Daily Outfit: 9/28/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring Liza Rietz Ruffle Dress, star scarf, Miz Mooz Shelley boots, cuff bracelet, Karin Jacobson earrings

Dress, Liza Rietz Ruffle Dress
Star scarf, bought in Iceland – similar
Boots, Miz Mooz Shelley
Cuff, don’t remember – similar
Earrings, Karin Jacobson

Today was absolutely GORGEOUS. Just yesterday I’d been looking at this particular outfit on my list and thinking I’d have to save it until spring. Not so! We got 80 lovely degrees by mid-afternoon, which made conditions perfect for this sculptural dress and a pair of colorful boots.

I’ve loved this star-print scarf (and its sibling) since I nabbed them in Iceland a year ago, but they’ve been getting a surprising amount of attention lately. And there’s a very specific reason for that: Since I can’t steal this dress right offa Rachel Weisz, I’m doing my best to be starry in other ways. Ach, what a fab frock. And it’s got SLEEVES!

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24 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 9/28/11”

  1. Michelle

    I’m curious, when wearing a scarf as a belt, do you let the ends hang loose in back or tuck them in somehow? I love the scarf + boots.

    • Sal

      Sometimes I’ll tuck the ends in if they’re an awkward length, but in this case they’re pretty long so I let ’em dangle like a sash. Super short ends just get left alone.

  2. Sharon

    Sal – I wanted to let you know that I’m digging the short hairdo. It’s very becoming on you. You look sophisticated with an edge.

  3. Diana

    Oh my goodness, the color of those boots is to die for! Seriously, it’s like my dream shoe color. Too bad the heel on these is too high for me… I’m going to go investigate whether Miz Mooz makes other shoes in this color though.

    Love the rest of the outfit too!

  4. Amy

    LOVE the purple boots! I have a pair of plum Fryes, and they’re perhaps my favorite boots ever. Looks amazing with the scarf/sash and the structured dress.

  5. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I love this outfit for transitional weather! And I’m not a big scarf person, but that “similar” scarf in red is a steal.

    Speaking of stealing — I wouldn’t mind swiping Rachel Weisz’s husband (Daniel Craig) for a weekend in the country (and if you’re reading this, JUST KIDDING, honey!) : >

  6. Alice

    You look so lovely, we’ve been having a bit of an Indian Summer over here too so it has been lovely to pull some clothes back out the wardrobe that I didn’t think I would get to see till next year 🙂

  7. Erika A

    Oh that starry dress!!!!! Now I am going to be on the hunt for something that even FEELS like that look!

  8. Jen

    I adore those boots! I’ve been looking for a wide-calve purple version for quite some time. Love Rachel Weisz’s dress-it looks fun and playful but like it would be comfy as pajamas. I’m not sure I could pull off head-to-toe-stars, but I like your iteration.

  9. Stacy

    I seriously want to steal that entire outfit from you and wear it immediately. Absolute perfection.

  10. Nebraskim

    Sal, your posture and attitude in these WIW posts just SCREAM confidence and sass. I love it. You could totally pull off wearing a sleeping bag with all the poise and pride you throw. I love that. It’s kinda Mary Tyler Moore-ish –who can turn the world on with her smile?

  11. FutureLint

    That dress is gorgeous! Annnnnd, now I want the Rachel Wiess dress too! Seriously, yesterday was so good. Just what I needed – one last warm day before the cold sets in!

  12. WendyB

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen boots in that color! It’s kind of psychedelic…It needs some Marc Bolan/Janis Joplin feather boas! C’mon, do it.

  13. Bee

    Hi Sally!

    I have these same pair of boots in a cognac colour and I was wondering, have you noticed the heel is easily scarred? Maybe it’s just because there is a lot of loose gravel and cracked sidewalks around here but my heels are a bit scuffed because the leather is so soft. Do you happen to have any tips on protecting the leather?

    Btw, I agree, the matching scarf and boots is genius!



    • Sal

      Bee, my pair seems pretty resilient, but I keep an oil sponge on hand for any scarring and scuffing. That should help!