, so it’s not easy to find perfect fitting pairs. I googled “How to tuen pumps into maryjanes” and indeed found a how-to, but I’m not sure I really like the look. So, back to Square 1 ^^ Let us know how it goes đŸ™‚

  3. Carrie

    OK, you made me snort my tea all over my screen with the grain silo comment! Gorgeous outfit!!!!

  4. Terri

    So, jealous of the coffee with Rad. I would love to pick her brain about labor politics. I’m wishing I had cobbler skills for a few pair of my shoes.

  5. Sal

    You guys all know I’m kidding about the cobbler thing, right? I WISH I could mend and alter my own shoes.

  6. Ana

    Love the dress! I have a vintage dress very similar to this. I love the turquoise paired with this. Definitely need to try!

  7. lyrebirdgully

    Hi Sal, that teal tights colour is so BFF with your hair colour, and so hot with the pumps!

    Don’t give up on those pumps yet Sal.I didn’t think it was possible to stretch fabric shoes, but apparently it is:
    NB. I have non-standard feet, so I’ve had to see more cobblers than most people. I’ve found that not all cobblers are the same; there can be a huge difference in experience and confidence from person to person. I have had 2 cobblers say to me with assurance that nothing can be done to salvage a pair of shoes, and then a third has confidently gone ahead and done the job. Older practitioners have the edge when it comes to tackling the tricky stuff!

    • Sal

      Oooh, good to know! Thank you, lady! With these shoes, it’s not so much that they’re tight, but that the construction fights my foot. But there might be a way to fix that, too!

  8. Ashlee

    Wow – this dress is amazing! I am going to try to work up the courage to wear something that bright. You pull it off without a hitch! Amazing color combination, too.

  9. alice

    wonderful dress! i never would have thought to combine those colors on my own but it’s smashing.

  10. jesspgh

    That dress is so amazing! I love the bright color pairings and the shoes. So cool you got to catch up with Rad! She’s such a smart cookie.

  11. Susan

    This is one of the VERY BEST looking outfits I’ve seen on you. SO flattering. I think it’s the color, the style and the length. Just smashing. Do more like this!

  12. Meri

    This entire look is fabulous! The shoes, the color, the lipstick. You look so bright and fantastic đŸ™‚

  13. sarah

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for months now — I love your focus on body positivity and nicely curated links! — but I haven’t felt the need to comment until now. This dress is OMGBBQ amazing on you! Love the red/teal color combination and the mod silhouette.

  14. JG


    Never sell it, or at least let me know before you do.

  15. Silvia

    I love that outfit! I could never imagine wearing something like that, but I adore how it looks on you!

  16. coffeeaddict

    Love the outfit, I love how you combined all these uniquie pieces and it doesn’t feel too overcrovded. The shoes are divine but yes uncomfortable looking. And you had me sold on the cobbler thing and I thought, hmmm well okay I guess so Sally gonna fix her own shoes! Let’s just wait and see how it turns out…

  17. SarahN

    *sigh* I’ve been scouring the interwebs forever for the perfect vintage red wiggle dress… and here it is! This might be my favorite outfit of yours.

  18. Two cents

    You look gorgeous Sal! That dress is soooo beautiful and suits you perfectly. This is one of my favorite outfits that you’ve posted.

  19. FutureLint

    LOVE that vintage red color and the little button detail is so cool! That’s awesome you got to see Rad again! I’ve been missing her from the internetz these days!

  20. Audi

    That’s such a bummer that those beautiful shoes hurt your feet. Don’t give up on Faryl Robin though; the pair I have is among my most fabulously comfortable pairs I own. I hope it was worth the pain; the outfit looks awesome!

  21. Amy Beans

    Sal, this is maybe not for you as a project per se, given you are a busy woman, but I love your kimono silk shoes and I am going to try something similar on a shoe that will work for my foot, say a Naturalizer pump or a Born or a Sofft (though honestly I don’t really want to desecrate a pair of Sofft shoes for this project). Behold the fabric covered shoe tutorial that will surely cause me to tear out my hair:


    • Sal

      Amy that is way beyond my skill set (and available free time), but SOOOOOOOOO COOOOOL. You HAVE to let me know when you’re done and send photos!

  22. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    I love this colour combination (I’ve copied this one from you before). You look amazing and those shoes are beautiful, even if they are torture. Why is it always the pretty ones?

  23. Desiree

    Ooooh yummy shoes give this outfit some real kick!!! The red is utterly gorgeous and I love your teal tights A+. xo

  24. Kyla

    I love this outfit! It’s so much fun and so unique. This is what I love about personal style. It has nothing to do with trends (okay, maybe a little color blocking), but it has everything to do with you and your style. You look fantastic! So much fun!