Daily Outfit: 7/25/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring vintage shirt dress

Dress, vintage via Mighty Swellmore green vintage dresses
Belt, a sash from another dress – similar color and width
Shoes, via HauteLookJessica Simpson Dany
Bracelets, Bibelotsimilar style
Earrings, Patinasimilar

Saturday morning, Katie and I hit the Mighty Swell pop-up sale, and in addition to scoring big, we ran into Meghan, Patty, and Ellen. The joint was jumpin’, friends! This dress was one of two that I nabbed, and paired with these massive platforms, it gives off a fairly 70s vibe, I believe. I realized that my retro-influenced looks seldom skew 70s, though I’m not sure why. There’s so much about that decade that I love.

ESPECIALLY the shoes. And yes, these are some of my tallest platforms, but as always it’s the difference between the platform and heel that really makes the difference. These are remarkably walkable. I mean, if a pack of wild dogs starts chasing me, I’m done for. But for a regular office day? They’re actually quite manageable.

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19 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 7/25/11”

  1. Rosie

    The dress is lovely, but those shoes have stolen my heart! I love how they have a seventies vibe, but are really quite modern and versatile looking.

  2. Gracey at Fashion For Giants

    Hopefully you won’t encounter any wild dogs because those shoes are fabulous! I’d actually been looking at them and seeing them on you makes me want to take another look.

    And they are perfect with this fabulous dress!!

  3. Allie

    The dress is adorable, and those shoes are FANTASTIC! So true about platforms, some of my most comfy shoes look skyhigh but have a low platform to heel ratio.

  4. eek

    Those shoes are amazing! I love how even though the platforms are a nod to the 70s, paired with the vintage dress just modernizes the look.

  5. Robin

    LOL! I hope you don’t run into a pack of wild dogs! That’s why I love platforms and wedges. It TOTALLY makes a difference! I love this dress as well. You’re right, totally retro vibe!

  6. Megan Mae

    That dress has the cutest print! And those shoes are insane. I’m not sure I could walk in them, but they are really fun.

  7. coffeeaddict

    I love the dress, the colour and the cut but particularly the notched lapel 🙂
    Never did warm up to platforms though

  8. Cel

    Ah, love this outfit! Those shoes are awesome. I really love a good 70’s vibe.

  9. Jessica L-B

    Sally, I gotta tell you, from one pale girl to another, I am envious of your ability to perpetually rock the creamy-complexion look. You make pale look gorgeous instead of ghostly.
    As for running in heels, just takes practice. I can chase down two errant toddlers in rose colored faux-croc pointy toed 3 1/2″ stilettos. Scratch that, it takes necessity.
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Amanda

    Had to comment on this one! Love the dress, the shoes, everything. Great look for you!