Daily Outfit: 6/2/10

Red shrug, Opitz
Oatmeal tee, Banana Republic
Floral skirt, Boden
Tan pumps, Tsubo Acrea
Bangles, thrifted
Leaf earrings, Target

This skirt is pinwale corduroy, and I generally feel like any-wale corduroy is a fall/winter material. But the print is such fun and the colors so seasonless that I decided to give it a whirl. Plus it’s a bit cool today, and a heavier lined skirt just made good sense.

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16 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 6/2/10”

  1. K.Line

    I love this look! So NOT black!! The skirt doesn't seem out-of-season at all and the coral sweater really pulls it all together.

  2. Clare

    The print on that skirt is just gorgeous. I'm glad you gave it a spin today!

  3. Sidewalk Chalk

    I love the colors in this outfit! That red shrug is so pretty.

  4. What Would a Nerd Wear

    i love the floral skirt–and the shape is awesome.
    boden, why are you so cool and so out of my price range!!??

  5. Velma Vex

    I've been wondering about you and your corduroy–this skirt and the yellow skinny jeans–since I know you follow some of the old seasonal fashion rules that I was raised on. I just thrifted a sweet leopard-print, baby-wale cord skirt. I packed it away, but it's calling to me. It has shades of tan, brown, and black–think I could make it work for summer? (And do I dare? đŸ™‚

  6. Elissa

    I love love love the colors!!! Such a pretty outfit, Sal!

  7. Charlotte

    You get a lot of wear from those Acrea pumps. Very, very cute. I love shrugs! I just wish they didn't make my hips look bulbous. You wear this nicely.

  8. MarieBayArea

    you always look so happy and have the coolest smile. this outfit is amazing on you. you look great in red! i want that skirt.

  9. Annie Spandex

    Hmm, yeah, corduroy, but you made it work! xx

  10. Kasmira

    Ha – I KNEW that was a Boden skirt when I saw the print. I love their florals. You look awesome and not out-of-season, at all.

    Are you going to hang out with Julia of Song of the Exile all the time now that she's moved to Minnesota?

  11. Future Lint

    Pretty skirt and I still love that bolero! I almost busted out a khaki wool skirt today, so fun floral corduroy gets to be worn in every season too!

  12. Diana

    Beautiful outfit! I'm loving this black-out challenge.