Daily Outfit: 8/18/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 8/18/11 featuring white All Saints dress

White dress – AllSaints Adityasimilar style/budget option
Scarf, Desigual (no longer available)  – more Desigual
Sandals, Marni via yoox.com (no longer available) – similar color/shape
Earrings, courtesy Bionic Unicorn

OK, I’ll admit to throwing on this jacket for part of the work day. This outfit was planned with the evening’s activities in mind – a charity event starting at 6 p.m., to which I’m dragging the lovely Christina. And since there will be a “most awesome shoes” competition, I just HAD to haul out the Marnis.

A fancy-pants evening event also gave me the opportunity to debut this dress, which was purchased in New York back in February. That’s right, this floaty, white, cotton summer dress was for sale in the dead of winter. Which is just plain silly if you ask me.

HM took some really lovely shots of this ensemble, so a few more images than usual. Including this one that shows my beloved Desigual scarf in its full, multicolored glory.

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61 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 8/18/11”

  1. Mia

    Sal! Oh, be still my heart, this whole look is breathtaking. I swear, I’m not being melodramatic. I know without even looking that All Saints is way out of my budget, but I’m glad you have this dress so that we can visually enjoy it! Absolutely stunning. Let us know how the shoe competition turns out! If you don’t win, I’d like to see who does.

  2. Amy

    Oh, SAL. Beyond gorgeous. From the collar of the dress to the amazing scarf, this one is just perfection.

  3. AK

    Long-time reader, but pretty sure this is the first time I’ve commented — just to say that the high collar on this dress is FABULOUS with your new haircut. Really, seriously, chic. Wow!

  4. Anuja

    I love this outfit, Sal! I especially love the scarf with the crisp white dress. Nicely done!

  5. joann, sidewalk chic

    That last shot is really awesome! I love this dress on you, Sal — you look amazing and dare I say, straight out of the Seven Year Itch. Just fabulous.

  6. Ericka

    Love everything about this. I won’t lie, I lust after those shoes. And the scarf is gorgeous.

  7. Beckee

    That dress looks fabulous on you! Your Marni’s complete the look!

  8. Cynthia

    Is it wrong that one of my major weight loss motivators is “so I can wear AllSaints”?

    You look marvelous. Have a gala gala.

    • Kristina

      I would find that highly motivating, myself. That dress is utterly fabulous. I love the neckline!

  9. Megan Mae

    Ooooh you look so gorgeous! That dress is so cute. I adore this combo! Hope you won with those fabulous sandals.

  10. Courtney Landes

    I’m with AK–this dress is kinda perfect for showing off your new hair cut. Your previous style would have fought with the collar, and the dress would not have looked nearly as good on you as it does in that picture!

  11. GinaMarie

    Truly lovely, Sal, I actually gasped when I saw the photos! I was just driving through Manhatten and saw the Desigual store. I thought of you! I also thought of leaving my kids in the car to go shopping….sadly that didn’t happen!

  12. Kate K

    That entire look is just swoooon worthy! You look gorgeous Sal! That dress is just divine and I absolutely love how you accessorized it. And I swear your haircut makes it look about 10x chicer!

  13. Leah

    This post made me grin wildly the moment the first part of your torso loaded, and then I scrolled down and saw the shoes. What a great combination, and it’s clear you love it too from how happy you look in the pictures.

  14. Cat

    You look like the super-woman you are in the last photo.
    If/When you write a book – that should be on the back cover.

  15. C'estChic!

    Shall I make it unanimous?!? You look stunning in this outfit, and I truly think it’s your beautiful new hairstyle that has taken the look to the next level! Ooh la-la!!!

  16. hellotampon

    This looks fantastic! I love the dress itself, and the colorful scarf paired with white is definitely inspiring me.

  17. Cel

    Oh, love the photo with the scarf all opened up, it’s so pretty. Shame that most scarves spend their lives scrunched up. That is such a fantastic dress, too. And I will be surprised if your shoes do not win this competition.

  18. Clarice

    The dress looks like it was made not just for you, but on you, and the accessories you paired it with echo its edgy femininity perfectly. I love the way All Saints designs manipulate fabric and you’ve showcased this one so well. And I agree with Cat that the last picture would make a great back cover image for “Already Pretty”, the book.

  19. Mel

    Could you possibly look any more stunning???!!!!!

    Even BETTER than the polka dot dress from yesterday!

  20. Heather

    I haven’t commented before (something of a lurker) but this look is too gorgeous for words. I love how the layers of ruched, folded fabric frame your face and graceful neck with your new haircut!

  21. Rocquelle

    OMG, that scarf is AMAZING!! Your white dress is perfect on you, and those shoes..oh my!! You look fabulous!

  22. Kyla

    Oh, Sal! This is divine! I LOVE the collar of this dress with your earrings and short haircut. So chic and unique! And I’m dying to know who won the shoe contest!

  23. Sal

    Thanks for your INCREDIBLY kind words, my friends! I’m sad to report that I didn’t even make the finals for the shoe contest. HM maintains that I was totally robbed. And he is not at all biased, of course.

  24. marie

    That look suits you so well, I must say. I had to write. PERFECT for your new style direction.
    Personally, I would go a little longer though.
    But overall fantastic!

      • pope suburban

        I thought it was the same dress when I first saw your pictures! I’m really happy to have found it again (The shop I found it in orders very small quantities, so they go out of stock super fast), and that it appears to be pretty easy to turn up. Love love love that style; it feels like pajamas but looks like a million bucks.

  25. Robin

    I just wanted to say I have been reading your blog for months now and find it completely inspiring. You look absoluetly stunning in this outfit, I know you say you love color but white is gorgeous on you and the cut of the dress with that collar and your new hair… lovely, lovely! Happy Friday!

  26. sara

    love you and love these pictures!!! you look fabulous, fantastic, fierce.. lots of f words 🙂 You make me want to go out and buy a pretty dress to wear (maybe I’ll thrift one since I’m broke as a joke). Your blog makes me happy 😉

  27. Julie

    I literally gasped when I scrolled down. This is one of your best, ever.