Daily Outfit: 7/15/10

Red shirt dress, Land’s End
Scarf as belt, Rice and Beans Vintage
Green suede pumps, Seychelles
Purple faux pearls, gift

Sorry so late, but totally worth it. You’ll see why below.

I’m going to be Twitterviewed by Joel Carlson on Monday, and we shot a little video preview tonight. Whenever I know I’m going to be on camera, I generally stick to solid colors and try to wear red or magenta. And so we have one of my getting-worn-to-pieces Land’s End shirt dresses today!

Afterward, I went to my nephew’s baseball game … but I’ll level with ya. I really went so I could meet my sister-in-law’s new puppy, Bagel, the baby basset-beagle blend.

I pretty much hate Bagel. She hates me, too, as you can clearly see from these photos.

Speaking of which, kudos to Husband Mike for taking a truly awesome batch. Doesn’t he rock?

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54 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 7/15/10”

  1. angeline

    Love it! You look so gorgeous and happy. And that puppy is just adorable.

  2. isleen

    I was going to write a nice, lengthy comment but — SQUEE! Baby Bagel cuteness! I pretty much want to eat her up with a spoon.

    Also, I'm impressed with your ability to sit on the grass/play with the doggie in that dress. I invariably freak about ruining my clothes. I should probably look into therapy for that, hmm?

  3. Jenni

    Yeah, Bagel looks like kind of a jerk… KIDDING! Bagel looks like the cutest thing of all time ever! You look so super in red. I like how you combined it with the green shoes!

  4. Sal

    isleen: Ahhh, the dress is washable! Merciful, since it's now covered in baseball diamond dirt, grass clippings, and Bagel fur.

    Merciful, too, since Bagel was like a Tractor Beam of Cuteness and even if I'd been wearing spun silk, I would've been in the grass cuddling her. πŸ˜‰

  5. Sidewalk Chalk

    What a cute puppy!

    Congrats on the interview. I'm really loving this power color on you — the dress is amazing!

  6. The Raisin Girl

    Bagel is the coolest name for a puppy EVER. I instinctively love people who give their pets interesting names. I mean, the meaning is clear: he's so cute you could just nom nom nom.

    Ahem. I am woman. Hear me roar.

  7. La Belette Rouge

    A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E-N-E-S-S. And, yes, it is clear that neither of you like each other at all. LOL!!!!!

  8. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    These photos just got better and better! Bagel is the cutest thing that I've seen all day and your red dress is absolutely fabulous.

  9. budget chic

    You can never go wrong with a great shirt dress. I see you have quite a few like myself. Cute pup too!

  10. casey

    Your outfit is pretty darn cute, but those puppy pictures are just too adorable!!!!

    β™₯ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  11. meegiemoo

    OMG PUPPY!!!!!!

    Not sure if you were even wearing clothes in this post because OMG PUPPYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  12. AbraCat

    How did you not run off with her in your arms?!? I totally would have.

  13. Diana

    So freakin' adorable! Even though I'm not a dog person, this make me seriously want to cuddle a puppy.

  14. Frances Joy

    I was thinking that I loved how you wore red and green without looking like Christmas and then I was reduced to squealing "Bagel!" at my computer. So. Stinkin'. Adorable.

  15. Scholar Style Guide

    Awww… I'm glad you posted this late because puppy pictures are a great way to start my Friday! My dachshund looked similar to this when he was a puppy, only a bit smaller, so it is taking me back!

    But let's not let the gushing about the dog allow us to forget to mention how fabulous these shoes are. I especially like how they accentuate the green hues in your tattoo!


  16. Alecia

    wow- he is the cutest!! you look great in red- seeing you sit on the grass makes me think of chiggers biting my sensitive parts!!

  17. Chelsea


    Also, I found this link and thought it might interest you a tiny bit, well mainly one part.


    Historical Anatomies on the Web, they were done around the mid-late 1500's or so, and look at the one of the woman! Granted, if you look at the one of the "infant" it's a little odd and almost cartoony, but still. I looked at it for a long time, and then thought about how scrawny today's models look compared to that, and how I think a lot of women would put themselves down if they looked like the woman in those pictures. But I think it's absolutely beautiful!!

  18. Chelsea

    Actually, I just looked at that site more from other artists, most of the women from the 1500s to 1800's anatomy pictures look like that!

  19. Jenniferocious

    Hee! We have a basset hound, but he's getting into his elder years. These pictures take me back to when he was a crazy little puppy, though! They're such a sweet breed, I'm sure your SiL will be thrilled with him!

  20. Future Lint

    That dress is beautiful on you and I love bagel! Both the carbs and the dog!

  21. swatchcat

    I love that red shirtdress! It's so fresh and summery.

    Plus that little Bagel is just to die for adorable! So much cuteness!!


  22. Laura

    Sal I love this dress and all your looks with it! I actually have it in black. I think its a bit big in the waist on me but I pair a wide belt with it. I can't wear a thin belt without feeling like it emphasizes my hips so much that I feel like Giant Hip Lady! And its not only this dress either, depressing bc I love the look!

    And omg that puppy is too freakin' adorable! Love the ears!!!

  23. spacegeek

    Aaww! Great pix and marvelous pup!

    I'm curious that you try to wear red when you are on camera–I was told by our media people that red "bleeds" too much and not to wear red, white or black. Green can be a problem too, if there is a green screen. So I usually try to wear solids, but go with light greens or blues if at all possible. Maybe the no-red is old school?


  24. Sal

    spacegeek: Hah! I'd never heard that. I avoid black, white, and busy patterns because I know they don't film well … but I wear red because it's my best color. Perhaps I should investigate more.

  25. Rebecca

    Puppy! That dress lookgs great on you, and Bagel is adorable.

  26. Chelsea

    you look smashing in that fabulous red dress! and bagel is adorrrrrrable.

  27. Kathleen

    You and Bagel are too cute! And you rock all those Lands End dresses. πŸ™‚

  28. Katie K

    That puppy is quite possibly the cutest thing ever and you are quite possibly the chicest thing ever! (And I love the dichotomy of an outfit being perfect for a tv appearance AND for puppy meeting πŸ˜€

    And I have to say a big huge THANK YOU to you because you put Lands End on my radar. On Wednesday, I was at a local strip mall that has a Lands End Inlet and because of your fabulous shirtdress, I stepped inside just to see if they had it available. And they had it in a size smaller than I would normally wear but it fit PERFECTLY and is just about the most fantastic dress in the world. It was like it was custom made for me. And just to gild the lily even more, the dress was an additional 25% off the sale price. *cue the sounds of angels singing the Hallelujah chorus* Sal, what would I do without you? πŸ™‚

  29. orchidsinbuttonholes

    Oh my goodness those are just about the cutest photos! Bagel is adorable! How did you not steal him? I wouldn't have been able to put him down. Too too cute.

    That dress is an amazing color on you, and I love that you brought in additional colors throughout the details of the outfit. They compliment the red perfectly. Wonderful look!

  30. Sal

    Katie K: YAY! That dress is a magical, magical being and I'm so glad you nabbed one for yourself!

  31. Pippa

    Oh my – Bagel is SO CUTE!!! These are my favourite pictures that you've posted!

  32. Audi

    Love, love, love that red dress on you! And Bagel is just about the cutest thing ever. Too bad you don't have smell-ivision on your blog; I always love the way puppies smell.

  33. Valerie-MN

    Very cute pics!

    Is Bagel a form of beagle? Beagles are my favorite because of my childhood dog, Ben. Ben looked like Bagel except his ears were smaller.

  34. Barry Wright, III

    That is a fantastic shade of red; it really brings out the natural highlights in your hair!

  35. Marsha

    I think these are the nicest pictures I've seen you post yet! You (both) look wonderful!

  36. Anonymous

    SO LOVE these of both of you! yes and cudos to the fine photographer too! Many thanks,

  37. koogie

    Cute dog and name! I'm guessing BAsset and beaGLE combining to form Bagel?

    Oh, love the dress too πŸ™‚ I wish we had a Land's End here in Australia…

  38. Tesla

    Oh. My. God. Bagel could not be cuter! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I just LOVE her puppy-ness! Too bad the two of you don't get along! πŸ˜‰

  39. Natalie

    I am not generally much of a sap but adorable puppies make me want to snuggle and make coochie-coo sounds. It's only gotten worse since I've moved to SF — dogs everywhere, and all over Dolores Park near where I live. Bagel's ears — they are so floppy and adorable!!

  40. All Women Stalker

    I can feel the hatred oozing from my monitor. πŸ˜‰