Daily Outfit: 6/29/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 6/29/11 featuring brown shirt dress

Shirt dress, Land’s End (no longer available) – similar stylesimilar (shorter hemline)
Belt, courtesy Elizabeth Kelly
Chrysocolla necklace, self-made – similar
Shoes, John Fluevog (no longer available) – similar

I decided days ago that these underutilized Mary Janes needed an outing, and assembled this outfit around them. On first glance, it looked decidedly autumnal, so I threw the chrysocolla necklace into the mix to lighten it up. Now it’s autumnal with a side order of chrysocolla necklace.

I SWEAR I am not pining for fall. Not yet.

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13 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 6/29/11”

  1. JG

    Oooh, I love this a lot. The use of colors that are so close together from the neck down is so harmonious, and the pop of blue at the neck is divine. You’ve even got an echo of blue on your ankle! <3

  2. Aziraphale

    Fantastic! Love that outfit. And yay Fluevog. Aren’t they the best?

  3. Mervat

    Sal, I love this ensemble. Similarly with the red dress you wore recently, this style of dress is made for you. As for the autumnal colours, you look cool, so that has to work with summer 😉


  4. Robin

    OMGosh I love your dress! We must have subconsciously twinned each other today. I am wearing all brown as well!

  5. - Tessa

    Cute – sideorder of necklace. And I AM pining for fall, as always. 🙂

  6. Carol N.

    I wish you could hurry fall by wearing that dress! It is beautiful and so is the belt. You could totally make this more summery with sandals and a straw belt. Don’t you just love clothing you can change up with accessories?

  7. Janice

    I have those same shoes and like you, they are underutilized! I picked them up from Gravity Pope a few years ago for $40 and think I have worn them twice….love the outfit you made around them! Now I will do the same!!

  8. Sheila

    Ah, the Blind Faith Hi family of Fluevogs – I love those shoes! Those are the same year as my zipper-front boots with the same striped wooden heel.

    Fabulous outfit, Sal! So classic.

  9. Anuja

    I love it! Try a neon yellow or green necklace/accent next time – maybe that’ll look more summer-y.