Daily Outfit: 9/29/10


 Red shirt dress, Land’s End

Turquoise belt, thrifted
Silk kimono-print pumps, Faryl Robin Suzu, via eBay
Necklace and bracelet, thrifted

I absolutely promise to shut up about the weather soon, but allow me one final rant. This fall has been pretty confusing for me, stylistically speaking. I’ve dabbled in boot-wearing, but on days like today when it gets to be 70 degrees? Boots seem preposterous. As do heavy fabrics and layers of any sort. And while I long to delve into my fall and winter duds, I’m trying to enjoy these last warm days, knowing that it’ll soon be so dark and so cold I’ll want to hibernate till April.  Thank you, end rant.

In other news, these shoes give me such joy. Printed shoes challenge me, but I’m willing to push my boundaries for these beauts.

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18 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 9/29/10”

  1. Sidewalk Chalk

    Sal, you are rockin' that red! I love how everything kind of stands out on its own but doesn't compete with the rest of the outfit. Those shoes deserve a museum of their own — they're so beautiful!

    I've had the same problem with wondering what to wear when it isn't obvious what the overall temperatures will be like for the day. I will say that 70 degrees is practically arctic compared to the summer we've had here in Georgia, so I've worn my boots on those days.

  2. Louise

    You are so dang good at pulling off those shirt-dresses! This color-combo is awesome.

  3. Frances Joy

    Those shoes are RIDICULOUS! As in ridiculously BEAUTIFUL. My jaw just dropped. Also, this is one of my favorite color palettes, but I rarely use do it this boldly. Well played!
    Also, totally feel you on the whack-o weather thing. Boo.

  4. shari @ little blue deer

    I used to break out the boots the day after Labor Day because I was so excited to wear them, but not anymore, I try to dress appropriately for the weather, not the season! I live in the South, and it's still hot! So happy to find you and happy to be your newest follower!

  5. Rebecca

    Those shoes are amazing.

    Fashion-wise, I am firmly stuck in fall regardless of the temperature. I know I should use this time to extend the life of my summer clothes, but I can't keep myself from my cooler weather clothes.

  6. kellyroy68

    I've never seen colorful shoes like these.It's pretty daring to wear these shoes …and a red dress but I admit that you pulled through.

  7. Cosmic

    The primary bright hues look fabulous on you, thus making you appear fresh-faced and young!

  8. poet

    Dear Sal, have I mentioned you inspire me? Always? Thanks for your awesome contributions… I read your blog regularly, not to say religiously, but I think I don't comment often enough. I've started adding pops of color and matching more items in my outfits, and considering matters of body image more often, and in a more positive light… Thanks for a great contribution to teh interwebs!


  9. orchidsinbuttonholes

    I so agree with you about the weather. I feel like it's a bit like this every September, but this year it's particularly bad. And I'm just impatient for the warm weather (and summertime) to be behind me. You can rant all you want – I agree with you that the seesawing temperatures are annoying as heck!

    But oh my goodness I love this look! I love when you wear red – you wear it so well – and red and turquoise are one of my favorite color combinations.

    And those shoes!!! How many times have I written that phrase in a comment on your blog? But this time (like the other times) I so mean it. Those are gorgeous! I love how, with an outfit of a bold color combination, you didn't pick a neutral shoe. You look so confident and cool and sassy and "bring it on, weather and world!"

    Another favorite!

  10. April

    ugh this weather is terrible. it's so humid that even my mirror is sweating. and tomorrow is OCTOBER. boo.

    ANYWAY, on a much happier note, your shoes are to die for ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Cathy Benavides

    LOVE your shoes!!! I have been a Faryl Robin devotee since I got a pair of her Collete shoes almost 2 years ago. Then earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting her at an in-store event at Nordstrom here in Austin. She didn't just do a meet and greet- she was pulling shoes, helping customers, and talking with everyone about their shoes. It was awesome!! I'm always so excited when I see other women in her lovely shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Love the shoes and how the belt picks up the blue. Beautifully styled as usual.

  13. lisa

    Heyy I have a pair of Faryl Robins that uses the same fabric! The fabric is scrunched up and used as an accent on the vamp though, and the shoe itself is peep-toe style with gray leather. Yours are so pretty, I don't know how you can stand to not stare at your feet all day. ๐Ÿ™‚