Daily Outfit: 4/6/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 4/6/11 featuring Skagen watch

Gray jersey dress, thrifted – similar stylesimilar color
Dark red obi, courtesy Elizabeth Kelly
Tights, Anthropologie (no longer available) – more dot tights
Dark red shoes, courtesy TsuboAcrea in Very Berry/Magenta
Wrap, bought in Iceland – similar
Watch – Skagen via Amazon
Chain bracelet, flea market – similar
Garnet bracelet, eBaysimilar
Garnet earrings, gift – similar

Geez, this outfit has a lot of STUFF in it. I didn’t even realize until I listed everything out.

I feel like I can sneak in one more wearing of this Icelandic wool wrap before packing it away for the warm seasons. Especially since it’s got such a lovely open weave.

And yes, I’m wearing a watch. Stop the presses! Although I haven’t been a regular watch-wearer for years, I’ve always loved Skagen’s clean, minimalist designs. And since this watch was a whopping $41, I sprung for it. Gorgeous + bargainous = happy-making.

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30 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 4/6/11”

  1. Kate

    Oh my goodness, I am loving this outfit so very much. The colors are absolutely amazing, but I am especially loving that wrap/belt thing around your waist. And it looks like spring is finally headed your way!!

  2. Nadine

    The watch-wearing was the first thing I noticed – looks GOOD!

  3. patni

    I love the wrap! I would not put it away.I would use it for times in the summer when you want to look really elegant, but know that the AC will be cranked to 11.

  4. Lisa Walter

    So cute, Sally! Love the patterned tights..it makes the outfit..oh and the wrap! It’s all so adorable!

  5. Teresa

    I like some of your outfits, but the most attractive feature of all is your brilliant smile. You wear your smile and I think you pretty shine in any outfit.

  6. PHX Mama

    Your snow! It’s almost — dare I say it? — gone!!! Hooray for spring! (And nice obi belt, too!)

  7. Megan Mae

    I agree with Lisa – the tights really make this outfit. The more I see those pumps, the more the crackled effect grows on me.

  8. Kaitlin

    You look great! Your legs are hott in those tights. yes, two ts.

  9. Amanda

    That wrap is stunning. Iceland produces some fantastic knits.

    Really like the shoes, also!

  10. melissa

    Hi Sally…I have been foloowing you for about a year now and enjoy your blog very much….always one of the first I look at when I have a “blog catch-up” moment. Love your style and love your commentary! I have a question…I often notice that many articles of clothing you wear you list as “thrifted”. Perhaps I have missed a post or two on thrifting, if I have, forgive me. But do you have any tips on the wheres and hows of thrifting? I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and unless I go downtown, my thrifting options seem limited, but maybe I am missing the boat somewhere. Would love a post on thrifting!
    Melissa F.

  11. threegoodrats

    I love the wrap! I keep thinking of knitting something like that, but I’m not sure how practical it would be. Do you find that it stays put during the day, or do you keep needing to adjust and rearrange it?

    • Sal

      This particular type of wool is super sticky, so when it hits itself, it sticks and gets all wadded up. I adjust it constantly, but I’d bet a fiber that is a bit slipperier would work better!

  12. satsumabug

    So pretty! I love this outfit, especially the reds and the grey, and the multiple layers of “wrapping” going on with the belt and the wrap!

  13. Cel

    That wrap is lovely, and those shoes are so cool! I don’t know how I’d live without wearing a watch personally, I feel naked without one. I get a watch tan in the summer even haha…

  14. Rlutz

    I am loving the combo of the textures wrap with the textured tights…great dress, very versatile!

  15. Eleanorjane

    Beautiful outfit! Love all of it, especially those gorgeous tights! đŸ™‚