Daily Outfit: 6/27/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 5/4/11 featuring Jones New York twist-front dress

Dress, courtesy Jones New York (no longer available) – similar shape
Peeptoes, via Opitzsimilar
Necklace, Firstfansimilar in goldsilver mesh necklaces

Nothing like a simple, packable, washable ensemble for a bike commute day. I feel a bit sheepish that today’s outfit seems to chuckle in the face of my promises to explore androgynous dressing, but dresses are simply unbeatable for bike days. One unfussy piece, and you’re clothed.

I don’t believe I’ve sung the praises of knot-front dresses here on the blog, but they make me deeply happy. The twisty detail can be delightfully enboobening, the high waistline works with my naturally high waist, and the flowy skirt is comfortable and flattering. Triple win!

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27 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 6/27/11”

  1. Cynthia

    Knot front dresses can definitely be good, although I’ve had a couple that were real “neckline offenders”. Does this one have some built in lining in the front or are you wearing something under there? It’s a great dress.

    • Sal

      For sure. This dress has a little triangular insert built in. SUCH a great feature.

  2. Megan Mae

    A simple easy dress with a fab statement necklace is just such an easy way to be pulled together. Of course, it helps to be awesome at perfectly matching your pumps to your dress! So awesome.

  3. Kookoo

    Your feminine vibe is so flattering. This is the answer to those who ask for a more gender neutral look. Why? Keeping in a comfort zone which suits you isn’t safe it’s smart and the reason we enjoy your posts.

  4. Sigi

    Ooh, the cut of that dress is so gorgeous. Want!!!! It’s a great look on you, Sal.

  5. sa

    I have a similar dress that I made myself ! sewing is so empowering ! You can make everything what you want when you want it.

  6. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    “One unfussy piece, and you’re clothed.” Yes! This is why I adore drapy dresses. That one is particularly lovely. The lines, and the drape, are just perfect.

  7. Lisa Z

    I know I rarely comment, but just have to say this dress looks GORGEOUS on you! The fit and color are perfect.

  8. Kimberley

    The dress looks great! And I love the word “emboobening”! I am goin to have to figure out how to use that word on a daily basis!

  9. Anat

    What a wonderful dress, and I love the shoes too! You look wonderful.

  10. Mel

    Everything is perfect: Color, pattern, texture, shine, scale, contrast, drape.
    And those shoes! Lovely!!!!!

    You look STUNNING!!!!

  11. Jessica

    The phrase “delightfully enboobening” just made my day. cheers!

  12. Reylyn

    What a coincidence! I wore a knot-front dress yesterday too! I agree that it is definitely enboobening (I am definitely not booby) and it gave me the illusion of being more curvy even though I’m not.

    Sassy outfit as always, Sally!

  13. Stephanie

    I love wearing medium-length, flow-y skirts, and I love biking, but whenever I try to combine the two my skirt always gets pulled back by the spokes of the back wheel. How do you manage to get around this? Do you use a skirt guard…?

  14. Jan

    I hope you felt great the day you wore this because you sure look great!

  15. Nadine

    Gorgeous outfit – I’m especially taken with the big rings and bare wrists.

  16. Annie

    Enboobening. New favorite word. I’ve got to get me some tops and dresses like that, heaven knows I could always benefit from some enboobening!

  17. Susan

    You look fabulous in this dress! I am beginning to realize that you look really great in dark colors–it must be because of your hair color. At any rate, this dress is a real winner!