Daily Outfit: 8/1/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring striped sweater

Striped sweater, Boden (no longer available) – similar
Pleated khaki skirt – similariconmore pleated khaki skirts
Pumps, Tsubo Dufay courtesy Tsubo
Bracelets, thrifted and gifted
Watch, Skagen
Earrings, gift

Gah. It’s a good thing that I spent ALL of today in my frigid, air-conditioned office building because long sleeves in this heat would be unbearable. This sweater has nearly been cast into the donation bin about a dozen times, but I just can’t seem to part with it. This might be its most successful outing to date!

So. You may notice something slightly different about me in these photos. Last week, I looked like this:

I realize that may look “artfully tousled” to some of you, but to me it just looked wrong. My hair had entered a stage in which it could be frizzy in some spots and lank and greasy in others. I switched shampoos, stopped shampooing, switched styling products, washed it less often, eliminated all sulfates, changed my diet. Nothing worked. It was unruly, unpredictable, and unflattering. Looking through past photos of myself, I liked how my hair looked in about one out of every ten. Not the best track record.

As of late last week, I looked like this (photos taken Friday):

I brought this photo over to Richard at Salon Rouge, and made him promise me that my hair could do that. He said it could, and that it would look amazing. I did it over my lunch break and surprised the hell out of my coworkers when I got back to the office.

And I love it. I love it so much. I hadn’t realized how much I needed a change until the deed was done. First of all, I can style it up the night before, wake up mussed, spritz on some water, bike to work, take off my helmet, and look done. Completely done. The kind of artfully tousled that actually appeals to me. Secondly, I’ve been wanting to explore some more edgy, experimental looks and been too afraid to take the leap. This haircut works beautifully with my current wardrobe, but is pushing me to style my outfits slightly differently. Which is challenging and incredibly fun. And although I’m still stumbling a bit to tweak my looks, I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

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128 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 8/1/11”

  1. Elissa

    Love, love, love your new haircut! It’s so flattering on you, and you look so happy. I’ve had my pixie cut for about three years and it couldn’t be easier to style. It’s also pushed me towards edgier, more fashion-forward clothing as well. Have fun with it- you look amazing!

  2. KL

    I’m so distracted by shiny–admiring your pretty haircut, and then OOOH NECKLACE. Seriously, where did you get that necklace? If you made it, where did you find beads in those gorgeous colors and size gradations?

  3. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    I’m a little tongue-tied after reading all those links on paying proper compliments, so I hope this one follows the rules: Your hair looks fantastic! That last picture is especially fab. And you look so HAPPY with yourself and your new do–that speaks for itself, right?

    New hairstyles are always so fun–so glad we get to “share” yours!

  4. Lisa

    Oh my god you look fantastic. Like the movie star we all wish existed. You know what I mean, right? Katherine Hepburn meets Carey Mulligan?

  5. Barbara

    Love the new do! I’ve never regretted cutting my hair as short as I can shy of shaving it. I love the sleek look, the ease, the effortless chic. Enjoy!

  6. Autumn

    Sally, you look fantastic! Brava to you for taking the leap. I’m curious to see how this affects your overall look, with more edgy, experimental looks. I found that when I had super-short hair I did indeed feel edgier (and in part I was treated in that way too–I think short hair is indeed a signal that you’re willing to buck the system even just a hair, and I so did not intend for that wordplay but there you go).

  7. Mia

    I love it, Sal! (Is it okay if I call you Sal? Just a stranger, commenting on your website, callin’ you Sal…) Short hair is absolutely amazing. Some people say you have to have a particular kind of look or face in order to pull off short hair, but I think anybody can do it–just know what you want and have confidence! (Of course, I’ve been going shorter and shorter and really just want a buzz cut or a shaved scalp, but that doesn’t mean I can’t evangelize for short hair everywhere.)

    The stripes and khaki are super cute, too; a great way to show off your new locks. πŸ™‚

  8. Kate K

    Sal, you look lovely! What a chic and fabulous haircut. I have a chin-length bob happening right now but when summer rolls around, all I want to do is cut my hair. I’ve had short hair for most of my life and it just makes me feel more like myself.

    Have fun exploring your new do! πŸ˜€

  9. nic

    Swoon! I have to admit, I didn’t really notice the haircut. Obviously, it is different, but it just looks so familiar, so you. I can’t believe you haven’t had it all along because it just suits you so well!

  10. Kathryn Fenner

    I love your new hairstyle–it really suits you and your style. I cut my hair very short at the end of May 2010, and I have been so much happier, and I get so many compliments on it, and travel and getting ready in the morning are not only so much easier, I think I look so much better than I did 99% of the time with my chin length hair.

  11. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    OMG Sal! You look unbelievably fresh and new and even more fab. You *got* the Audrey Tatou cut and made it your own. Very inspirational too, for those who are contemplating the Big Chop. I can’t wait to watch all the fun you have with your new do.

  12. Gracey at Fashion For Giants

    You look amazing. I’ve always loved Audrey Tatou’s short hair and I love yours. You make me want to chop off my curls.

    And I love this outfit. I have similar pieces but am always at a loss as to what shoes to wear with something like this – I think I need to get some low, less dressy pumps because those are just perfect.

  13. Sigi

    LOVE the new ‘do, Sal! I’ve long envied Audrey’s hair – now I can envy yours as well. πŸ™‚

  14. Zuba

    Where is your hair? I thought first it is some old photo, but you look great:)
    I understand the need to change the hair after having the same thing for a long time, and then the change is usually big. You look younger now (and I mean this as a compliment:) )

  15. rosie posie

    Love the new ‘do Sally! Now you can totally experiment with a more androgynous look if you wish! πŸ™‚

  16. Ericka

    Love the cut. I too have been contemplating a drastic hair change with my curls. Maybe this is a sign?

  17. Lily

    Wow Sally, your hair looks GREAT! You honestly look like a model — kudos to the stylist!

  18. Cynthia @ Go Chic or Go Home

    Love the new hair!! It’s very flattering and fits your natural waves perfectly.

    Why such tepid love for the cute sweater? I like it, and the red pumps were a great styling choice.

    • pope suburban

      I love the sweater too. If I ever see one like it, I intend to pounce. And then wear it with red shoes, because you’re right, they look great together!

      I also love the hair. I thought about it, but with my face, I’d always end up looking too fierce– angry fierce, not fashion fierce– for my tastes. I’m growing mine out instead, and that is its own kind of journey. Its own very long, seemingly-endless journey. :’D

  19. Mel

    I gasped aloud when I saw your hair. In a good way. You look … I can’t even think of a word to describe how much I like it on you.

    Welcome to the pixie-cut club!

  20. Peter

    Sally, you look fantastic! I just love the haircut. It’s youthful, fun, and very chic too — great move!

  21. Julie Walker

    I *LOVE* the hair. You look gorgeous, fresh, downright glamorous!

  22. Su

    It looks wonderful on you! A change can be so liberating, and give you a whole new outlook!

  23. Emily Joyce

    I love your new haircut! I noticed it right away when I saw the first picture. I love having short hair, especially in the summer! Whenever I get my hair cut, I feel like a new person πŸ™‚

    P.S. I really like that sweater! Good thing you hung onto it a little longer.

  24. Heather

    Sally, I am soo HAPPY for you! Cutting off all of my hair was the absolute best thing I ever did for my personal style. I finally feel like I have a ‘hairstyle’ instead of just ‘hair’. It’s amazing how much it can change your wardrobe. Enjoy it!!

  25. Audi

    The new cut really does look wonderful! Although the style is very different from your previous one, it still has that same thick, luxurious look that makes it very you. I’m so glad you took the plunge! I’ve always loved Audrey Tautou’s hair; what a great cut to model yours after.

  26. Missey

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the short hair! It really brings out your cheekbones and lets your lovely face shine! Way to take the plunge πŸ™‚

  27. Soph

    Have also just cut my hair first from shoulder to chin length for a couple of months, then chin to pixie crop. I find it freeing and much more modern. I like that the change challenges the perception that women should have long hair to be girly. Your cut is great :o) .

  28. Amanda

    Your new haircut is so flattering! You’ve got great facial bone structure and the shorter do really shows that off.

  29. Judy

    Sal, it looks fantastic! and it seems like it will mesh really nicely with a huge variety of styles- 50’s movie star, tough and punk-y, woodland fairy…whatever your heart desires

    And you’re smiling in every picture. lovely πŸ™‚

  30. Jessica

    Lovely! Also, pixie cuts like yours look especially amazing with skirts and dresses. It’s like the perfect mix of feminine and edgy.

  31. Aleatha

    LOVE it! You look so fresh and effortlessly chic. I went pixie this summer as well, and the easy care is so wonderful. And the reduced shampoo bill. πŸ˜‰

  32. Mary

    Fabulous haircut! It looks wonderful on you–you’re so fortunate to have such thick, shiny, wavy hair!

  33. Hotsy Malone

    Although I loved your hair before this new cut is so dang adorable on you and I’m sure you will find many ways to style it even with it being short! I sort of went thru the same thing this summer and cut my longer hair short, it is so much easier to deal with and I don’t regret having done it at all. Enjoy the new you!

  34. Rebecca

    Your hair looks great, and I’m glad you’re happy with the cut. I’m sure it is comfortable to have short hair when it is so hot out.

  35. mrsg'berg

    Dear Sal – LOVE the new hair! You look so fresh and feminine.

    I cut my hair in April, from shoulder-length to nearly as short as yours, and am so happy I did. And I agree with you on ease of style.

    Funny, I had short hair in high school and hated it hated it hated it. (Grew it out in college and kept it long for decades.) Now that it’s short again I feel that it really suits me. Funny what 30 or 40 years does to a gal’s perspective.

  36. Tia

    Welcome to the super short-haired ladies club! The new cut is truly fabulous on you. πŸ˜€

  37. sisty

    Gorgeous!!! You have the perfect hair texture for this look — or any look, for that matter. (I loved your hair chin-length and curly, too). It’s the rare person that looks equally good in both cuts.

    What does HM have to say?

  38. Sandie

    Very gamine! Audrey Tatou has sprinkled French pixie dust on you.

    Next, she can play you in your bio-pic.


  39. Laurel

    Love it! You have the texture I always tried (and failed) to achieve when my hair was short. I’m not sure what curly-specific products are good for your pixie, but I would recommend experimenting (your salon should be willing to give you samples). A little of the right product can really take a pixie from good to great! Have fun playing with your new hair!

  40. Leone

    I don’t comment often but I just had to say…I LOVE YOUR HAIR! It’s sassy and so very pretty. Very very flattering. You’re going to have so much fun playing with it. I LOVE short wash n wear hair. Sassy girl!

  41. Sal

    My GOSH, aren’t you all sweet?! Thanks for the kind words, my friends! Glad you love the new ‘do as much as I do.

  42. Kathleen

    Excellent new look! I bet you will enjoy picking out earrings more than before, too. You look terrific. As someone who adores stripes, I’d say, “keep the sweater!” Cheers….

  43. Amanda

    Love the new hair! It really suits you. You looked perfectly lovely before but that new style makes your hair look fabulously thick and is just so playful yet sophisticated.

  44. Kristina

    Super chic! My hairdresser has been after me to do a pixie cut (it’s now a chin-length bob), which I think would look really good, but my husband has the typical male rapunzel fixation. Not ready to deal with his attitude yet, but you inspire me to be bolder.

  45. Sage

    Love it, love it! It’s new, but it’s you. Your face looks so open and welcoming. I had a super short cut for about 3 years, and it always made me feel edgy and cool. I just moved to California, so I’m in the process of growing it out so I can have “beach hair.”

    Can’t wait to see how your new hair amps up your style. πŸ™‚

  46. Sara L

    I think the new hairstyle looks great and I’m glad to hear you love it too. I read your comment on YLF about your hubby not especially liking the new style (although I think your exact words were stronger than that). Anyway, I hope it’s just the shock of different and he comes around to your point of view.

  47. Anne

    Very Audrey Tatou. You look Gorgeous. I “ve been in the process of growing mine out over the past year, but you’re tempting me back to the short side.

  48. RK

    Holy moly! What a change – I love the new ‘do, Sal! Would love to see you rock some dramatic earrings with the short hair πŸ™‚

  49. Dianne

    I loved your hair before, but I love this new look as much or more.I have worn my hair short, in a variety of cuts, most of my life (aside from a brief stint in college), as I very fine,thin, limp, bodyless hair that breaks off under its own weight at chin length. I make the best of it, but I certainly covet thick wavy locks! I have loved your style since I first discovered you, but I do think this new cut will push you to challenge your style limits. I look forward to it!

  50. FutureLint

    Gaaaa! I love it! I was so excited when I saw the thumbnail and realized you cut your hair! That’s amazing you did it mid-workday too! Awesome!

  51. Sam

    Gorgeous haircut Sally! It suits you perfectly and seems to be that difficult to achieve combination of easy to manage and stylish.

    I’m currently growing out a short crop, because my hair is fine and straight with a wierd kink on one side and it just doesn’t work easily. Oh for some curls to help it along.

  52. Katie


    Your hair looks so daring and fabulous! And just think, now you can experiment with different earrings! I know you said before that your hair had a tendency to cover up whatever earrings you were wearing, and now the world can see them since your earlobes can peek out now without you having to adjust your hair! Another look I’ve seen on short, sassy hair is fun headbands. They can add tough and punky, or sweet and feminine looks to many an outfit. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you play around with your new look!

  53. Kasmira

    Your new look is so fun! When my hair was short, I loved how I could wear super-cutesy clothes without it coming off as overly sweet. And edgy haircut is a great contrast with a feminine style.

  54. katie

    Your curls do amazing things for a pixie cut! Like KL I was struck by your necklace, it really pops when there is no hair to compete with huh? Pity it bled a bit on your skin.

  55. Natalie

    Wow! I like your old hairstyle quite a bit, as well (as someone with straight hair, I am forever longing for a great curly style like yours). But in the photos of your new style, you look happier, more carefree. It looks great on you!

    Also, I’m already wondering when (and hoping that) you’re going to play up the short ‘do with fabulous large earrings.

  56. Mel

    Love, love, love!!!!! I liked your old style, too; it suited you well. But this suits you better!

    I especially like how happy you look!

  57. Lauren

    wow! it’s quite a drastic change, but you look great! short hair really suits you πŸ™‚

  58. Valerie

    The new hair style is fabulous! Can’t wait to see further developments in your style. Wow!

  59. Cel

    And now no matter what, everyone can see your earrings! Heh. I used to have super short hair like that for years, I still miss it sometimes just for the ease of it. This is a really lovely cut on you, good choice πŸ™‚

  60. Carrie H

    oh wow, how pretty!!! And in this brutal heat/humidity, a very funky choice!!

  61. Heidi/The Closet Coach

    Love it! So flattering. Interestingly, it also took you almost a shade darker because the lighter, older ends were trimmed off and I think that adds to the flattering effect because it plays off your skin tone nicely.

    I totally understand the impulse to make a change. I did something similar myself just last week! I wasn’t quite as daring–although I did wind up with a slightly shorter haircut than I’d gone in planning for. It definitely helps to bring in photos; in my case I used Pinterest to pull them up for my stylist. (To wit: http://www.closet-coach.com/2011/07/28/how-pinterest-helped-me-change-my-hair)

  62. Jessica D

    Congrats on the new hairstyle! It looks great on you! I had to cut my hair down to a pixie earlier this year after a hair straightening process snafu, but I’ve actually fallen in love with it. It’s easier to style and I still feel feminine. Cheers!

  63. BC

    I always applaud when women feel like they can shake off the security blanket of their long(ish) hair. You’re going to have so much fun with this.

  64. Laura Elaine

    I am seriously in love with Look #1 – the boyish striped sweater is perfection with a swingy skirt. Oh yeah, and the hair makes it all come together!

    You hinted that this was coming, and I’m so excited to see the results – you look fabulous, because I can tell that you *feel* fabulous. Good on you!

    PS – Just started following you on Pinterest πŸ™‚ @Grammarous

  65. Jen

    Just joining the chorus to say I love the new haircut! You look fantastic. πŸ™‚

  66. Laurinda

    Wow, gorgeous!
    (I guess there was a silver lining to 98 hours of dew points greater than 75 F.)

  67. Jenny

    Wow! I’m so glad you went ahead and took the plunge! I recently got my hair cut short, too (not pixie but short for me) and adore it. You look absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to see the way you style your new looks.

  68. Erika A

    The hairstyle is wonderful and the short crop must feel so refreshing! I love short hair and you’re wearing it well. Ee!

  69. Maura

    You look amazing!!! I chopped my hair off when I was 16 and never looked back. That last photo of you is what I’m bringing to the salon next time I get a haircut. It is adorable.

  70. Angelique

    Wow! I always want to give fellow short-haired ladies a high five when I see them in person, so please consider this a virtual “high five” for rocking the pixie cut! The one thing that can get a bit annoying sometimes is that I have to be super religious about getting a hair cut every six or so weeks. Sometimes I miss the days when I went months without a hair cut….
    If you are looking into products to try on short hair, I’m really into Bumble & Bumble’s Sumo Tech, which gives my hair some texture and smells very nice (although I think some people find it a bit sticky).

  71. Secret Squirrel

    Lovely! I am such a (biased) fan of short hair. You are rocking it.

  72. adriana

    I like how your tattoo matches your outfits…almost like an accessory πŸ™‚ is this intentional or by chance?

  73. Liz

    whoa! you look great (not that i was surprised about THAT haha). actually i was seriously thinking about cutting my hair really short this summer, and i too looked at audrey tatou pics for inspiration. maybe i will take the plunge after all…

  74. Sheila

    Late to the party (was out of town), but woo! I love your pixie, Sal! It looks awesome on you.

    Welcome to the short hair club! πŸ™‚

  75. The Waves

    I go away for the weekend… and I come back to a whole new Sal! WOW! You look amazing! You’re making me second-guess my decision to grow my hair long..!

  76. Claire

    Omg, even better than I imagined! You’ve captured that smokin’ sultry yet playful gamine vibe. It is SO HOT! Rowrrrr. And great idea taking the picture… it’s so important to find a great stylist for short hair – I think in general it’s a bit more challenging to get the cut “just so”. I’m amazed when mine manages to get mine just right with all my vague instructions and gesturing – she is very patient and precise. Well congrats, and the very best part is hearing how much you love it, YES!!!!! Can’t wait for more.

  77. Tricia

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the haircut! It’s great on you! And I swear, my hair has changed so much through the years, and I remember the time when the texture totally changed.

  78. Rebekah

    I LOVE THE HAIR! I took the pixie plunge myself in May, and I could not be happier. I hope you love your hair as much as I love mine!

  79. Jenny

    Love the new do, it’s quite a dramatic change. So, how about a post on how to find a hairstyle that works for your hair type, facial structure, etc? I recently read your post on reevaluating your hair every year, but I’m lost as to what to do with mine. I visit new stylists, but end up with about the same thing all the time.

  80. lucie

    it looks AMAZING. the first close up made me smile, because you look so happy and confident. congrats on a wise decision!

  81. sartoriography

    Like everyone else, I am such a HUGE fan of this cut on you, lady! You look so fresh and happy and light. I love that you just hacked off everything and went super short. Adorable!!

  82. Lauren

    The last time I had time to read blogs, your hair was still long and wavy. You look amazing with your new hairstyle! I totally envy you for this, short hair just looks all sorts of wrong on me.