Daily Outfit: 4/7/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 4/7/11 featuring John Fluevog Guide

Red long-sleeved tee, Target
Dress, Desigual – more Desigual dresses
Shoes, John Fluevog Guide
Hoops, Patina – similar

Notice anything different about me? THAT’S RIGHT NO TIGHTS. I might’ve been overly optimistic in going hosiery-free today, but I don’t care. These new Fluevogs begged to be worn with bare legs.

Speaking of, they are fabulous, are they not? A few things to note, however: The Fluevog site says these are “red orange.” That is a straight-up lie. I’ve linked to Amazon above which not only offers free shipping to Prime members, but also has a photo that more accurately reflects the brownish red that these shoes actually present. Also, I wear an 8, these are 8s, and they’re passable … but a smidge snug. If you order, especially if you’re often between sizes, order a half size up.

The dress is another from the Sally-Audi-New-York-Desigual haul, and since I felt its level of funk matched that of the shoes, I stuck a tee underneath it to make it spring-weather-friendly. I feel cute and sassy.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna take my cute, sassy self roller skating.

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 4/7/11 featuring John Fluevog Guide

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30 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 4/7/11”

  1. Kristina

    Awesome shoes. How are those heels to walk in? Do they make you feel off-kilter? That’s a good heel height/width for me because I usually have my head a bit in the clouds frequently fail to concentrate on minor issues like balance — no need to aggravate the problem…

    • Sal

      They’re great for walking. The angle makes it look like they’d be wonky, but they’re totally stable!

  2. Megan Mae

    Killer shoes – they’re out of this world awesome. I’ve loved seeing your and Audi’s Desigual pieces, but I have to say I could never pair them up the way you ladies do! I love the cut of that dress you’re wearing.

  3. Emma

    Love the shoes/dress combo, you resemble the sassiest art teacher in history. Also love the Roller Garden! What’s not to love about an establishment with a 5 foot green and pink brontosaurus?

    • Sal

      I KNOW! That place rocks. It was such a fun scene. Very mellow and loads of talented skaters. Many of them enormous, tough-looking dudes who moved like water on those skates.

  4. Rebecca

    Those are some fun shoes. It is still way too cold for me to go without tights, though I was brave today and skipped wearing socks with my pants.

  5. AJM

    I knew that must be a Desigual dress as soon as I saw the picture. My daughter studied in Spain and we both fell in love with Desigual. I’m hoping it’s true that a store will be opening at MOA!

    • Sal

      It IS true! One of the employees in the NYC store swore it to me! I can’t wait. πŸ˜‰

  6. Stacey

    This outfit really appeals to me – but the shoes O-M-G LOVE THEM You should have felt cute and sassy in this πŸ™‚

  7. helene

    That dress is so very pretty. I can’t wait for the Desigual store to open at MOA.

  8. TiffanyValentineRay

    Interesting looking shoes!! I adore this outfit.

  9. Sheila

    Fab dress (of course!).

    I would always recommend that anyone purchasing ‘Vogs check out the comments on their own site, even if you don’t buy directly from them – 2/3 commenters about this shoe went up 1/2 a size: http://www.fluevog.com/code/?pp=1&view=detail&p=2&colourID=3076 . I know for me I wear anywhere from a 9 to a 9.5 to a 10 in Fluevogs. And their colours are never accurate! But that’s part of the charm!

  10. Nubby

    Those Desigual dresses are so fun and eccentric. I was looking at their website and it seems like they’ve toned down the pattern mixing and brightened the colors for this season. Are you planning on getting any of those pieces? (The denim dress [second row/second in from the right on the USA site] reminds me of “Cowgirl Sal”)

  11. Velma

    I used to skate at Rolller Garden as a kid–I am so glad to hear it’s still there! Now I am a roller derby coach . . . πŸ™‚

  12. Melanie

    I bought the same shoes in blue a few weeks ago. I LOVE them they are so comfy, I actually feel like I could go jogging in them (that is if I ever jogged). They have a high platform so the heel only feels like an inch.
    I have a pair of tights in the same gorgeous shade of blue (Fluevog calls it Klimt blue which makes it even more appealing) as the shoe and they look super together! I’ve been pulling out and keeping all the skirts from my line that work w/ these so I can wear them even more:)

  13. Audi

    Eeeee, you got the Guides! They are PERFECT with the dress, and they look even cuter on actual feet than they do on the Fluevog site!

  14. Pauline

    I had never heard of these dresses – but I read this post yesterday and then literally saw someone wearing one in my local (work) coffee shop five minutes ago. She had a dark green t-shirt which looked great. Nice to see so much color in rainy Seattle.

  15. AJM

    In case anyone wonders, here is the English definition for the Spanish word desigual. I think it fits their designs for perfectly!

    desigual [des-e-goo-ahl’]
    1. Unequal, dissimilar, unlike.
    2. Uneven, unlevelled, broken, craggy, cragged.
    3. Variable; abrupt.
    4. Excessive, extreme.

  16. danysedai

    I just ordered these in blue! Nice to see them on somebody πŸ™‚ I ordered them true to size (7.5) from Toronto to Alberta, the only store that carries Fluevogs in my city has only a limited selection, crossing my fingers that they fit…