Daily Outfit: 8/10/10

Red dress, courtesy eShakti
Brown belt, thrifted
Brown studded Mary Janes, John Fluevog
Bangles, local boutique
Hoop earrings, don’t remember

Friends, I love August. My wedding anniversary is in August. The state fair is in August. Many lovely things take place during this month. But I hate, hate, HATE the weather in August. There is nothing like 100 degree heat and 80% humidity to bring out my inner whiny, obnoxious brat. And we’ve had that lovely combo for several days in a row now. BAH!

So it’s nothing but washables for now – like this lightweight cotton dress – and I’m going light on the scarves and necklaces. I also hate when accessories stick to me.

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33 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 8/10/10”

  1. Bringing Pretty Back

    I love this! So girly and pretty.
    Have a pretty day!

  2. WendyB

    It was so hot here in July that I switched from a big necklace to a small one.

  3. Jodi

    This dress looks awesome on you!!! I like the first picture too, great one!!

  4. http://opshopstyle.blogspot.com/

    I love your tattoo, the colours are so vivid. It looks good combined with the red of the frock 🙂

  5. spacegeek

    I feel this way often–accessories sticking, etc. I end up walking a fair amount during the day from building to building on my company's "campus". That means I am sweaty! I hate scarves or jackets or any extras on weeks/months like this, and it is nice to see the same.

    I find that this is when I lack styling my outfits–I go with a particular dress' kind of inherent look rather than changing it up too much because that requires layers or extra pieces I can't handle.

    So I'll be curious to see how you style clothing in the hot hot times.

  6. Melissa

    Even without extra accessories, this dress is spectacular. It's such a bright, cheery color and looks great with your skin tone. I love the brown belt and shoes. Those shoes are fabulous!

    You look wonderful in this dress, I really love it.

  7. Audi

    Sigh, the high here is 57 today. Can't we just take the average and both be comfortable?

    Also, that dress is stunning.

  8. Jane

    I hear you on the weather! It has been so hot here the past couple days (I live in St. Paul)

  9. Anonymous

    WOW. You look absolutely radiant. Fresh, not as a daisy, but as a carnation. Or a rose. What a glorious red dress, worn with such panache.


  10. Rebecca

    The state fair is my favorite thing about August. I can't wait for greasy fair food.

    That dress looks super comfortable.

  11. CrankyOtter

    When growing up in MN, I often wondered how people could wear gowns on the red carpet and not be dripping in sweat or sticking to everything when they announced that it was 80F or so. I moved to Boston and still didn't know the answer. Then I moved to SoCal and now I know. You're just dry. The air can get moist in the morning or late at night, but there's almost never enough humidity for things to stick. Even sandals that I couldn't wear due to blister formation I can wear out here. The climate is extremely fashion friendly – not challenging at all.

    My parents in MN finally got AC this year – after years and years of claiming they don't need it – and tell me how much they're relieved to have it this year. Me? I opted out after 3 straight weeks of 85+F with 85% humiidity one july. Hope you're finding a way to keep cool.

  12. Vanessa

    This dress is gorgeous on you! Before I saw your outfit description I actually guessed that it was from eShakti. I need to try their clothes sometime.

  13. Cherri @ SmartyPantalons

    Oh, but you're smiling. See, I love your post because I agree with with your say. But I say it with a smirk or grimace instead of a smile. A smile just won't due in August. 😉

  14. Rosie Unknown

    Mmm, your dress is amazing! It looks very fifties inspired to me 🙂

  15. Sheila

    So pretty – love the dress!

    Your Fluevogs are the same family as my boots. Don't you just love the striped wood heel?

  16. Hope

    Love the red dress! I hate August because it makes my hair go cuhrazay. So annoying. It will all be over soon!

  17. Kendi Lea

    I Love Love Love this dress and the silhouette!! You can rock the color red, lady!

  18. ***

    Love such dresses, but often feel shy to wear them (there's probably something age-related…) And the heat here also unbearable (though I'm in Ukraine).

  19. Maggiethecat

    Aha! I have a pair of very similar shoes that I love, but haven't really worn that often because I don't know quite how to deploy them (I'm short and sorta babyfaced, and need to watch out for twee-ness). Thanks for inspiring a couple ideas. And you look as far from obnoxious and whiny as can be – you look quite fresh and just plain happy!

    And why, oh why, did you have to put me onto Fluevog shoes? There's not a store that's even remotely close to where I live, and even after poring obsessively over the website, I can't get them out of my mind. I must plan a trip the States just to get my hands on a pair.

  20. Megan Mae

    Love the dress and Fluevogs. I usually forgo jewelry at all in summer because it sticks.

  21. Kyla

    What an amazing color on you! I love it paired with the brown accessories. You don't look overheated at all.

    I can't stand belts on hot day like that. Back sweat and all … Ew.

  22. lyrebirdgully

    I so know what you mean about necklaces sticking to one's skin in summer. Not to mention close-fitting bracelets, watches and rings. Here in Sydney we get the same sort of summer humidity. That's when I switch from necklaces to brooches, and from bracelets to bangles. I have a watch on a bangle that is ideal. About the same time I get the urge to keep my hair away from face and neck…

    Sal, do you break out the hair clips – and the brooches – in the heat? I don't recall seeing you with accessories in your hair…I reckon those lush curls of yours are just asking for a plaited leather band – or something cheerful and coloured…

  23. eek

    I hear ya on the heat and humidity! You definitely look super cute for what your weather is bringing you!

  24. Diana

    That dress is gorgeous! I love that you're still able to stay stylish even with the oppressive heat and humidity.

  25. Kimberly

    2 thumbs up – love this outfit . . . and those shoes are great!

  26. Future Lint

    My favorite oh-so-jealous shoes! I LOVE them! The fit, cut, and color of that dress is perfect, so who needs necklaces!

  27. orchidsinbuttonholes

    Oh. That. Dress. Fabulous, Sal! I love the fit and the full skirt and the detailing around the hem. And that color is fantastic on you. You look cool and ready for a day of fun!

  28. Fabuliss

    Love this red dress on you – fits you beautifully and it's a great color for you!