Daily Outfit: 9/27/10

Gray cashmere sweater, thrifted

Black skirt, Banana Republic via eBay
Red wool shawl/wrap/scarf, bought in Iceland
Gunmetal peeptoes, Tahari, courtesy Marshalls
Garnet bracelet, via eBay
Garnet earrings, gift from my mom

This garnet-red wrap is the first of my Iceland purchases to get worn, and itchy as it is, I adore it. I feel that the open weave makes it a great transitional wrap, and it kept me cozy all day long without feeling suffocating.

These shoes were picked up on a recent trip to Marshalls that also yielded several fab pairs of tights and some knee-high socks. I absolutely cannot hit a Marshalls without taking home some hosiery …


And these earrings were a 16th birthday gift from my mom. I STILL adore them.

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20 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 9/27/10”

  1. Rebecca

    That wrap is lovely. I always have a hard time styling shawls, but this one looks great on you.

  2. Sidewalk Chalk

    Love that cranberry-colored wrap! What a fun way to remember your trip to Iceland.

  3. Anonymous

    Gorgeous wrap, LOVE the earrings! Both are timeless.

    I have been reading about bedbugs recently, and it has killed my desire to purchase used clothing. Have you given any thought to that? (I'm even a bit afraid to try on new clothes in the store…)

  4. Mother of Style

    This has to be said: Your eyebrows are perfectly arched nice work!

    The wrap is beautiful, and has a nice place of origin đŸ™‚

  5. E

    Oh the cranberry color works so well with the gray and black pieces! Like a fall dream!

  6. Michael McGraw - www.Local-Artist-Interviews.com

    Do you ever worry about your nail polish not matching your foot tattoo?

  7. Sal

    Anonymous: My mom just mentioned that to me tonight! Eek! I haven't heard about problems with bedbugs here in the Twin Cities yet, but I'll have to check before I thrift again. This sweater was bought months ago, so I think it's safe …

  8. DaniellaBella

    Here's what I love about your outfits: You always look put together without being stiff, cozy and professional without being boring, and ultimately comfortable in your own skin, which, of course, is the most beautiful thing!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Megan Mae

    Ohmygoodness, Sal! That wrap is gorgeous~ The color is so lovely. And a great reminder of your trip. =]

  10. Sandy

    Love this outfit! The color of the cardigan is so warm. Perfect for the fall! =)

  11. Anonymous

    There was a link recently on Corporette re: bedbugs in vintage/thrifted clothes. IIRC the gist was that if you're worried, you can put things in the dryer for 20 minutes, but that bedbugs are not typically spread that way. Furniture, on the other hand, is a real crapshoot.

  12. Anonymous

    The wrap is beautiful (Icelandic wool is amazing). To help with the itchy factor, try washing in a good wool wash that won't strip the lanolin (a good yard shop will have something). Love your posts. Susan

  13. Diana

    I LOVE the color of the shawl and how it pops against the black and grey! The shoes are gorgeous too.

    I agree with a previous commenter about the wool wash; it really does help. Don't use woolite, get Eucalan or Soak instead, and wash very gently in the sink with cold water. Something else that also works to soften wool is hair conditioner, as long as you don't use one that's too heavy.

  14. fashion herald

    Gorgeous wrap! This is a new favorite outfit, and I adore the shoes, great find.

  15. Rosie Unknown

    I love the wrap! I've admired the wool clothing everytime I've been, but I've never been able to invest in a piece.

  16. GooseDown

    I see a good comment above for washing your wrap…

    I often find my beloved woolens very itchy too. My solution has been to soak my woolen garments in a sink full of cool (barely tepid) water with a generous dollop of hair conditioner mixed in, leave soak for 20 min, drain and very gently squeeze out excess water, do not rinse and allow to dry. Wool is hair and soaking in conditioner will soften and smooth out the fibers.