Daily Outfit: 8/24/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring Liberty of London for Target dress

Cropped pink cardigan, thrifted – same cut and brand
Floral dress, Liberty for Target (no longer available)-  a few on eBay
Yellow heels, Dr. Scholl’s (no longer available) – similar shape and color
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Earrings, Saressasimilar

Oh, how I adore multicolored prints. Since I frequently wish to wear a billion brights in a single outfit, busy florals featuring seven distinct shades are godsends. AND they allow me to wear yet more bold colors as accents. I secretly wish this particular dress had come in a non-pastel version of the same print, but hey, I’ll take it. I mean, obviously. Already taken, paid for, and worn several times.

Also not wild about the boob ruffle, but know the dress would look bizarre without it. So I’ll just keep it in check with cardigans.

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26 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 8/24/11”

  1. g.

    Ha, I have two Old Navy dresses with boob ruffles that I am also not wild about, but I’m wild enough about the dresses (cool, cotton, feel like wearing an oversized t-shirt to work while still looking cute) that I figure it’s the price of admission. We will embrace the boob ruffle!

    Anyway, what I meant to comment is that I love this dress and you look adorable. Somehow it looks perfect with your new hair.

  2. Christina

    I love that dress! It looks like it has a high waist which would be perfect for ladies with short torsos like me, and you can pratically pick any color cardi and it would match! I think I may have to snag one of those on Ebay before they’re all gone. Thanks Sal!

  3. GingerR

    I’m waiting to see what Target’s Missoni line looks like. I liked the Liberty of London things. The prints were detailed and colorful, but I felt like they skimped on the fabrics. Do you suppose we’ll see the same with Missoni?

    • Sal

      I’d assume so. I think that, to keep the prices down, they skimp on materials and, to some extent, construction.

  4. Diana

    Great outfit! I love the yellow shoes.

    I have this dress in the other print (the pink one) and it is super breezy and comfy! I have this problem where the boob ruffle always blows up into my face though whenever there is a breeze – I should try restraining it with a cardigan too.

    • Sal

      Even WITH the cardigan, my boob ruffle attacked my face several times today. It’s a vindictive little frock. 😉

  5. Margarita @ Weightless

    You look great! I love the mix of colors. I own this dress, too, and I love it. I’m usually a bit timid when it comes to bright patterns but I couldn’t resist getting this dress anyway. It’s too pretty. 🙂

  6. Ericka

    I actually wore my liberty for target print dress today as well—the purple halter-y one with the paisley print. I love it and always get compliments. I paired it with a wide red belt (one of the many colors in it). Easy and pretty.

    Great shoes btw!

  7. Laurel

    Dare I suggest some fashion tape for that wandering boob ruffle? 😉

  8. rina

    Dress, hair, and shoes = adorable!

    Since the debut of your new ‘do (rhymes were unintentional, I swear!) I keep thinking of Elizabeth Taylor, when she had a similar curly-cap hairstyle. Not that you don’t look fetching the way you are–you do!–and I know that lots of makeup is not your thing, but…I would love to see you in full-on fifties glamour girl make-up: dark brows, cat’s-eye liner, and red, red lips. I’d love to see it because I think you’d look stunning. In fact, I think you would look like this: http://assets.thehairstyler.com/images/celebrity/classicf_4.jpg

  9. joie

    ha, i wore that exact same dress today, but with shoes that are not nearly as fabulous. so funny. you look lovely in it, sally.

  10. Anne

    Sally, your shoes just totally make that outfit. I personally like a boob ruffle…otherwise I can look like a billboard up there.

  11. Rachel Hughes

    You look fabulous! You have a great sense of style and I’m so flattered to see my earrings in your photo :). It’s fun to see what you put together each time you post.


  12. Sarah

    Gorgeous outfit – my kind of colour combo – super pretty floral print and I have an identical cardigan – and those shoes BLOW MY MIND!

    Sarah xxx

  13. Christen

    Sal, I LOVE that dress. I too am obsessed with multicolored, loud prints. I know they’re really expensive, but have you ever looked at Lilly Pulitzer? They’re almost blindingly bright and really fun. I may or may not have three different things with Lilly prints on my desk right now… not including my wallet in my purse.

    Also, I think the boob ruffle is cute, but then again I love ruffles. The cardigan definitely tones it down though. Sooo cute!

  14. Kaitlyn

    I’m a regular reader but never a commenter – BUT – I just had to let you know that you cutting your hair inspired me to quite listening to everyone else’s opinion on short hair and cut mine. And I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for boosting my confidence. Keep up the great work!

  15. Kristin

    I love this print! This was my favoriate from the Liberty of London for target line. I got the top in this print and I wear it often. I also got a mug in this print – it makes me happy:)

  16. Cel

    I love a good bright print for the same reason. It’s a great excuse to bring in even more colour.

  17. E.

    This look is marvelously adorable. Again, with the yellow shoes – they are perfection. A little pixie/elfish/60s flower child. I love it!