Daily Outfit: 8/11/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring Desigual skirt

Tee, Bella via Amazon (shortened)
Skirt, Desigual via Ideeli more Desigual
Sandals, Bass Margie
Cuff, a shop in Madison – similar
Earrings, gift – similar

The white-tee-with-patterned-skirt has been a go-to for me this summer, and I’m still loving it. I’ve gotten a few comments about how these outfits are “too simple” or “missing something,” but honestly? I tried about eight necklaces with this. I like it plain. I feel summery and fresh and marvelously minimal.

Plus I like letting this gorgeous Desigual skirt really shine. It’s made from floaty silk but lined with black cotton, and has loads of seams and patches. The complicated partner to my bare-bones tee.

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22 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 8/11/11”

  1. Soph

    I like simple too, good for Friday casual or a weekend. This outfit would still go great with a chunky necklace that sits just on top of your chest over the t shirt – your blue/green stone one with the round beads, or anything with red and orange.

  2. Rhianna

    Ooh I love the white t-shirt and skirt combo, but I always feel a little frumpy in it. I guess I’m too much of a matchy person. I think that this outfit would also look really cool for fall/winter with a black leather jacket, some black boots, and a mixture of silver accessories.

  3. Sheena Brockman

    Not too simple at all – just perfect, with that absolutely adorable skirt shining forth. If it were me (it’s winter here in Australia) I would almost find an additional necklace a bit too hot, I prefer to be completely unimpeded when it’s sticky and hot. You look deliciously cool in that!

  4. Robin

    Simple is just better sometimes. I love this look and the skirt is just darling! What great colors and patterns!

  5. Megan Mae

    I guess I can commiserate with the heat aspect. No need for fussy accessories, the skirt is a statement all on it’s own. Love the cut and print of it.

  6. Kristina

    Omigod, that skirt! Swoon. My daughter and I recently visited the Desigual store in San Francisco, and she practically did swoon. The prices are not those I would usually think appropriate for a teenaged girl’s clothes, but I think I know where I will be buying her next Christmas gift.

    I love the white-tee/tank – skirt combo. Do it all the time. I wear only scoop-necks, and I still rarely wear a necklace. It’s just too damn hot here in the summer.

  7. Anne

    This has been my uniform of choice this summer too. I just don’t seem very interested in hanging a chunky heavy statement necklace around my neck this summer either. They’re just too heavy. I did stumble across some bright “Necko wafer” looking bracelets earlier this summer and they add an extra little punch to these skirt and tee outfits.

  8. anyamedici

    I don’t think it’s the lack of accessories, but more the contrast between the sporty simple un-blousey tee and the silky skirt. Something a bit more flowing at the top , perhaps?

  9. Daantaat

    This is one of my favorite looks too. I like a plain cotton t-shirt in a summery color along with a cool and breezy skirt that picks up on the color of the shirt. As far as necklaces and jewelry, I have a short hairstyle, similar to yours, and I really like the look of a chunky or dangly earring (not too dangly, maybe just an inch or so). The short hair puts the focus on my face and I like to play up my eyes and use the earrings as a kind of frame. It’s light and airy and makes me feel cooler in hot weather, as I often find a necklace, thin or chunky, makes me feel weighed down. I prefer necklaces and scarves once the weather has cooled and the humidity doesn’t make something around my neck feel like it’s choking me.

    This is my first time commenting on your blog and I just have to tell you how much I really enjoy your style and your fashion tips. You’ve even convinced me to consider Fluevogs, which a year ago I would never have done!

  10. Mistie

    I love it. That skirt is rocking, and you look like you aren’t melting from the heat–that’s my new highest compliment.

  11. Cel

    That skirt is killer. I really don’t think this outfit is simple or boring at all. That skirt has enough character to carry any other less flamboyant item into an amazing outfit. Some big flashy earrings would probably be super appropriate here though! With no big statement necklace around to steal the show, they’d help add some more oomph to your upper half, if you so felt the need đŸ™‚

  12. mrsg'berg

    I just wanted to let all of you know that when I clicked on the white t-shirt link to Amazon I discovered that this lovely Bella t-shirt is marked down to less than $4.50 each from $17.00! And there seems to be 15 to 20 colors available. Whoa.

    Sal, I like the way you’ve had your shirt tailored to lie higher on your torso. I think I may have to try that on some of my t’s that just seem to be a little too long on me. (Especially if I can replace ’em for <$4.50 if the cut doesn't work.)

  13. Louise

    I’ve been finding that I can’t wear necklaces when it is this hot and humid. Bracelets are a great compromise, and even then I tend to take them off and on as my wrists get sweaty (ew!)

    A plain t-shirt neckline just seems exactly right for summer 2011!

  14. MelD

    I still love you, I still love your site and I look forward to seeing its further development as you head out on your own.
    Today I will have the courage of my convictions and comment on this post to say I agree that recently I have felt that the outfits were a bit unbalanced. Yes, sometimes they are simpler, but then life has hot days or non-special days and a simple look can be appropriate, so it’s not really that. To be honest, I held back from commenting on the haircut because everyone was so positive and I felt a bit shy about saying that really, although I love your look and style, I don’t love the hairdo. I’m sure it’s really easy to care for etc. but I do feel the “small” head unbalances the outfits.
    I am also the first to admit that I am probably influenced by disliking short hair on most women anyway, more so on myself and since I identify with you to a certain extent, there could be some reflection of that! Still, I wonder whether you will stick with this or find yourself going back to the midlength long-term… my curiosity will keep me coming back!!

    • Sal

      MelD: I appreciate your candor in sharing your opinions. Style evolves, and mine is changing. I’m loving doing simple, pared-down outfits this summer. Many of my activities require extensive walking or time outside, and doing heels and loads of accessories is quite simply impossible. I also bike to work as much as I can, and need to pack fairly simple ensembles when I ride. But, more than either of those things, a simpler look is where I seem to be headed. See this post for more background on why: https://alreadypretty.com/2011/07/style-evolves.html

      As for the hair, you’re not the first to dislike it and I’m sure you won’t be the last. With this hairstyle, I feel more confident, prettier, and more like myself than I have in years and years. Who knows what the future will hold, but I’m very happy with it right now.

  15. Amanda

    “Simple” looks great. There’s nothing wrong with a clean, streamlined look and I think more accessories with such a vibrant skirt would have looked busy.