Daily Outfit: 7/18/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 7/18/11 featuring Karen Kane batik dress

Dress, courtesy Karen Kane
Shoes, Marni via Yoox – similar on The Outnetmore Marni on Yoox
Bracelets, Bibelot – similar
Necklace, Fossil (no longer available) – similar
Earrings, UO (no longer available) – similar

I seldom do sleeveless at work. There’s no rule against it, just my personal preference. Today, however, it was a necessity. Let me tell you a little about what it’s been like here in MN for the past few days:

  • It’s so hot that the moment you venture outside you break into a sweat and everything you’re wearing sticks to you.
  • It’s so humid that the moment you exit your air-conditioned car, your glasses fog up so badly you must take them off or risk walking into a lamp post.
  • Today the heat index reached 117° F (47.2° C).
  • There’s an Excessive Heat Warning through Thursday this week. Then it’ll cool down to a mere 89° F (32° C).
  • Don’t believe me? Here.

This year, Minnesota has decided to put all of its residents through some sort of weather-related obstacle course, starting with a winter so snowy that we had 10-foot piles on street-corners, moving through a delayed, gray, cold, relentlessly rainy spring complete with destructive tornadoes, and on into a summer so unbearably humid and hot we all want to submerge ourselves in bathtubs full of ice cubes. The weather here really impacts life, and it certainly impacts dressing choices. It influences my mood, my day, and my outfits.

Cold weather is easier for me to handle, sartorially speaking. I may hate it and it may grind my soul to dust after a while, but at least I can layer. The heat/humidity combo, on the other hand, wins. I cannot fight it. I cannot embellish or accessorize when it is this hot and humid because it makes me unbearably physically uncomfortable. The moment I leave an air-conditioned building, I become so visibly cranky that strangers move out of my path. I will be simply dressed until this heat wave breaks and that’s a fact. Those of you who live in Rio, Mumbai, and Atlanta can totally relate, I’m sure.

Heat/humidity wins, humanity yields. Simple as that!

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34 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 7/18/11”

  1. eek

    I hear ya lady! Houston has hot and humid weather probably 5 months out of the year – usually by September I am wishing I could wear all the cool fall clothes that are out there but we are still in shorts!

    You look dashing in this dress – blue is a great color on you!

  2. felicity

    You have my utmost respect for actually going out and living life when it’s that hot – I’d’ve been tempted to call in “hot” instead of “sick.” The cold, heat and humidity are three things that I don’t miss one single bit about living in Southwestern Ontario. I will *happily* suffer through the grey and rainy winters of the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Audi

    Your description of this year’s seasons is how I remember Minnesota being EVERY year! I guess I should stop complaining about our cool SF summer, because it’s infinitely more bearable than hot and sticky. You’re faking it well though, Sal; you look quite comfy in your cute sleeveless dress and Marni heels.

  4. ks

    Am completely sympathizing across the river in St. Paul — I can only put on enough to be barely (no pun intended) decent!

  5. Mia

    I’m feeling you! It hasn’t been so bad in the last couple of weeks here in the Central Valley of California, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing the 90s and 100s again many times before summer comes to an end.

    I’m actually able to deal with the heat, though, simply by remembering JUST HOW MUCH I hate being cold. As you put it, it definitely “grinds my soul to dust.” Being cold for long enough completely breaks my spirit. I can’t handle it, I can’t!

    Thus, when summer rolls around and my legs are sticking to everything imaginable, including each other, I simply have to remember just how completely miserable I was in January and things seem a little more comfortable.

    (I guess it’s good I only live in California. I visited my co-blogger Tia for Thanksgiving in Chicago, and I have to say: I could. Not. Handle. Cold spaces have such romance from afar, but ONLY from afar.)

  6. Laura

    You look very unfrazzled for 47 degrees celcius!
    And those are still my favorite shoes of yours!

    (I love you even more for taking time to answer my email considering the hot and heavy circumstances ; ) )

  7. Trystan (the CorpGoth)

    You have my sympathies! I can’t stand humidity, period. I was born in Florida, lived there as a kid, spent many summers there w/my grandparents & at my great-grandmother’s farm w/no AC. YUCK. I swore I’d never live in a place like that again.

    However, you do look pretty dang good today! Couldn’t tell you’re suffering 😀

  8. Kate K

    I’m in Wisconsin so I feel your pain. I mentioned the heat and the humidity on facebook and my cousin in Texas chimed with something about “You guys don’t know pain! Try dealing with this all year and then we’ll talk! Hahahaha!” And I really wanted to mention that folks in the Midwest not only deal with the crazy heat and humidity in the summer but the bone chilling, buried in snow, never ending winters, as well as the issue that many of our buildings and homes don’t have central air conditioning.

    When it all becomes too much to process, I just remind myself that it makes us stronger and if there was a zombie apocalypse, we’d probably fare better. Right??? 😀

  9. Kate K

    Also, Sal, you may feel hot and sweaty but you look very cool and lovely 😀 It’s a beautiful dress!

  10. Tiffany

    I hear you on the heat, sister. I grew up in Florida so you’d think that after 25 years I’d be used to the heat and humidity, yet every summer seems worse than the last. I’d much rather be cold- like you said, layering makes it bearable. And YES UGH GRRR to foggy glasses and instant crank. Does MN have insane bugs (mosquitoes, gnats, flies) like FL? OVER IT.

    On the bright side, those shoes are incredible. That sculpted heel is drool-worthy.

  11. Marie

    I’ve always lived where there are hot, sticky summers, currently in southern Georgia – so I understand your pain! I love summer but don’t feel as stylish when it’s so hot, because I can’t layer and sometimes just feel sweaty and gross. That said, sometimes I wear heavier clothing anyway during the weekday because my office is so cold, and I just put up with the heat for a few minutes when I have to go outside.

  12. Snapper

    Poor strangers! That cracked me up…
    Thanks for the shoe porn though, lol. 😉

  13. Megan Mae

    You still look insanely well put together despite the heat. I glared at my drawers and almost stayed indoors and in pajamas today. The dress looks great with your Marni sandals. Stay cool and hydrated!

  14. Stephanie

    I love the snazzy dress/shoe pairing! That pattern is fantastic.

    I know what you mean about the weather…I just walked home from the bus stop (~8 blocks) with a backpack full of stuff and I was so sweaty when I got home I had to jump straight in the shower. =P

  15. Anne @ The Frump Factor

    You do look amazingly cool and pretty. And that dress looks flowy enough so that you can avoid the dreaded thigh-stick by sitting with fabric wedged between legs. So good call there!

    Condolences on the weather. At least you can still stand to wear a necklace! I’ve actually been known to remove all jewelry when it gets really bad, simply because I can’t stand having one more thing stuck to my skin. Ugh.

  16. Cynthia

    Heat, yeah. I didn’t realize it was so bad all the way up there. I have gotten used to a lot more heat since getting to Charlotte, but I have to admit, I run my A/C all summer and I do much of my exercising at dawn or indoors. The weather this year has been so weird…I’m a little worried that a whole lot of us are going to have our assumptions about security (e.g. there will always be enough food) shattered if these weather patterns continue or worsen. I read a thing about how the Forest Service has noticed an uptick in deer miscarriages due to the heat. Deer. Having problems makin’ babies. Scary.

  17. Caroline

    I totally feel you! I just spent 3 1/2 weeks in Ireland for school. It was 50 degrees when I left and I came back to hot, sunny and dry Texas where it is pretty much 100 degrees everyday. I usually wear jeans most of the time because I don’t like wearing shorts in public, but I immediately went shopping for simple dresses to wear. I’ll be damned if I put on jeans for the rest of the summer.

    Also, every summer I ask myself why I got a car that is black with black leather seats. I don’t know what I was thinking.

  18. GreatCanadianBeagle

    My admiration goes out to you for looking so cool while being so hot. We’re currently experiencing heat warnings in the 40 celcious range here in Southern Ontario. I work outside and have no ACat home, I cherish my commute in my car, let me tell you! I don’t mind the cold at all and rarely complain during the long cold snowy winter, so I turn into a huge wimp during these heat waves!!

    I think sleeveless dresses are pretty much the best option in this gross weather and your blue one is definitely the awesome 🙂

  19. MJ

    I feel ya! Getting dressed in the AM is so difficult right now because it’s so hot I just look in my closet & wish nude was an option! I’m also a teacher & my workplace during the school year says no sleeveless. I tend to fudge that rule a bit by layering & taking my jacket off ‘for just a minute’.
    I’m going to an outdoor concert on Wednesday & I am struggling with what to wear. Looking cute & not a hot mess is very difficult when it’s over 100degrees.

  20. Carmen

    Welcome to my world. Kansas is always around 100 degrees and humid for about 20 days in the summer but it’s hit earlier and HARDER than ever this year. Our heat indexes are regularly in the 110’s and higher with horrid humidity. Apparently we’re on our way to breaking some record. Our home town’s lake is the lowest I have ever seen it in my life. We’re on mandatory water restrictions and can’t use water for recreation at all (sprinklers, watering lawn, pools). Miserable. There is nothing fun to do when it’s this miserable. It’s still in the 90’s at 10pm. Our low was 79 overnight. Just ridonkulous.

    Love the dress btw!

  21. Lobbyist

    As always, you look darling. And that dress flatters you nicely. And the color looks great on you. Well done.

  22. Nan

    Very pretty outfit, and the blue makes me think of the ocean or a nice cold, deep lake.

    I was in outstate MN about ten days ago and the humidity was crazy!! There was also a crazy fast moving thunderstorm with accompanying tornado watch (warning?? I always mix them up.)

    I will say though, all that humidity has got to be easy on the skin. I don’t think I put on moisturizer once when I was there.

    Also, love those late, late sunsets!

  23. Marie

    I prefer seasons I can layer too. I still layer in this disgusting heat thanks to the blasting a/c in most places (not a complaint, not at all, keep blasting!) Lovely print.

  24. Jenny

    You look great, ESP considering the heat. I’m here in town with you. I’ve gotten used to the fact that our winters are going to be colder than anyone I ever meet. (Ive met people from Canada and Iceland that think it’s too cold here.) I don’t think we should have to put up with extreme heat on top of that.

  25. LK

    Its just as bad in Chicago. Its soooooo hot I’m back to two outfits a day. By the end of the work day you’ve sweated through your first outfit and have to take on a second lol. Its really quite awful. All you have to do is stand outside and your covered in sweat.

    But that dress is adorable. 🙂

  26. Rona

    I can relate with you on the heat. Here in NC it is always hot and humid in the summertime. The weather forcast never changes until late Sept. If we could get rid of the humidity it would be somewhat bearable. Love the outfit, and those shoes are beyond words…LOVE them!

  27. Stacy

    You look beautifully put together! Those shoes are some of my favorites that you wear. 🙂

    I have a hard time with the hot/humid outside and then the freezer inside. My lens kept fogging up on me in taking outfit shots, too. Ah well…it’s better than January LOL!

  28. sarah

    ugh, that sounds awful! Here in the land of perennial wintery spring (pac nw) it is dark, and threatening rain again – it’s mid july and my 5′ tall early girl and sweet 100 tomato plants are *just* getting green fruits on them, my pea plants are producing away, still thinking it’s early spring; even my stock flowers (a late winter/early spring plant) are blooming away, undaunted. For all intents and purposes, it is March here.

    But I’ll take it over heat + humidity any day. I considered Lawrence University, briefly, for undergrad and visited in late february. It was sunny, the “spring thaw,” I was told. Everyone was wearing t-shirts. T-SHIRTS! It was 12 below with the wind chill! I recall telling my mother, half-joking, as I shivered in two pairs of socks leggings under jeans three shirts a sweater a coat a scarf boots and two pairs of gloves, “I’ll die here.” I do NOT know how you midwesterners can take it. I’d just melt on the pavement, and here you are looking fab in that dress and those heels. Hang in there!

  29. Silvia

    It’s raining, and yesterday evening I turned on a small oven…. we have around 15°C during the day. It’s cold!
    And it’s supposed to be summer…

  30. Davinia

    I sympathise! In Malta right now it’s fluctuating between 35 and 40 degrees celcius. FORTY! I’m basically never going out. Just staying in the office or at home or in my car, constantly air conditioned. Urgh.

  31. Norma

    I emailed you a while ago about moving from TN to WI and what I should pack. You said hold onto the tank tops and ohmygosh am I glad for that suggestion! This weather is terrible! Even as a tried and true southern girl I have to say this weather is making me crazy.

    I actually stopped at the local library (no internet at our house! yowsa!) just to see what you were wearing during this hot mess. Pshew!

    You can check my blog to hear me complaining, but know I’m with you on this!!!