Daily Outfit: 6/20/11

Already Pretty outfit 6/20/11 featuring Anthropologie field skirt

Olive jacket, thrifted – similar
Sweater tank, Banana Republic outlet (no longer available) – more blue sweater tanks
Navy cord skirt, Anthropologie Field Skirt (no longer available at Anthro) – a few on eBay
Shoes, Tsubo Acrea in Very Berry courtesy Tsubo
Bracelets, various
Watch, Skagen
Earrings, a shop in SF- similar

My plans to have a relaxing, nothing-filled weekend were foiled by work, errands, and a 3-hour trip to the emergency vet for sick Rowan Kitty. She’s mostly fine for now, but I am worrying incessantly, absolutely exhausted, and can’t say I gave much thought to my outfit today. I threw this on, decided it didn’t look horrid, and left the house.* We’ve all got days like that, am I right?

And yeah, it’s still cool enough here for this level of layering. I’d like some warmer days, but I’m not complaining. The Sal and The Heat don’t play well together.

*Reluctantly. No Kitties policy at my office.

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27 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 6/20/11”

  1. Jaime

    The shoes are darling but that jacket is just so surprisingly breathtaking! Did you alter it for that tapered waist?

  2. Sheena Brockman

    Just sending sympathies re Rowan Kitty – hope she’s feeling better very soon and that you can stop worrying about her.

  3. Jo

    Hope Rowan kitty gets much better.

    And also — just wanted to pipe up as one of your readers who generally follows the “throw stuff on, make sure it doesn’t look horrid” strategy myself. I actually strive to have a wardrobe that’s thoughtfully-constructed enough that I can look as good as you do here with this little attention paid. To pay attention when building the wardrobe, so that I don’t have to when I’m stumbling around, trying to get dressed for a normal day. For dress up, yeah, I’ll pay more attention. But today, you’re actually demonstrating a skill I really hope to acquire someday. Congratulations!

  4. Eleanorjane

    I think you look great! Nice shapely jacket over the flared skirt.

    I do hope your kitty is okay. We have our own fur-baby so I can empathise…

  5. sarah

    oh, Sal, so sorry to hear about Rowan! I hope she’s fully recovered soon!

    I love the look, myself! You’re making me wish I’d bought that field skirt (I was totally coveting the yellow, at the time). Oh well – good motivation to get to work on the puffy full skirt I’m making, no? =)

  6. Gillie

    I hope your cat continues to get better. I think you look cute today — it is nice to have basic outfits to put on for those days when how one looks is really not a priority (illness of loved one, backed up sink, car window smashed…etc.)

  7. Sandra

    Hope Rowan Kitty feels better!

    I’m a new reader, and so delighted to have found your fabulous blog. It’s great to pore over old posts–“Before” is my favorite so far.

  8. eek

    Hope your kitty is doing much better! I can’t believe it’s cool enough to wear corduroy…we need to average out our temperatures ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Megan Mae

    Aww hope Rowan-kitty is alright and hope you’re doing alright too.

    That jacket is kind of the perfect piece – it’s cut really well. Sometimes you just have to pull things together, it helps to have a good intuitive idea about your closet. This works well together.

  10. Carol N.

    Sending hugs and chin scratches for Rowan kitty. We have fur babies (no 2 legged babies) and they are just like children to us. Love the outfit and it inspires me to wear my green jacket with my navy now. You always inspire me with great color combinations!

  11. Cara

    I love this jacket! I have one that’s similar which I seem to be reaching to a lot this spring/summer (extended period of rain proceeding and preceding snow), but it definitely doesn’t nip in at the waist. I may have to steal this look sometime this week!

  12. Kathleen

    Hope the furbaby is back to 100% soon! And nice job adding a mobile feature – the blog readsmuch better on an iPhone now!

  13. Angeline

    I love this jacket! Such a great finishing piece for anything, really, but I like how you paired it with a dress. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Andi

    Hope Rowan is feeling better soon! I had to run Youngest to the Urgent Care clinic this evening, only to get the dreaded strep diagnosis. At least we got him on medication quickly.

    Some days, “throw on clothes” are just fine because other things need to take priority. Today, I’m wearing my grub around jeans and a silly t-shirt (because it lifts my spirits). If I needed to go somewhere dressier, I have outfits I hang together in my closet for exactly those frantic moments.

  15. Katie

    I agree with the above posts. That olive jacket is so cute! I love that the color isn’t green enough that it would be confused with camo. And I hope your cat is better soon! Sally I just knew you’d be a cat person. They are the best!

  16. QuiteLight

    All my best wishes to Rowan kitty! I know how heartwrenching it is when our furry bundles are sick, so all the best to you & Husband Mike as well!

  17. pope suburban

    Here’s hoping Rowan Kitty gets better soon. As someone with a cat myself, I find the corduroy skirt an excellent choice– they attract cat hair so well, it’s the next best thing to taking kitty with you!

  18. Audi

    Oh no, I hope Rowan Kitty is making a speedy recovery! This outfit is a stunner; great proportions and a fun mix of casual and smart. I really like the military-styled jacket on you.

  19. Carmen

    I hope your kitty feels better soon! It’s difficult to function when our babies (human or otherwise) are not feeling 100%. I’m sorry!

  20. Laura

    You look absolutely anything BUT horrid! That jacket looks made for you and I love the silver bracelets. Hope your kitty is doing better!