Daily Outfit: 8/31/11

Already Pretty daily outfit featuring Diesel boots

Olive jacket, thrifted – similar
Floral dress, thrifted – similar print
Boots, Diesel Go-go (no longer available) – similarmore Diesel boots
Bracelets, Bibelotsimilar look
Earrings, Mocahete
Messenger bag, Tom Thomas Leather

Today I was asked to shoot a commercial for ARC’s Value Village that will air locally come fall, so my challenge was to select a few items that were both autumnal and thrifted at VV. EASY. Both jacket and dress were picked up in thrift outings last summer, and both have served me well.

The dress is similar to one that my mom made for me that makes frequent appearances on the blog, but this one is a bit stretchier and looks so fun with the structured, military-influenced jacket.

What’s the last thing you thrifted?

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41 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 8/31/11”

  1. Tiffany

    I love love LOVE this outfit. So cute!

    I thrifted an awesome bike yesterday. I’m totally in love with it. Thrifting is so ftw.

  2. eek

    I love this look! So unique yet so now too. I am not a good thrifter but I did finally check out a consignment shop near my work last weekend and got a skirt and dress. Does that count?

  3. Trystan

    Don’t know if it counts, but I bought a repro Elizabethan doublet second-hand at a costumers flea market last weekend! I also sold a bunch of my costumes at said event.

    From *actual* thrift store, I think the last thing I bought was a pair of repro 18th-c. shrub glasses (a type of goblet) & a red cashmere scarf.

  4. threegoodrats

    I got a pair of Calvin Klein wide-leg jeans for $5. I don’t even like buying clothes new anymore – they all seem so unnecessarily overpriced!

  5. Mary

    I love the whole combo. The jacket reminds me of a Marc Jacobs jacket that I used to covet. Congrats on the commercial.

    I thrifted a lace swim coverup from the 60s recently that I’m going to wear as a duster. It’s so cute.

  6. Courtney

    Recently I got a great jersey print dress, navy blue and white floral, that is super flattering and perfect for work.

  7. Margarita @ Weightless

    That’s so neat about the commercial! Congrats! I love this outfit. You look awesome! I love that it looks so relaxed, modern and fits perfectly. I’m also in love with the boots. Seriously, you have the BEST boots collection ever. πŸ™‚

    I actually have yet to thrift anything. πŸ™ I live in a pretty small city. I think we have like one thrift store. I’m going to NYC on Friday, though, so maybe I’ll check out a few stores there. Do you have any suggestions?

  8. michelle

    Hi Sal, this is extremely random, but I was wondering whether you’d kindly consider a post on T-shirt bras sometime? I used to think I could get away with the American Apparel triangle bras because I’m so flat-chested but recently saw a photo of myself in a clingy T-shirt that made me cringe! At the same time, why should women have to hide the fact that well, we have bumps in certain places??

  9. AshleyGee

    Loving this outfit, Sal! I’m going to try and recreate a similar look as soon as it gets cooler here.

    The last thing I thrifted was a navy blue polka dotted dress from the 80s. It’s got the cutest ruffled hem, collar, and sleeves.

  10. Robin

    This is one of my fave outfits on you! And fitting because thrifting is so much fun! I just went thrifting this weekend. I am wearing one of my favorite finds today actually. It’s such a thrill of the hunt kind of game!

  11. D

    I last thrifted two skirts AND an awesome silk shirt while I was on a business trip to Jackson, WY! And I love your outfit πŸ™‚

  12. FutureLint

    LOVE the fall look and that so much of it is thrifted! And I’m so excited to see you in the commercial! Yay! I stopped by Goodwill yesterday and found a vintage Liberty of London floral oxford shirt for $1.50! Score!

  13. Kat

    A pair of knee-high, chunky-heeled brown leather boots with funky strap detail. (I know some people are squicked by thrifting shoes–but if it looks like the original owner didn’t wear them very much, I have never had a problem…)

    • Jen

      I recently went into my local Goodwill and thrifted FIVE pairs of shoes. Apparently someone about a size 9-10 shoe dropped off their castoffs. My mother thinks I’m crazy for thrifting shoes, but I just give them a good scrub with rubbing alcohol. The pairs include white and tan esperdrille slides, aqua heels, snakeskin print heels, leopard heels, and some funky fruit patterned sandals. The brands include Liz Claiborne, Kenneth Cole, Nine West and all are barely worn!

  14. retro reva

    Oh Sal,
    I was badly good today after the dentist! 9 i bit the heck out of my tongue, so i figured i deserved a quick trip to the thrift store πŸ˜‰
    I found a brand new pair of leather riding/biker boots for only 14.99, a flowy floral dress, 70’s maxi, green blazer, lots o scarves, jewels, and tops for under 30 bucks! Yipee!!!!
    Tee,Hee! I get very excited after a good thrift πŸ™‚

  15. lopi

    This might be my favourite outfit of yours of all time, it’s just so cute and comfy and flattering, I love it! (and I might just copy it, consider yourself warned)

  16. Clarice

    During my last thrifting trip I picked up a tailored, blue, white and aqua striped TM Lewin shirt and a super-wide taupe leather belt. I was thrilled by the shirt because button-ups don’t usually accommodate my chest without compromising the fit in the waist and back, but this fits perfectly all over and opens up a whole new world of outfit possibilities!

  17. Velma

    A geometric-print silk velvet scarf, and a midi-length gored denim skirt that fits a treat! πŸ™‚

  18. Carrie

    Great silhouette! You are glowing! The clothes complement the chic haircut so well. I like the combo of a subtle floral print with a sophisticated, structured jacket.

  19. Kristin

    Sal, lovelovelove this on you! Feminine-casual at its best and those boots are delicious!!!

    The last thing that I thrifted that has become a staple for me is a lightweight, stretchy lace blouse. It’s such an easy, sweet way to add texture to an outfit.

  20. Coleen

    You look darling in this outfit:) On Monday I thrifted a super soft 3/4 sleeve striped tan and white t-shirt, a pink and orange plaid shirt jacket, and a beautifully tailored lemon-lime button down shirt and I love them all. Goodwill!

  21. Cel

    I love Value Village. I’m actually wearing the last thing I thrifted, which was from there. It’s a jean pencil skirt with multicoloured vine-embroidery.

    Love the jacket with that dress, kinda 90’s grunge going on πŸ™‚

  22. Laura

    Question — does the jacket close? Is it ok to wear jackets that don’t close, as accents on top of other pieces?

    • Sal

      Yes, it does, but tightly. Yes, it is OK to wear jackets that don’t close, in my opinion.

      • Laura

        Thanks! That will extend the life of a gorgeous brown jacket I have, sort of similar to the one you’re wearing up there.

  23. Rosie

    I found a Ralph Lauren pink corduroy snap front shirt for 7 bucks a few weeks ago! I’m actually wearing it right now, too πŸ˜›

  24. Mel

    Saturday I found a gorgeous pair of un-worn salmon heels….sling-backs, peep-toe, a 2″ heel. Beeeeuuuuutiful! AND comfy!

    And to make it better, when I got home I realized that they matched one of my tops perfectly! And they were just the right (hue/tone/shade?) to go with my new dove gray dress slacks.


  25. Katharine

    My last thrifting was… three weeks ago now or so, and I scored big! Long, assymetric, gathered and draped dress in some kind of stretchy pewter-grey fabric by Canadian indie designers in St. Catherine’s whose name I forget (it’s a mother-daughter team from the Netherlands). Skirt made out of random grey tweed patchwork with a taffeta underlining from John and Jane. Lida Baday cream wool dress (my proudest score I think to date; Lida Baday is a Toronto designer who’s quite well known (and expensive!) and getting one of her dresses in near-flawless shape for $14.99 is amazing). Emily the Strange muscle tee that says “Beware” on it over an evil cat; I don’t often wear printed tees, but I like this one. Very well-worn Olsen long black linen skirt with assymetric handkerchief hem; I had to put a button on the closure, and it is VERY worn, also a size too big, but has been the most comfortable thing to wear in the August heat lately. Also, a crazy apparently handmade(!) grey leather tailcoat(!) with long pointy swallowtails, not for me, but for my partner, maybe to wear as a theatre costume? It fits him perfectly, and looks freakish but amazing. And some glass dessert bowls to replace the ones I didn’t have because we gradually broke them all.

    I don’t thrift often, but I do thrift well.

  26. Angeline

    Love this! The soft elements of the dress work so well with the more structured jacket, boots, and bag. I’ve been looking for a nice floral dress to toughen up a bit, but since I’m not a florals person, nothing has caught my eye yet.

  27. Scary Closet

    Oh SQUEE! I can’t wait to see your commercial for ARC! Which one did you film at? Richfield? That’s my favorite, and it’s wear I found my brand new Aerosoles for a mere $7.50 – which I have not removed from my feet all summer long. I even wore them to the Fair.

  28. Carolyn

    Isn’t it so nice to be into boots weather? I’m wearing the last things I thrifted– a J Crew buttondown and a Ralph Lauren wool cardigan. I’ve had a lot of luck thrifting around my new neighborhood over the past few months!

  29. sarah

    love this look! Last thing I thrifted? Hm, I think this little shrug/bolero in an open/lacey knit. It’s almost exactly like a much more expensive sweater I got at anthro, and I consider it my back-up! ha!

    I’ve actually been thrifting a lot this year, pretty much all my back-to-school duds (even university instructors need back to school duds, right?) are from one goodwill here in SEattle. πŸ˜‰

  30. emm

    Your haircut looks fantastic on you. I’ve been meaning to pop out of lurkdom to say so. That’s all. πŸ˜‰

  31. Mia

    Love that jacket!

    My last thrifting trip, I snagged a dress for co-blogger Tia and a couple of tank tops for myself. My two thrifting trips before that were the real winners, though, since there were consecutive $1 tops and $1 bottoms sales at my favorite Goodwill and I got a fun armful of each for maybe $20 total. It was especially great since I just purged my wardrobe, so I had plenty of room for some new stuff! Like the sunshiney yellow skirt I wore yesterday, oh my goodness do I love that skirt.