Daily Outfit: 6/17/10

Navy dress, Liza Reitz Ruffle Dress
Olive obi, Collaborations Boutique
Brown sandals, Lucky Brand
Cuff, no idea
I absolutely adore this dress, but have been struggling to find a way to wear it differently without interfering with its gorgeous details. I picked up this obi over the weekend in Stillwater and I think it might be just the thing.

Nabbed these sandals on Amazon for around $25. But get this: The hardware was brass when they arrived. I used my handy-dandy paint pen to make it silver. HAH! I’m a loon. And a neurotic loon at that.

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44 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 6/17/10”

  1. Ashe Mischief

    Oooh, it's great to see that Liza Reitz dress on! I've been a fan of hers for AGES, but have always worried about fit being a plus-sized gal & all.

    Also, brilliant tip on the brass to silver idea. Never something I'd have thought of, but you did it well!

  2. Mother of Style

    At first I was thinking, cool obi belt, but as I read down and saw that you had PAINTED the buckle? Well, that is just impressive. It looks like it came in silver!

  3. Betsy

    Ha! Laughed out loud at the brass buckle thing. Also, I love this outfit. The obi is very lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Taylor

    I am in love with this dress. I have a bit of an obsession with navy, you see, and this dress is fabulous!

  5. Megan

    Gorgeous dress. The green obi is the perfect balance for it.

    I'm gonna have to keep those metallic pens in mind for future diy.

  6. Rosie Unknown

    I love the entire outfit! Can I like move into your wardrobe? Cause I'm pretty sure it must be heaven.

  7. Almost 40

    Oh sweet Sal…I LOVE that dress! It's been on my favorites list for evah!

    The belt is a great addition!

  8. Emma Clark

    Ooh, I do love an obi belt and that one is an amazing colour.

  9. A-C

    you *may* be neurotic—but you're a genius! Looks great in silver. Also, the obi really works with the dress. Looks great!

  10. cwhf

    Love this outfit! Navy just screams summer for me.

    I have some old Fluevog sandals that are quite similar to these (slight different heel though)–really like this version too.

  11. Melrose

    i have no idea who made up the saying "blue and green should never be seen", but they should be shot! lol.
    This outfit looks amazing on you!

  12. Julie

    Aaahhhh, those sandals are amazing. I could wear those every day of the year. Great outfit!

  13. Clare

    HOLY CATS, Sal, this is incredible. INCREDIBLE. The dress, the belt, THOSE SHOES. Wowza yowza.

  14. Blythe

    LOVE the obi. YES. You could get so much use out of that thing!

  15. Anonymous

    This outfit is one of my favorites. The navy and green combo with the obi belt makes this look very Asian inspired and chic. Love, love, love.

  16. Chelsea

    okay fine… you've beat me into submission. now I'm on an obi belt quest, because lady you rock them like no other! this ensemble is no exception… the belt adds awesomeness without hiding the cool deets on the dress. and those shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!

  17. Jean

    Sal, you little minx! Had me a double-take before realizing that SWEET dress is Navy! ๐Ÿ™‚ And add me to the silver-only hardware club. . . your DIY remedy looks totally pro.

  18. overcaffeinated

    Beautiful outfit! The obi is the perfect touch of colour and detail.

    I'm quite the opposite with metallics. I tend to wear gold/brass much more than silver, and should probably invest in a gold pen to make my shoes more versatile!

  19. WendyB

    I love an obi look. I have a crazy black vintage Givenchy top with a built-in obi-style sash but it's rather difficult to wear.

  20. Charlie

    gorgeous! I think it was so cool that you painted the buckles on the shoes, they look gorgeous!

  21. Adie

    Wow, i love this look, the belt, or 'obi' (i have not heard of an obi before!!) looks fabulous with that dress. How creative you are!

  22. Daisy Dukes

    Yes, this is great! Love the combo. I agree with Chelsea the shoes are awesome.

  23. Franca

    hehe, I was gonna say exactly the same as Chelsea – I need to acquire an obi belt!

  24. lyrebirdgully

    Hi Sal, that frock-plus-belt combination has to be one of the most flattering outfits you own! The shape, the lines, the proportions….it is heaven-made for you. Thanks for the inspiration

  25. threadphones.net

    i seriously feel like i covet every pair of shoes you have. and coveting is wrong, sally. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    that blue and green combo is quite awesome too, btw.

  26. Lorena

    That dress is perfect on you.
    Blue suits you marvelously !

  27. Kelly

    Sal, I am in love with this outfit!!

    Also, I'm wearing an obi belt today and totally thought of you, because you rock obis better than anyone I know.

  28. Kori

    I just starting reading your blog and I love it! Especially the obi belt haha. I'm tempted to look on ebay for one. And I especially like the acachic posts on feminism/consumption theory that you've written!

  29. hope505

    shoes are tdf!!! awesome!!! I wonder if amazon has a pair in my size…..

  30. Erin

    This is my favorite outfit I've seen on you. For serious. The colors, the proportions, the details. Absolutely perfect.

  31. myedit

    When I first saw this outfit I wasn't logged in to my account and I was too lazy/rushed to…so I return, solely to tell you how damn smashing you look!!!!

  32. angeline

    I really love this dress…the solid color keeps it sophisticated and I love the cut with the cap sleeves. The obi belt is a perfect touch!

  33. All Women Stalker

    You look chic! The colors go well together ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Audi

    Wow, that dress is simply stunning on you, Sal. And I had to laugh at your painting the brass buckle.