Daily Outfit: 6/1/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring lavender boyfriend cardigan

Lavender cardigan, Opitzsimilar
Seafoam dress – Athleta(no longer available) – similar detailsMore Athleta dresses
Pumps, Tsubo Acrea in Mid-Brown courtesy Tsubo
Cuff, don’t remember – more matte silver cuff bracelets
Necklace, self-made – similar style

I used to rage against pastels, people. RAGE! As a lifelong devotee of saturated colors, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to dress like an Easter egg. And now, I find myself all egged up at least once per week. Like several other significant shifts in my personal style, this one happened without my realizing it. Crazy.

Are you a fan of pastel colors?

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33 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 6/1/11”

  1. Cynthia

    Ha! No, not a fan of pastels. I even wrote a series of posts once about how pastels are not my friend. Um, apparently except for this pastel coral blouse that I just now got in the mail from LL Bean Signature clearance (you know, just. to. see.) and haven’t taken off after the try-on because I suddenly think it’s a great color on me instead of, you know, the COLOR OF DOOM. So, who knows. Maybe I should wear more pastels.

  2. Tiffany

    Pastels make me look like a cadaver, although there is possibly one shade of pink that I can wear (but generally don’t). But I can admire them on other people – and I love your combination of the lavender with seafoam. It’s a very pretty pairing.

  3. Audi

    “Egged up” — I love it! I’ve also recently rethought my feelings towards pastels; perhaps it’s the subconscious realization that as I get older I’m going to have to adapt to wearing softer shades, especially near my face. Or maybe it’s just that I already have so many saturated colors in my wardrobe that pastels are one of the only shopping avenues left. đŸ˜‰

  4. spacegeek

    Interesting. This matching of lengths is one that I’ve had trouble with. The sweater isn’t short, nor long. I see you have your hands creating a waist. But what about un-handed? You didn’t belt… The trouble I have with this length cardi is that it hides the good parts and doesn’t lend much (except in your particular case it adds the color.) But I’m talking about shapes rather than colors. Why does this look fine on you but not on me?! (rhetorical)

    • Sal

      You’re quite right – in practice, this outfit was both annoying and waist-masking. The cardigan is clingier than I’d like, but it mostly clung to my butt, and its shape made me look pretty darned columnar.

      In my experience, belting the inner layer actually does a lot in terms of waist definition. I just didn’t think to do it today! Also with certain cardigans of this length/shape, buttoning a button or two (not all) can help cinch things in a bit.

  5. Anne

    Sally you look lovely. I envy both your shoes and your sunny weather.

  6. Nadine

    Don’t like pastels in most aspects of life, but I look fantastic in them. If I knew you in real life I would totally mug you for that outfit.

  7. sadaf

    I actually do like pastels – mostly in the pink shades because I think they contrast with my coloring. But I also live in an island, and everything bright and pastelly looks better out here. We match the houses.

  8. Indy

    As soon as I saw the picture I said to myself.. ‘but Sally doesn’t like pastels!’ only to read on what you had to say. Love your honesty. Love your shoes too. I have brown skin so maybe it’ll work for me but I don’t like them much. I gravitate towards bright saturated colors.

  9. Megan Mae

    I think you look marvelous in pastels. I always think ladies with dark hair and pale skin can pull them off the best. I always feel like an easter egg in pastels, but I’ve warmed up the lime-y greens and certain blush shades of pink.

  10. joann, sidewalk chic

    I think these pastels look great on you — I especially love the purple on seafoam green. I’m not really a big pastels person — yet.

  11. Eleanorjane

    Beautiful colour combo! I’ve got similar colouring to you (darker hair and eyes) so I can’t really do things like baby pink but I’ve always loved mauve. I’ve managed to pull off a couple of apricot coloured tops recently – I think my colouring is changing slightly as I age.

  12. MrsDragon

    Ah, but there are saturated pastels! (Like that cardigan!)

    I prefer rich, bold colors, but I’m perfectly happy to wear (saturated) pastels. I generally don’t because for the last few years (at least), the pastels have all had a dusky gray/beige undertone that turns me either orange or ill. So I stick to my flaming reds and violent blues. ; )

  13. Andi

    I supposedly looked good in pastels as a youngster — I had the coloring for it, sun-lightened hair and slight tan. Now as I get older, grayer, and darker and I DON’T tan….they make me look ill. I wonder if one can just age out of pastels?

  14. CC

    Yes, I love pastels. Especially ones with greyish undertones. I never thought of putting seafoam and lavender together, but I totally love it!

  15. Katharine

    You look lovely in pastels. I look ghoulish, as well as bizarrely yellow. That’s okay, though. I don’t feel any thwarted longing to wear them.

  16. Anat

    I love that color combination! It looks great on you, and the two pieces work wonderfully together.

  17. ParisGrrl

    My husband says I always dress like I’m sponsored by Paas.

  18. Cel

    I like some pastel colours, like soft pink or lavender (like here!), but then green just looks sad and watered down. Depends on the colour!

  19. Linda

    I also violently dislike pastels, but the colors you’re wearing don’t seem to have that chalky, Republican quality I find so distasteful. Maybe it’s that they’re “saturated pastels,” as MrsDragon said. Or maybe putting two of them together does something,

  20. Patreecia

    I love pastels. However, I had an ex-boyfriend who hated them. He hated them so much, he went so far as to tell me they didn’t look right on me… note I say “ex-boyfriend.”

  21. Audri

    I go in stages. Right now I don’t like them. As summer approaches and I get a tan, I tend to gravitate towards lighter colors. Sometimes it depends on my hair color as well.

  22. Rebecca

    I don’t wear pastels often, since they don’t compliment my skin tone. Pastel colors are pretty, but I think that I look better in brights,