Daily Outfit: 7/1/10

Turquoise tee, American Apparel
Pleated skirt, thrifted
Red patent platform sandals, Kork-Ease via eBay
Red patent belt, thrifted at ARC’s Value Village
Red necklace, rokdarbi
Red bangle, thrifted

These shiny red platforms are my fantastically comfy, 8-hour, walking-around-at-a-summer-art-fair shoes. I had no walking to do today. They just matched my shiny red belt. (Pretty sure they’re the Ava model, if you want to hunt down a similar pair.)

I picked up this skirt on Monday while shooting a TV spot at a local consignment store. That print just CALLED to me:

All of my favorite and most-worn colors are represented. OK, all of them besides plum. But still! What a fun and versatile floral! And in my favorite, full, pleated silhouette. It looks a little circus-y from a distance, but I’m OK with that. Maybe I should try hiding a calliope under there …

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37 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 7/1/10”

  1. Biba

    What a gorgeous skirt! I don't think I've ever seen a lovelier pattern!

  2. Megan

    Oooh gorgeous print! I can see why it called to you. I like the effect that it gives from far away.

  3. Della

    Ooh Sal, I love this outfit! The colors are perfect…I can't wait to see what you pair the skirt with for fall!

  4. laniza

    Oh, the color combination rocks!! Red and turquoise are exquisite together!

  5. The Budget Babe

    love the colors and the cut of that particular skirt with that top is right on. i sooo want your shoes! been dying to get a pair of kork ease. are they as incredible as you had hoped?

  6. Anonymous

    Oh my- been following for a long time, but never left a comment- love the skirt, I actually have the same one that I also thrifted!

  7. Lesa

    I love every single color you are wearing today. You look fab and summery.

  8. kjlangford

    ah! love the skirt. Ant the silhouette you've created!

  9. Clare

    Well, there's a good reason that you love these colors; they look beyond phenomenal on you! This outfit is so fun, summery, and bright. I adore!

  10. Daily Joy

    Cute, chic, and colorful!

    (can you tell "C" is my letter of the day? For lunch I fed my family all foods that start with C- cherries, chips, and chicken. Heehee. 🙂 )

  11. Brande

    I think this is my personal favorite Sally outfit of all time. So cute and sassy!


    I have this skirt in 2 sizes as I LOVE it so much and I never know what size I will be! It is a forever skirt in a timeless style. It came from JCPenny's. I bought it on clx. for about 5 bucks at the time. You wear it well!

  13. WendyB

    That skirt's a great find. Love the colors and print.

  14. Sidewalk Chalk

    Sal, you've just been killing it with your awesome color combinations lately. The skirt is just beautiful!

    Also, so cool you filmed a tv spot for the store!

  15. La Belette Rouge

    The turq and red together are delightful.

  16. Rad_in_Broolyn

    Beautiful colors! I also really like the platform sandals. I was just thinking how it's a shame I don't have any red shoes the other day…

  17. Franca

    You've been waearing sonme frankly amazing outfits lately, so it's only fair that i clcik through every now and then to tell you so!

  18. AbraCat

    I love that skirt– I have a scarf in a similar print. Beautiful color combination with the shirt and jewelry.

  19. Kasmira

    Oh, wonderful skirt! I like how you've paired it with this lovely blue for its first outing.

  20. Amy

    I love this outfit! That skirt is one of the prettiest things I have seen in quite a long time. Gorgeous!


  21. Andie

    I ADORE that skirt. LOVE. I have always found when thrifting that I gravitate towards prints and such and don't bother with basics! I wish I could find somethign cool like this!

  22. Deborah

    Sal – what television station will be airing your spot? I'd love to watch.

  23. Sal

    Deborah: It's Channel 12! I'll give a shout when the spot will air. Promise.

  24. K

    That pattern is fantastic! I love the blue top with it 🙂

  25. pretty

    I DEFINITELY want to hunt down a similar pair of shoes! LOVE! x

  26. Lorena

    This skirt is fabulous !
    All those colors….. you wear it beautifully.

  27. Melissa

    This is fantastic! I love the print as well and I love how you brought the turquoise out with the tee.

  28. All Women Stalker

    I covet your skirt. I am a sucker for skirts with fun prints 🙂