Daily Outfit: 5/18/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring Diesel boots

Dress, Banana Republic Outlet (no longer available) – similar cut and colorssimilar colors and pattern
Neckline insert, courtesy Cleava (giveaway forthcoming)
Boots, Diesel Go-go (no longer available) – more Diesel boots
Hoop earrings, a shop in SF – similar

This dress has always been reserved for special occasions because it’s reeeeeeally low cut. But when the Cleava folks sent me their nifty little invention to try out, it suddenly became work-appropriate! The insert snaps onto your bra to fill deep necklines, and since it’s just a triangle of fabric it lends modesty without adding bulk to your whole torso the way a tank or shell might.

And yeah, you could totally make one of these. But since I personally put the “l” in “lazy,” I’m never gonna. I’ll use this one instead.

I biked today, and this outfit is ideal for packing: Nothing wrinkle-prone, simple pieces, and pre-distressed boots that can get wadded up and shoved in my saddlebags!

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22 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 5/18/11”

  1. helene

    Your hair looks fantastic! I really like the cut of that dress too. đŸ™‚

  2. Halo

    Your dress is really flattering, and I love dresses with pockets. Nice outfit!

  3. Pam @over50feeling40

    There is nothing like a great jersey knit dress…you can do so much with it and it takes all kinds of abuse. I love the print on this one!

  4. Vaya

    When I first looked at the Cleava site I thought, that’s a thong! But perhaps some clever already pretty reader can figure out how to fashion one of those from a thong…

  5. Lisa Walter

    What a great dress….Love the hair today too…it’s growing out just a bit to the perfect length for you; very flattering!

  6. Misfit Sarah

    What a fab invention – so simple! You look gorgeous, as ever, Sal! And I love that second pic – especially with those 1960s bricks in the background – they take me straight back to my childhood!

    Sarah xxx

  7. Anna D.

    I own that dress! I love it! (I’ve always just worn it with a really thin black camisole underneath, partly because on me it’s just short enough that I prefer wearing it with tights/hose, so I just tuck the camisole into the tights and everything is smooth and good.) Looks great on you!

  8. Megan Mae

    Love the print on the dress, and hooray for making it more modest to be able to wear it on a normal day.

  9. Deb

    Great dress! The Cleava thing is great too. I found a product that I love to handle similar situations: http://www.shopsecondbase.com/ these are like tanks but stop right under the bra-line. I hate when they cut tops sooo low you can’t wear them to work (or anywhere, really) without some extra help.

  10. Rija

    I saw those (or soething similar) on TV and wondered…hmmm..I’ll probably give myself some time to make them myself and then end up ordering them.

    Love the dress, too!

  11. Vive

    Very cute! Thanks so much for letting us know when an outfit works for the bike commute.

  12. Rona

    I just bought some of these! From a different company, saw them advertised in a magaazine in the UK. Simple yet genius.

  13. Lili @ Relatable Style

    Those things come in really handy at times, and I’ve bought two tube tops recently for the same purpose (although I guess yours might be more practical). I did hear of men starting petitions against these things before I even knew they existed, LOL! Can’t fault them for it ^^

  14. FutureLint

    Hmm, I’m gonna have to look into those because I am constantly layering tanks to make things work appropriate! Love the dress!

  15. Audi

    I love the idea of just filling in the neckline rather than always needing to layer a tank under low cut garments. I’m glad you found a way to make that dress workable for day, because it’s such a fab print and cut.

  16. Angeline

    What a fabulous dress! I love the pockets. And a good dress + boots combo is always tops in my book.

  17. Starfire

    ZOMG! This would be perfect for me – I have a tat on my chest (it was meant to be over my heart chakra, but the guy did it just a little higher than I wanted!) that I tend to avoid showing at work… this looks like it would give me a high enough neckline to make wearable all MANNER of tops that I’d previously avoided wearing to work…

    And they even deliver to NZ!!!! (OK, enough with the exclamation marks now – but thank you for letting me know about these)