Daily Outfit: 8/17/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring vintage dress

Dress, thrifted – similar printsimilar neckline
Red suede pumps, Tsubo Amset courtesy Tsubo (no longer available) – similar
Faux pearl bracelets, thrifted and self-made – more faux pearl bracelets
Faux pearl earrings, a gift – similar

Oh this dress. SO magical. I know I’ve told this story every time I’ve worn this dress, but bear with me: The dress was $9.99. It seems to have been made as a theatrical costume, as it is hand-sewn and came to me with a piece of masking tape at the collar with a woman’s name scrawled on it in magic marker. And every time I wear it, I feel like a million bucks. No, a BILLION bucks.

Last year I squirreled it away with my summer duds too soon, and this year want to make sure it gets a layered, autumnal outing. Because worn alone, I cannot resist doing ladylike pumps and pearls, but in combination with tights and a cozy cardigan, it could look fab with some badass boots.

Already Pretty outfit featuring vintage dress

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31 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 8/17/11”

  1. Judy

    It looks positively lovely!
    and your hair is still killin’ it 🙂

  2. Amy

    I’m pretty sure there is nothing in the world better than a black and white dress with red shoes. Especially when the dress fits like that!

  3. Megan Mae

    That dress was secretly made for you and planted in that shop for you to find! Seriously it couldn’t have been tailored more perfect.

  4. Robin

    Lady, you LOOK like a billion bucks! I can’t wait to see this in action in the fall. Love the polka dots!

  5. Ravina

    Oh, Sally! That dress is divine on you! Seriously, the minute that first photo loaded on my screen I went “ooohhhh oh oh oh that is so PRETTY!!!” Also, loving the hair, crazy cute.

  6. Terri

    First, I’m really admiring the new haircut. This dress fits you very well. I’ll be curious to see another incarnation of it this fall.

  7. Carol

    As much as I love reading your blog, I will, after sending you this message, unsubscribe. You’re a very fine writer and you’re very skilled and courageous at choosing and addressing topics that are relevant to all women, young, old, obese, anorexic, pretty or plain. You, yourself, are very pretty and well-built and tasteful in what you choose to wear. However, I become very tired of seeing you everyday, making the same pose, smiling the same smile, pointing your feet in the same direction. It’s tiresome!!! I think your message gets lost!. Why not pose a friend who’s obese or not so pretty or not of average weight (In either direction) and show us how you would dress THEM.

    Anyway, carry on as you were and but try to go in a little bit different direction.

    • Sal

      Do as you think best, Carol.

      I showcase stylish women of all sizes, shapes, styles, ethnicites, and ages every single week both in the photos that accompany my topical posts and in my weekly link roundups pointing my readers to other fabulous blogs written by other women. My daily outfit shots are meant to show my readership that I walk the talk: That I love dressing and that it makes me feel good about myself. Also to provide color pairing, accessorization, and overall outfit assembly inspiration, which, in my opinion, can be drawn from photos of any stylish woman of any size, if the viewer has any imagination. My blog reader is packed full of blogs written by plus-sized women, petite women, older women, and women built just like fashion models – and I find them all inspiring.

      If you enjoy the topical posts but are irritated by the outfits, you could simply skip them. But if you believe that my own figure or appearance shown in repetition sully my overall message, that’s your failing, not mine.

  8. LE

    That dress is freakin’ awesome and fits you so well! Just: Wow. I love that you didn’t belt it. Your hair looks quite awesome, too.

  9. Anna

    Lovely! Can’t wait to see it with tights, cardigan, boots. Retro ’50s, maybe? Is that rayon, which always drapes so very well?

  10. Leah M.

    You should feel fabulous in that dress, it looks wonderful on you! Your confidence and happiness while wearing the dress really shine through in these photos 🙂

  11. April

    [gush] LOVE! You look wonderful–the shoes and earrings are a great touch to this lovely dress.

  12. Mel

    Love! that dress on you!!!! It fits perfectly, and the shoes are also wonderful with that dress. It makes you look like you’re dancing on the waves, kissing the sun, and just enjoying being alive.

    Interesting comment above about the daily photo…she’s so right that you are very skilled in how you write and what you choose to write about. I never fail to get something inspiring out of your posts.

    They make me think about things in a way that I hadn’t before….and often I will think Aha! That’s why I like/dislike whatever….. Or I learn things that I wouldn’t have in real life, cuz it’s not a topic one would discuss with very many people, if at all.

  13. Jennifer

    Wow, you should feel like a billion bucks – that dress is perfect on you!!!


    It’s so cool how your new hair-do ramps up this lovely dress even more! And of course, I’m all about red shoes. Inspired by your red Fluvogs, I’ve saving up my pennies to go get some meself. I’ve discovered there’s a Fluvog store within walking distance of my office :o)