Daily Outfit: 6/9/10

Houndstooth-ish dress, vintage sale
Purple belt, thrifted
Purple t-straps, Melissa Vinil
Bangles, Fringe
Hoops, er, Bibelot I think

DANGIT! I thought I was neutral-free today. The light shade in my dress’ pattern has a bluish cast, but I’m pretty sure it’s just extremely aged and slightly dingy white …

Promise to try harder tomorrow.

When I bought this dress for $5 at a vintage sale in someone’s driveway, it was pretty sacklike. The tailor did her best, but I think it still looks better belted. And it’s polyester. Have I mentioned how much I adore vintage polyester? The lazy girl in me loves the no-wrinkles, throw-it-in-the-wash ease of use … even if it can make me extra stinky in hot weather.

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53 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 6/9/10”

  1. Ashe Mischief

    I am SO jealous of your Melissa's. I had that same pair, but the 8s were too small, and the 9s way too big. Curse your perfectly sized foot!

  2. Lesa

    Love the colors of your vintage steal, and I think the belt looks great.

  3. Future Lint

    That dress is fabulous! I love the oversized houndstooth! Shoe twins!

  4. Rad_in_Broolyn

    Love this dress! I too am a fan of the polyester funky print dress. The colors are great. I never would have thought to pair purple with light blue, but it's clearly a brilliant combo!

  5. Jasmine

    This completely fits with the spirit of Black-Out. You look so fresh and summery. I love the blues with your skin tone. And it was definitely worth it to get that dress tailored.

  6. Hundy and Undy

    I think with a repetitive print like that, no matter the true shape of the dress, it's going to look boxy and one dimensional. The belt helps break it up and add some interest. I think it's super flattering on you!

  7. K.Line

    You're almost inspiring me to do this – I mean, I didn't wear black today! I love that dress.

  8. Magatha-May

    Sal – that dress is gorgeous. Why have we not seen it before now???

  9. Taylor

    I love this dress! (Poly or no, it is fab.) And the shoes are way cool too. Love the teal/purple/white combo!

  10. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    LOVE THIS! It looks adorable on you!

  11. Marlisa

    (Resisting the urge to put this in all caps) OMG- how cute is that dress!!!! It looks super flattering. I love the lines on you.

  12. Ecc3ntricCynic

    Too cute! Bright blue houndstooth! The altered shape is fabulous~ I heart your wedges. You have some of the best shoes!

  13. eek

    I love the pattern on the dress! Lady – you have an enviable shoe wardrobe too!

  14. Dorky Medievalist

    Oh I love this dress! It looks so fresh and summery (and not at all like a neutral) and it is the perfect length.

    I also love vintage polyster and I figure that I'm lucky enough to have indoor plumbing and I can shower daily if I choose so bring on the stink (to a degree)!

  15. Malvina

    actually, I was just thinking how nicely that dress fit you: follows your curves without being too close. Tailoring boxy thrifted items; I'm going to have to try that!

  16. Frances Joy

    That is a statement dress! Gorgeous. The shoes are so adorable, too!

  17. Christy (Columbia Lily)

    that dress is completely adorable! You look especially fantastic!

  18. Andie

    I love love love the print of this dress! and the purple accents are perfect! 🙂

  19. sallyannie☆

    Lovely dress! I just wanted to say that BLACK-OUT is a great idea and a very cute name! 😀 I would totally participate if it were summer or spring right now, sadly a lot of my winter clothes are black! Oh well 🙁

  20. Fabuliss

    Sally, you look teeny-tiny in this dress! Seriously, you look FAB-U-LISS! I am a major cotton lover so your adorable wash-and-wear dress has me very green with envy. Love the belt and the shoes as well.

    P.S. Your site is driving a ton of traffic to my site. THANK YOU on so many levels!

  21. Rosie Unknown

    The dress is amazing! I love how well you can pull off patterns.

    It's sort of strange, as the week goes on, I've found myself using neutrals like white and navy instead of black, but I'm making progress.

  22. Flitryss

    I love that dress! It's so perfect on you. Another benefit of vintage polyester is that it looks exactly the same, forever and ever, and won't ever wear out, fade, etc. It's magical.

  23. Kat

    Oooh, great dress! Very flattering and fabulous print.

  24. Starling

    I seriously covet that dress. It looks fantastic on you!

  25. Kelly

    I LOVE THIS DRESS. Oh my goodness.

    And you've reminded me that I have a summery vintage dress waiting in my closet. I bought it in the fall and didn't have a chance to wear it before it got too cold…and now I keep forgetting to take it out!

  26. Lorena

    This dress is perfection !
    I am a houndstooth junkie and this is just fabulous.

  27. MarieBayArea

    yes, i really want that dress too. i love vintage. and i adore houndstooth prints. i think this is my favorite of the dresses i've seen you in. and your t-strapped heels are fantastic too.

  28. E

    Such a cool spin on the regular black and white houndstooth print!

  29. Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes

    I love the colours in that dress.

  30. Katie

    these things almost make me wish I were more of a fashion blogger. Because I wear outfits that are non-black inclusive and even non-grey and brown inclusive at least half of the time. I went 2 years with nary a day that I didn't take a wardrobe_remix photo, and now, I've gone almost a year with about 20 shots total…

  31. Jesspgh

    What an amazing dress! Before I last moved, I weeded through my collection of thick poly vintage but I kept a small number of printed treasures and if I had this one, it would have definitely made the cut!

  32. Charlie

    love the dress, suits you so well, and it´s lovely belted.

    I´m in. Thought the challenge was really cool!

  33. lopi

    The dress is AMAZING! Although the thought of polyester makes me cringe a bit, this one looks like it's worth it.

  34. RuZanne

    Great dress. The boxiness comes partly from the fact that this is a weave…not a print. (Do people really not get that it's not a print?)

    Looks fab on you, either way!

  35. orchidsinbuttonholes

    I love that dress! The print is just fantastic, and I adore it with those purple shoes. Wonderful outfit, Sal!

  36. D'Et

    Oh my GOSH. I love that dress so much!! What an amazing find. It is so perfectly made for you, too. It looks amazing. Love the shoes, too. The whole outfit! Aaaah!

  37. Clare

    I envy your ability to wear polyester in the summer. Just yesterday I condemned all heavy fabrics to the depths of the closet. Oh, and those Melissas are unspeakably cool.

  38. Julia

    this dress is phenomenal. It fits you perfectly and looks AMAZING. So flattering on you, and I love the blue/white pattern.

  39. Rebecca

    Great dress. I love houndstooth, and the blue look good together with those shoes. I can't believe it was only $5.

  40. Strange Attractor

    Sal, that dress, when belted, may be the most figure flattering thing I have ever seen you wear. I know "figure flattering" is a bad phrase, but you look adorably cute and sexy as hell.

  41. The Seeker

    OMG, what a fantastic dress!!!! I love it, anad I think you're right it looks better belted.


    Con't forget to enter my giveaway 🙂

  42. AsianCajuns (Lar)

    I love that dress on you, Sally! I used to shy away from polyester (and still do in the heat of the ATL summer), but I agree- it's awesomely low-maintenance.
    As for your black-out challenge… so brilliant! Apart from a few LBDs, I have very little black for the summer. I won't even use a black purse.

  43. FC88

    This dress is so pretty. Love the color and prints. Great find!

  44. sara star

    You just look tiny in this dress. Its perfect on you and super flattering!

    (sometimes I want to look big and powerful and other times little and fine, this would be a good outfit for the little and fine days)