Daily Outfit: 6/21/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 6/21/11 featuring Jeffrey Campbell Splendid platforms

Dress, my mom made it – similarsimilar print
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Earrings, Infrared Designs
Suede platforms, Jeffrey Campbell Splendid – here’s a pair on eBay

I was planning to attend a photo shoot today, but it got canceled on account of crappy Minnesota weather. (Which has now passed.) I’ll admit to being a bit bummed since I’d wanted to wear this Mom-made dress for the event, and now I’ll have to concoct an equally special outfit for the rescheduled shoot … but I’ve PROBABLY got something else I can wear. Maybe.

Did I mention that my Mom made this dress? Did I mention how she ROCKS?

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25 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 6/21/11”

  1. Robin

    Wow! Your mom does rock! What a gorgeous dress. My grandmother used to make all my sister and I’s clothes. They were always matching even though we are 13 months apart and look completely different. Bummer about the shoot but I’m sure you’ll think of something else special to wear. You always look fantastic!

  2. Cara

    Aw, you’re making me nostalgic for the dresses my mom used to make me! Of course, once we were old enough, she taught us how to sew and now whenever we ask her to make us something she always asks why we can’t make it ourselves!

  3. Rose in SV

    Great picture and great dress! May I inquire about the sewing pattern that was used for the dress? It’s wonderful that your mother sewed a wonderful dress for you!

    • Sal

      Luckily, someone asked that once before so I have the info! Simplicity
      “It’s So Easy” 3527. LOVE this dress.

      • Rose in SV

        Great! I’ll have to look for it. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  4. Marjorie

    This picture/outfit makes you look really tall. The dress fits so nicely!

  5. Anat

    That dress is so perfect, and I love the sandals as well! You look so very lovely. Pity about the shoot.

  6. Desiree

    What a beautiful dress, so flattering on you and I love the sleeves so much – awesome pairing with the JCs:))

  7. Lisa

    I say repeat an outfit and wear this for the photo shoot when it’s rescheduled! We’ll give you a special pass that allows a fashion blogger to repeat an outfit occasionally. πŸ™‚

    • Sal

      Lisa, you sweetie! As far as I know the shoot is rescheduled for tomorrow, so even with a pass I’m not sure I’d repeat so quickly. πŸ˜‰

  8. Stacy

    Your mom did a great job on the dress…it is very flattering on you! Isn’t the weather here lovely, lately?? Ugh. Can the sun please shine…we need some Vitamin D after last winter.

  9. Stephanie Weinbach

    Glad your readers like the dress!

  10. Sandie

    Love the dress! The pattern and the shape are perfect. I wish your mom could make me one.

  11. Erika A

    Commenting a little late on this one, but gosh, that’s an adorable dress. I really like the way the split sleeves look, they nicely mirror the flare of the skirt. Looks great on you, and how awesome is it that your mom made it for you? Very awesome indeed. πŸ™‚