Daily Outfit: 7/21/10

Blouse, thrifted
Skirt, Anthropologie
Heeled espadrilles, courtesy Scarpasa, review forthcoming
Pearl bracelets, self-made
Pearl necklaces, self-made

An anonymous commenter encouraged me to push my boundaries when I posted this outfit last week, and this outfit is a direct result. With certain pieces, I have a tough time defeating my matchy instincts and if I can’t find the exact perfect color/texture match, I give up. I need to shake up my ideas of what “goes” and what doesn’t.

I’ve had this skirt for five years, and only ever worn it with one perfectly-matching, pale pink sweater. The sweater has been too big for AGES, and I finally gave it away this spring, but held onto the skirt. It creates a very different look, but I dig it with the printed blouse. A little outside my comfort zone, but in a fun way.

So thanks, my friends, for encouraging me to branch out a bit!

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54 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 7/21/10”

  1. Samantha

    Well done. This is adorable. I love that skirt! And have you posted a tutorial on making those pieces?

  2. Sarah

    I pretty much love everything about the outfit! Way to go, you look great!

  3. Sam from Hundy and Undy

    I really love that skirt with that top. The contrasting colors are great as well as the contrast in construction.


  4. Dawn

    *Jaw drop*

    Could this possibly be my favourite outfit you have ever posted?! The proportions, the scalloped hem on the blouse, the details on the skirt, those shoes, the pearl accessories… Oh I love it!

  5. K.Line

    Excellent! The scallop with the tiers is just beautiful. But also edgy.

  6. Maura

    Ooh, you look very pretty. This is my favorite outfit you've ever worn ever! The scallops! The flounces! I know some of your other readers don't care for girly frills, but I. Love. It.

  7. Anonymous

    When I saw this, I actually said out loud, "Oh, that's pretty!" I really like this look.

  8. liz

    i love the skirt! i've recently started buying some girlier skirts but can pretty much only match them with white shirts. the buttons and the color palette of the shirt match perfectly!

  9. Candice Virginia

    I think this is my favorite outfit of yours, ever!

    It is elegant, artsy (in the best way possible!) and so detail-oriented. I adore that blouse and the skirt is one of the most fun I've ever seen.

    I would say, keep up the "mismatched" work! πŸ™‚

  10. Casey

    I think that blouse, although thrifted, was originally Anthropologie too. I remember something just like it from one of their catalogs about 4-5 years ago! (Which is scary that I have a photographic memory for Anthropologie stuff… yikes.)

    I love this outfit. It does push your boundaries a bit, but so cute! πŸ™‚

  11. leah

    This is a superb outfit. I like it when pushing your boundaries ends up expanding horizons.

  12. FashionTheorist

    Cute outfit! I love the way the scalloped hem of the top interacts with the tiered ruffles of the skirt.

  13. Nadine

    SO GORGEOUS! You should never bother going back to wearing black, since you look so stunning in colour. The recent pink and orange outfit was a total winner, too.

  14. Melissa

    I love these two pieces together! I think sometimes many of the best outfits come from pushing the boundaries of one's normal comfort zone.

    That skirt is divine and that shirt looks like it was absolutely MADE for you.

    The color combo is really very appealing.

  15. Vanessa

    Is that blouse by Persaman New York? I'm 99% sure I had the exact same one a couple years ago! I LOVED that blouse and wore it to death… then, when I gained weight and couldn't button it anymore, I lent it to my best friend, who also wore it to death! Glad to see someone else loves it as much as I did…

  16. Colleen

    I'm glad someone encouraged you. I like it. I also need the encouragement, but feel that I need someone to look in my closet and tell me that something goes with something else.

  17. Rosie Unknown

    I have to admit, I find it a bit strange to you find this outside your comfort zone. It seems to me that you wear outfits with colour and pattern mixing far more extreme.

    It's a gorgeous outfit, I really love the top.

  18. Lynne

    Fabulous! but that skirt would also go with
    dark pink
    some shades of lavendar
    chocolate brown
    white/off white/ivory
    gelato colours or jewel tones generally, depending on what look you wanted to go for

  19. Sheila

    That's a lovely skirt – I caught my breath when I saw it. You could of course do it with cream, and any shade of brown (a lovely dark brown would be fab).

    Good for you for pushing yourself. πŸ™‚ It's hard to do!

  20. Esti

    I love it! The whole outfit looks like something out of an Anthropologie catalogue (but actually work-wearable). Beautiful color scheme and wonderful amounts of detail.

  21. La Historiadora de Moda

    This is actually one of my favorite looks of yours yet this summer. It looks so light and airy. And the texture of the skirt is so fun!

  22. Kelly

    Glad you're getting out of your comfort zone, because this is adorable!

  23. IrishRedRose

    OMG I love that. One of my top Sal faves of all time. Details!! like the way the buttons of the blouse pick up and color of the skirt, and the complementary tiers and scallops. Ya know, I also think that blouse might've originally been Anthro as well, and it'd be funny if we were right 'cause then you'd have managed (without even knowing) another kind of match! lol
    Must add–this is also one of your most figure and complexion/hair flattering choices I can recall. You. Look. Perfect! This combo would also be darling with some saucy mary janes and pretty tights in winter…and a little vintage cardy…just dreaming. πŸ˜‰

  24. (Hard G) Gillian

    This is gorgeous Sal! I am curious about how your matching instincts deemed this outfit to be a risky one, because it seems to me that lots of your outfits are bolder than this particular one.

    I think my matching instincts tend to consider color, perceived weight of an item, and what the item evokes in my mind. I can mix patterns easily (especially a brown leopard print sweater that I wear like a neutral), but I get a sense of satisfaction from matching the color of my accessories to my outfit as though I were either from the 1950s or Paris Hilton. I have a hard time mixing accessories that are delicate with chunkier ones, and I always worry about whether my accessories are the right size and sartorial weight to finish an outfit. And I tend to dress in themes. I categorize all my clothing and have difficulty seeing how a 'bohemian' necklace could work with a 'sailor' top, etc. I always admire such looks on others, but they never occur to me when I am faced with my own wardrobe.

  25. Valerie-MN

    Very cute outfit. I often see a lot of pink with mint green combo (I know a sorority which has that as their colors). That was cool mixing the layered skirt panels with the polka dot blouse. I see the blouse buttons also echo the pink of the skirt. Well done.

  26. Angela

    You look lovely.
    And this blouse is a total score.
    This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! It's classic but fresh.

  27. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    You look great outside that comfort zone. Hooray for challenges. And so pleased you kept that skirt – it's amazing.

  28. pretty

    What are you talking about??? The top goes perfectly! From where I'm looking the buttons look like they match, but more importantly the proportions are fabulous. I agree with Dawn and Maura. When these are the results, keep experimenting! xxx

  29. Susan

    This really works for you. It looks very Old West saloon showgirl to me, but updated in a really good way.

  30. lyrebirdgully

    I concur with everything the previous commentators have said. What an outfit! stunningly flattering on you, and what wouldn't I give to get any item of clothing whatsoever that has a Teddy Tinling-style scallopy hemline?!
    I also love this outfit for being beautifully detailed; it's quite a change from your usual plain-and-simple wholesome styling. Do you think you will do more of this sort of thing?
    PS> How did you decide to match the outfit with the ochre-coloured sandals? They seem a less obvious choice than say, your white or silver sandals, or your grey suede booties, or even your pink pumps, for example, that are from the same colour stream as the clothes. As a very matchy-matchy person myself, I would love to know your decision-making process on this one.

  31. sunmoonstarnes

    Wow, that outfit is adorable! I love pink and green together. That blouse is just cute cute cute. And the skirt! Just darling. LOVE this.

  32. Sal

    Wow, thanks, friends! And lots of questions on this one …

    The blouse is by a company called Odille, which I think is carried by Anthro. I thrifted it about a year and a half ago.

    As for this being outside my comfort zone, it's due mainly to two factors. One is that I would ordinarily want to tone down the frilly femininity of the skirt with something plain and minimalistic and solid. The other is that it just never occurred to me to pair the skirt with anything but pink. Or maybe cream. It's so PINK! So many shades of PINK! But it just goes to show that we're all still learning, myself included.

    Lynne and Sheila: Brown is a great suggestion! I'll try that next.

    lyrebirdgully: Good question … I think I just wanted something neutral, ladylike, and summery. I felt like my gray Acreas could've worked, but I wanted to show my toes!

  33. Erin

    I love this skirt so much! It's utterly beautiful. Due to my love of black and slight fear of pink (even though I have the perfect complexion for it) I would probably wear a black tank top and black OTKs with it (shoes unknown!).

  34. Rebecca

    That skirt is fantastic, and I agree with the commenter who said it would look great with a brown top.

  35. Patricia

    Great color combo! Did you sew on the pink buttons so that you could be matchy? πŸ™‚ I agree with Dawn: jaw droppingly great outfit.

  36. tinyjunco

    i agree – this is a really beautiful look on you. my $.02 on why it works so well – the scallops on the top and repeating uneven layers of the skirt echo the shapes in your hair, eyes and body. ((as opposed to how they mite work on someone like Ali McGraw – straight hair, body, facial features). the low light/dark contrast of the outfit doesn't overwhelm your own medium-contrast skin/eye/hair aesthetic. the patterned (instead of flat – solid) colors flatter your own similar skin and hair tones.

    the same applies to the outfit from last week you referenced in this post. it doesn't look overly frilly and feminine on you because it works with the aesthetic of your face and figure.

  37. Diana

    I absolutely ADORE that skirt! Love love love the whole outfit. I think the skirt would also be fantastic with some harder, less feminine pieces (black leather moto jacket and studded booties, maybe?)

  38. Brande

    LOVE IT! The scalloping on the bottom of the blouse is fabulous!

  39. orchidsinbuttonholes

    That skirt is fantastic! It's the first thing that caught my eye about this outfit, and then I noticed the hemline to your blouse and how it plays off the layers of the skirt. One of my favorite outfits of yours, Sal!

  40. Erin

    Two things:
    – Scalloped blouse = yes. Scallops are underrated.
    – This is an Audi (of Fashion for Nerds) look, and you are working it.

  41. katy

    this is a wonderful look!
    i tend to try to tone down one girlier piece with something simpler as well, but i would totally wear this!
    you should also try grey with this amazing skirt – i love greys and pinks together. even something busy/drapey/etc, to go with the layers in the skirt. in your most recent post, you mentioned that you find it hard to pull off anthro-esque styling, but i think this skirt would be a great one to experiment with!

  42. Sarah O.

    I love the girly scalloped edge of the blouse paired with the ruffles and lace of the skirt.

  43. myedit

    oooooo… pretty skirt and a shirt with a scallopped hem (spelling, 1 p or 2?)… this looks really nice on you lady!

  44. Eyeliah

    It is very different from your usual style, it’s more like something I would wear. I quite like it.

  45. Elizabeth

    This outfit is pretty close to perfect. It is interesting, fun, and flattering. I also immediately checked to see where you got the shirt, but alas, it was thrifted. πŸ˜›