Daily Outfit: 7/7/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring Karina dress, Tsubo Elath flats, black bangle

Dress, courtesy Karina Dresses
Bangle, Electric Fetus – similar
Flats, Tsubo Elath courtesy Tsubo

I might as well be in my PJs, people. That’s how comfy this outfit is. I had to throw on my black pashmina at the office lest my exposed arms turn to arm-cicles and drop off, but that’s nothing new. I work inside a fridge, I swear.

I’m pretty sure that in this morning’s sleepy haze, I forgot to put on my SPF-infused facial moisturizer before hopping on my bike and pedaling to work. All my rantings about being purposely pale-skinned may be inadvertently thwarted by my own forgetfulness!

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18 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 7/7/11”

  1. Rebecca

    I like those big, bright flowers. Comfortable, pretty dresses are the best when it is hot out.

  2. Kate

    The pattern on this dress is absolutely fabulous. And you know what, I have to admit that I love that the entire outfit is only 3 pieces, including accessories. You look so comfortable (and pretty).

  3. Terri

    I like dresses that have movement like this! It fits so well–almost like a wrap and yet the cleavage is safely covered. Nice.

  4. Robin

    This dress is gorgeous on you! And it looks as comfy as you make it sound too!

  5. Stephanie

    I also work in a fridge. All that air conditioning is super unnecessary. >_<

    Also, cute dress! I like the flower pattern.

  6. Carolyn

    Yay flats! I love when you incorporate flats! It makes me feel like my flats can actually be stylish (stupid lab policy about sturdy shoes…)

  7. Anna

    Love the shape of the dress! Can you tell me, what is the fiber content? I’m browsing around at their other dresses, and they don’t seem to list it on any of them.

    • Sal

      Sure, Anna! The company calls it “microfiber,” and my bet is that it’s polyester and/or rayon. It feels like really heavy bathing suit material to me.

  8. emi s.

    You may feel like you’re in your pjs, but this is a GREAT outfit, simple and so flattering!

  9. Linda

    I have that very dress in a different print. It’s not really PJ-comfy on me because the size that didn’t pouf out all pregnant-like is one that takes a LEEETLE bit of tugging and readjusting to prevent being too short. If I had a smaller chest or didn’t mind my knees showing, it would be perfect. I love the shape and drapiness!

  10. Chelsea S.

    okay, I swear I just felt the warm breeze you seem to be enjoying here.

    (meanwhile I’m a body-cicle from the wind and fog in SF!)

    thanks for the little mental vacay đŸ™‚

  11. Katy

    I say this every time you wear this dress – but I love it!!! The pattern and bold red flowers are stunning.

  12. Leslie

    Love this SO much that I contacted the website to order the same one (hopefully you find this flattering) but I have not heard back from them. It’s been at least a month, any advice to place an order for this fabulousness?