Daily Outfit: 7/14/10

Dusty rose sweater shell, Nine West
Silk skirt, Banana Republic
Silver peeptoes, Born
Pearl bracelet pile, self-made
Pearl earrings, mcfarlanddesigns

I bought this skirt ten years ago. This is its first wearing.

Ridiculous, right? But let me tell you, it took AGES to find a top that worked with that very specific orchid pink/dusty rose in the pattern*. Matching the cream was impossible, and a silver top would’ve looked odd. On me anyway. And THEN! Ages more to procure a pair of shoes that matched somehow. The skirt is so old fashioned looking that I didn’t want to go with a contrasting tone, and until these silver shoes came to hand, I just didn’t have anything that worked.

Oh eesh, I’m rambling.

Point being: I don’t subscribe to the, “If you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it,” philosophy. I loved this skirt when I nabbed it on clearance, had it tailored at enormous cost due to the spiral construction, and knew it would someday find its mates. And so it has.

*This shell also magically matches three other skirts, and is pretty much the only thing I own that does. When it dies, I will be bereft.

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28 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 7/14/10”

  1. JoJo

    I strongly suggest you buy a few backup shells just in case! That outfit is really good looking and you don't want to have to search for that same shade again.

  2. Samantha

    What about the magical, marvelous, asymmetrical sweater that you hardly ever wear? I love that thing. It's in the same color area, right??

  3. Kelly

    I had a *very* similar skirt and I finally just gave up on it because I couldn't put anything together with it. I hope it found its way to a very good home with some lucky Goodwill shopper who will be more dedicated to it like you were with your skirt!

  4. K.Line

    You show so much love for your things. BTW, when that top dies, you can remake it easily enough. Maybe that will convince you to sew?? Go fabric shopping occasionally and buy the fabric in the general hand and colour of the current shell when you happen upon it. Even if you don't sew it, someone you know can do it for you. Lord knows, you have so much good karma racked up in the 'sphere, 15 sewing bloggers will jump out of the woodwork. Just don't throw out the original because taking it apart will facilitate reconstructing the pattern.

  5. Sal

    Samantha: Good eye! Yes, this top is the only thing that goes with that sweater, too. I'll have to take K.Line's advice and keep an eye out for fabric in this shade.

  6. Sadaf Trimarchi

    That's a lovely outfit!! The color of the top suits you perfectly, and I think that shade of pink/lavender is hard to pull off. Gorgeous skirt.


  7. eek

    Wow I am impressed that you have kept this skirt for so long. It is gorgeous so I can understand! I absolutely adore those silver shoes too!

  8. Anonymous

    The skirt is lovely, but I love this length on you. It's a refreshing change.

  9. jill

    sal, this is truly GORGEOUS!! one of my fav outfits that you have posted – and you have some pretty amazing combos! i love it and it was definitely worth the wait. classy, timeless and it looks fantastic on you!!

  10. Sheila

    That is a fabulous skirt. I can see why you kept it.

    What about olive green, burgundy, brown or even pure white to go with the skirt? It can't languish around waiting to repeat this outfit forever!!

  11. Josephine

    If don't wear it for a year then donate it, has been killing me lately. Things that I want to wear now, are gone.

  12. Modesty is Pretty

    haha I can't believe you kept it 10 years without wearing it! I thought I was bad! I watched the video and I never imagined your voice sounded like that =D
    I thought it would be softer with a high pitch hehe =)

  13. A-Dubs

    Oh god, the gorgeous shoes. Everything is perfect. Especially the shoes.

  14. kristophine

    I want to EAT that skirt. It is gorgeous. I'm glad you found its mates–I have a couple of things like that, where I'm holding out hope. (…looks shiftily at the Banana Republic taupe silk dress in the closet.)

  15. Kaija

    That is a beautiful skirt and those colors look so fresh and classy on you! I'm glad to hear that after 10 years, the skirt's time has finally come…I have had that same experience with items that I hung onto even through my periodic purges that at some point just popped into my rotation at *just* the right time ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm big on throwing away anything I don't use (I'm a minimalist in a small apartment), but I do listen to my gut and hang onto a few things that I just "know" are going to find their time.

  16. Kathleen

    That's a beautiful skirt and a gorgeous outfit–well worth keeping the skirt for 10 years!

  17. Meli22

    I would SO pair that skirt with a rich purple top ๐Ÿ˜‰ Preferably ruffled.

    I also think it would be really nice with a pretty green color, if you can WEAR green.

    That magical matching top IS pretty darn awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. tinyjunco

    that outfit really brings out your delicate coloring and the round, curvy lines in your hair, face, and figure…..so nice to see that aspect of you brought out.

    i think this skirt would go well with lite/med. grey leather, suede, or croc/lizard/ostrich (fake is fine) for shoes etc. for a top/blouse you could try dotted swiss, handkerchief linen, lace, net, or jersey in dove grey, silver, lavender, ivory, cream, ecru, mushroom, soft warm green, creamy pink.

    you could also 'toughen it up' by basing the rest of the outfit in charcoal grey or a warm navy.

    and as k. line said, that top would be super easy for you or someone else to copy. if you can't find a color match fabric you like, save the top or a swatch and use it to dye a match (of a custom made top or a 'boughten' white one).

  19. spacegeek

    I love this outfit–so beautiful!! But the piece I'm entirely drawn to in the outfit (other than the skirt) is the pearl bracelet pile! Oooh, *love*!!

  20. Clare

    Heavens, that is a lovely skirt. I'm glad you held on to it for so long!

  21. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    Great pose, great skirt, great colours. Love!

  22. Anonymous

    I really love your posts so I am not at all trying to be negative, but I think you stick too rigidly to the idea of matching – I think you could layer cream, grey, brown, burgundy, etc with it and have it be smashing.

    That being said, i would have problems with it because the pattern is so sweet and my taste tends to be heavier, solid and linear.

    I think it's great here, but would be equally great with a cream tank and grey shirt or sweater, with a feminine detail or two in accessories.

  23. Sal

    Anonymous(2): Not negative at all! Those are some great suggestions, especially the maroon.

  24. Carrietracy

    I actually owned this exact skirt! I bought the deep rose 3/4 sleeve sweater and deep rose vneck sleeveless sweater that Banana was showing with it at the time. I wore all of the pieces until they could survive no more. It was great having a winter and summer top for it.

    I very rarely buy what the store shows as an outfit, but it seems I did the right thing in this case!