Daily Outfit: 5/17/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 5/17/11 featuring citron cardigan

Citron cardigan, thrifted – similar cutmore citron cardigans
Dress, courtesy Karen Kane
Red suede pumps, courtesy Tsubo(no longer available) – similar
Belt, thrifted – similar
Bracelets, various
Watch, Skagen
Earrings, a gift – similar

Today I sat on a panel with local style expert Meghan of High Plains Thrifter, who is just about the most fabulous gal I’ve ever met. Since we were speaking about dressing professionally on a budget to a group of super-awesome AmeriCorps volunteers, I figured I’d better tone down the funk. BUT! Since we were also talking about maintaining personal style while still conforming to professional dressing standards, I made sure to include some fun accessories and pops of color.

I felt so pleased with myself for combining black, white, and red with this bright citron – a combo I’d seen either online or in a mag. Then I remembered this outfit. Today’s version is far lighter and springier, and the yellows are quite different, but I’m finding that while exact repeats are rare, iterations are common! Makes sense: We Capricorns are known for consistency.

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32 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 5/17/11”

  1. Ashley

    Thank you so much for speaking at the event today – it was really great to hear what you and Meghan had to say!

  2. Michael

    Love how you paired the bright cardigan with the black & white dress – very cool color combo!

  3. Patricia

    Loved the pops of colour. Also liked the green surprise… it wouldn’t cross my mind to incorporate green to this outfit.

  4. Lisa

    Love the black & white dress. I usually see B&W dresses are too blocky, I like the almost speckled pattern it really makes the dress subtle.

  5. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    I bought a citron scarf this weekend and feel like I just got a virtual pat on the back! You can be bet I’ll be pairing it with black–and a pop of cherry red–later this week!

  6. Sasha

    Perfect style/fit. It makes you look two sizes smaller. Not that you look like you need to lose weight in the least……just saying!

  7. Megan Mae

    That graphic print is fantastic with the reds and citron. Very different but certainly amazing.

  8. Robin

    I love this outfit. It’s probably my favorite that I have seen you in. How fun does your day sound!

  9. Holly

    Oh wow, those colors look FANTASTIC together. Love the combination of cool, bright, and neutral. It looks crisp and summery.

  10. Samantha

    I see these outfit posts day by day, and they give me hope (that I will get better at putting things together), they give me inspiration! My boyfriend thinks it silly that I look at fashion blogs because I “dress nice” anyway, but I like that reading blogs, particularly like yours help me feel connected to a community of women who like to get dressed, and are empowered and have extremely intelligent things to say about body image and feminism and other such things.
    So thank you! Plus I love the colour in this outfit!

  11. Sheila

    That is a fabulous shade of yellow on you – hmmm…what were you JUST saying about not being able to wear yellow??? 😉

    How many pairs of Tsubos do you have?!

  12. anne

    love the print on the dress – looks like birch bark. And the color combo? Delightful!

  13. eek

    I love your color combo here – the cardi is the perfect shade of yellow! And your dress fits perfectly!

  14. Carmen

    I just thrifted a black and white flowery halter dress and had thought of my red shoes and belt but was just going to don a white bolero for shoulder coverage… I’m fair skinned tho and am not in love with white by my face… on the hunt for a yellow cardi to thrift now!! Thanks for the idea!

  15. Mistie

    I love this outfit so much! And you look so wonderful in it.

  16. Amanda

    I did Americorps VISTA, that sounds like an awesome presentation. Fellow Americorps members really tended to break really simple rules of our office environment, for example shorts to meetings at city hall. We definitely could have used that!

  17. Sarah

    I just love this outfit – and I think it really looks great on you.

  18. Cel

    I love this outfit! Especially the red belt. And those shoes are gorgeous.

  19. Allison K

    As an AmeriCorps*VISTA, I really wish I could have had you come speak out in New England! I read your blog every day and have been trying to develop a more professional wardrobe on the very SMALL budget I have!
    Love the blog 🙂

  20. ABCD for Michelle

    The pattern on the dress is really fantastic, and I like that it’s more white than black, so it already has a lighter feel. Then combined with the yellow and red, and wow! That citron yellow color is really showing up a lot lately on style blogs.

  21. Audi

    Citron, red and white is my new favorite color combo for spring; it’s so fresh and contrasty. I just love this — the skinny red belt really makes the outfit, and I completely agree with Wendy that the shoes are the ideal shade of red.