Daily Outfit: 8/30/11

Already Pretty daily outfit featuring gray shirt dress

Gray shirt dress, Land’s End (no longer available) – more gray shirtdresses
Scarf as belt, Echo – more brown floral scarves
Belt as belt, thrifted – similar
Sandals, John Fluevog Haight (no longer available) – similar
Bracelets, Bibelotsimilar
Earrings, art fair

ย I’ve been wanting to try belting over a scarf for AGES, but every other attempt has failed. This particular belt/scarf combo seems to work, and it feels like a great color mash-up for fall transitional.

I’ve had a few questions about how I’m liking the new ‘do a month in, so here’s the scoop: I LOVE IT. Love, love, love it. I love it completely and passionately and I can’t quite imagine ever going back to longer hair. I feel like this style suits my facial structure, adds edge to my looks, pushes me to style my clothing differently, and just plain works for me. I feel more like myself than I have in ages. In fact, last week I had lunch with a dear friend who hadn’t seen me since February, and toward the end of our lunch the haircut came up. She explained that she hadn’t said anything about it because, “You just look like you.” I feel like me. Getting a shorter cut was definitely the right move, and I’m looking forward to styling up my fall and winter looks in new and different ways to accommodate it.

On a completely different note …

… as of today, I’ve been married to Husband Mike for nine years. Every day I thank my lucky stars that I found him. You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. Every single day I’m grateful for him. He makes me laugh, makes me think, and makes me believe I can do anything in the world.ย  Plus he’s an EXCELLENT shopping partner. And dead sexy.

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49 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 8/30/11”

  1. Natasha

    I have to agree with you on the short hair. You look fabulous! I miss my short hair, but not the maintenance. I think I might keep the bob for a while though. Are you finding that you are dressing differently with the short hair? My style evolution began after my big chop last February.

  2. Chelsea S.

    Aw, I love how much you love your hair (and I agree, of course!). Finding the right cut that just feels “you” is amazing. Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, and congrats on the 9 year anniversary! Y’all are an inspiration to me. And adorable to boot.

    Finally, I wanna try the scarf/belt combo. Love it here!

  3. JB

    Happy happy anniversary! BTW, I love the shirt HM’s wearing in the photo. Any tips as to where can I get one for my DH?

  4. Audi

    Congratulations to both of you! I can’t imagine a more perfect pairing than you and HM, honestly.

    And ooh, belting over a scarf — that’s a new one to me!

  5. Ann T

    Sally, love your haircut! Found,. to my surprise, that is much easier to wear hats with short hair! And Happy Anniversary — darling photo ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. L Adair

    Congratulations on 9 years. Love your hair! Hoping to get the courage to find a style that is ‘me’ someday……soon.

  7. Mary W.

    I’m so glad you are loving your new ‘do–I think it really looks great on you!

    Congratulations to you and your husband on your 9th anniversary, and I wish you both many wonderful years together. Being with the life partner who is right for you makes it all worthwhile!

  8. Sandie

    So glad to see this lovely photo of you and Husband Mike! Congratulations on your anniversary–you look so happy together.

  9. eek

    I love you in short hair – it definitely suits you.

    And congrats on 9 years! Your hubs is a cutie!

  10. Rocquelle

    This is such a cute look! I’ve never tried a scarf as a belt, but it’s lovely on you!!

    I don’t know what your hair looked like before, but I can’t imagine you with longer hair (I have to go check out your archives). Your current cut is gorgeous on you!

    Happy 9 year anniversary!! Finding some you love deeply to spend your life with is a true blessing.

  11. Erika A

    Congrats to you both!

    And bravo on this outfit. I ADORE IT and it might be one of my favorites you’ve worn in a long time.

  12. Michele

    Congratulations to you and Mike. I know what you mean about being thankful every day. I’m right there with you, sister!

  13. Megan Mae

    Happy Anniversary! The short hair does really look natural on you, and I’m glad you’re still loving it.

  14. Anna

    Happy, happy anniversary….and he, too, knows how to dress! Cool shirt!

  15. LinB

    Happy, happy anniversary! And best wishes for many more in the years to come.

  16. Cel

    It’s always great when you find something that really suits you, deep down, and feels right. I’m happy the cut has been so good for you ๐Ÿ™‚ And happy anniversary!

  17. DAC

    Happy anniversary! You two look incredibly cute together. On a personal note, I cut my hair short about three months ago, and like you, I can’t imagine ever wanting to go back to long hair. It’s so easy!

  18. joelle van dyne

    happy belated anniversary, lady! you and your husband make such a cute couple. i agree with you about the haircut- it is edgy, and shows off your face better. i love the way you added the patterned scarf to the shirt dress, and i really adore those shoes too!

  19. Chris E


    Congratulations on marrying a redhead!! You two are so cute. Now….will you also be blogging on men’s style??? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Chris E

  20. Kat

    You two look adorable together! Congratulations on your anniversary.

  21. Beth

    Happy anniversary!! I love seeing a rare picture of the two of you. You two are adorable! I know just how you feel – I will have been married to my own husband Mike for 10 years in October, and it feels like no time at all! Congratulations on being such a wonderful couple. And PS I love short hair, too!

  22. Claire

    Hehehe… “belt as belt.”

    Agree about the short hair! Even your photos convey a new confidence and edge. You know, here’s an issue that I wonder if other ladies run into – I find that there are certain clothes and accessories I prefer to wear when my hair is a certain length or color. I have to be careful not to be fooled into getting rid of something I like if it’s a style issue based solely on my hair, which changes constantly. I’ve started to recognize this distinction and put things away to the back of the closet for a while rather than purge them.

    Congratulations on your anniversary and thanks for sharing the fabulous picture of you two!! I’m coming up on 10 myself, and couldn’t imagine my life without such an exceptional partner.

  23. Pamela

    They have two new shirt dresses at Land’s End this season. One is cotton like the one you’re wearing in the photo (green and brown look gorgeous) and one is corduroy! I love their full skirted shirt dresses!

  24. Allie

    Happy anniversary, what a lovely couple you are!

    And the belt over the scarf looks fantastic, I may have to try it myself!

  25. CarolN

    Happy Anniversary! Isn’t it wonderful to find a great friend as well as a husband! And I love your hair; it seems that you have been smiling a lot more lately or maybe it is just that you can see your face much better now.

  26. Sheila

    Happy, happy, happy anniversary to you and Mike, Sal!

    Short hair really suits you – enjoy it!

  27. sararyan

    Happy Anniversary! (but, egads!, I feel old — we had our 30th last Feb.!)

    I thought this would be an appropriate day to mention (although you may have heard this before) that everytime I see ‘HM’, I think of ‘His Majesty’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Erin

    Happy Anniversary! I got married one day after you. A lovely time to be wed, particularly in The North. Enjoy.

  29. Danielle

    Happy Congratulations! 9 years is a grand amount of time. You seem like you guys are a team and balance each other perfectly. And congrats of feeling like you. Best thing ever!

  30. Belinda Gomez

    Are you arching your back when you pose? It’s not flattering, and makes the dress pull over your bust. Your hair is cute, but you don’t seem to know what looks good on you.. Maybe you should post videos–maybe seeing you in motion would be better? Looking good in still photos is hard.