Daily Outfit: 6/15/10

Cream cardi, Banana Republic
Floral sheath, Liberty for Target
Cream heels, Tsubo Acrea
Faux pearl bracelet, no idea
Faux pearl earrings, McFarland Designs
Cream ribbon as belt, pretty sure it was tied around a gift

I am far more inclined to go matchy-to-the-gills when I’m doing a retro-influenced outfit. Check it out: Everything on me that isn’t floral print is CREAM. Overkill? If so, I’m fine with that.

A while back I started saving silk and satin ribbons that came with gifts and packages, intending to use them in my hair. They look positively dopey in my hair, but have served me well as belts.

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21 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 6/15/10”

  1. Sue

    That's a lovely outfit on you.
    You have such great shoes too.

  2. Kendi Lea

    So not overkill — absolutely beautiful!

    PS your hair always looks great! Bravo for good hair.

  3. Kat

    Ha! I save ribbons too, for the same reason (also, for various crafty things). They probably look dopey in my hair too, but I try not to let that stop me. 🙂

    (Also, how did I miss that dress at my Target? Maybe they never had it..)

  4. Kyla

    Gah! This is by far my favorite piece from the Liberty collection. I don't remember seeing it in my Target. Boo 🙁

  5. Diana

    I love all the matchy accents! That dress is insanely awesome.

  6. Chelsea

    You are a dream in that cream! And the pattern too 🙂 Such a great ensemble… and the more I see those shoes (in their different colors of course), the more I want to own a pair of my own!

  7. Rosie Unknown

    Cream is a lovely colour on you, it looks divine with your hair.

    Love the dress too.

  8. Rachel

    So loving the Liberty of London stuff I got from Target! I even got a couple of pajama sets that were on clearance to cut up and quilt with.

  9. Sheila

    Heh, I save those ribbons too!

    I love this dress – I thought it was vintage. What an awesome pattern…and all the cream matchy-matchiness is lurvely!

  10. Lise F

    Question for you, Sally: it looks like you're not wearing any kind of pantyhose/stockings in that picture. Do you just wear those kind of shoes without any kind of stocking/sock-like thing? I hatehatehate pantyhose (and I work in a job where I'd be incredibly overdressed if I wore them), but for some reason I've internalized the notion that you should never wear shoes like that without some layer between your foot and the shoe. Dunno.

  11. Peter

    Beautiful outfit and frankly, I think matchy matchy with accessories is preferable, especially with a bold multi-colored print. (But I'm from the old school…)

  12. Sal

    Lise F: You're right, I'm completely hose-free. If I could find a solution that wasn't awkward, I would totally do a ped or something … but with that open back, it looks off. I wear pumps without hose or peds all summer long, but it's totally down to personal preference, of course!

  13. Lise F

    Thanks for the quick reply, Sally! Man, now I feel free to wear pumps without stockings. That opens up a lot of choices for me. Awesome.

  14. Faith J.

    Your outfit = perfection! Love the cream color on you!

  15. CarolAnn

    I like all the cream! It creates that chic, retro, classy, kind of Jackie O vibe that I think a lot of people really want.

    Rock on!

    And I love this conversation about stockings!! A couple years back, I read that there's really no need to wear stockings, and one of the best looking things is just bare legs. I've taken it fully to heart. I own knee-high stockings for wear under trousers, and that's just about it.

    Naked legs, Hooray!