Daily Outfit: 9/8/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring black poncho, silk cargo crops, nude cage heels, Karin Jacobson earrings

Poncho, thrifted – similar items
Black tank, Target
Silk cargo crops, Anthropologie (no longer available) – similar
Sandals, Chinese Laundry Scene Stealer (no longer available) – similar
Bracelets, Bibelotsimilar
Earrings, Karin Jacobson

I’m pretty sure that the last time I wore this poncho, I paired it with cargo crops. Because, ya know, ponchos and cargo crops go together like peanut butter and jelly.

It was a gloriously warm, sunny day today, and I was thrilled. I’m itching to wrap myself in boots and sweaters, of course, but I’ve also got several pairs of killer sandals that have sat neglected all summer and this last burst of warmth is allowing me to trot them out. Without freezing my frostbite-prone toes.

Obviously, I didn’t make it out to New York for Fashion Week this time around, but this evening I am headed to June for the Elixery fall line launch. I’ve got a really fun collaboration coming up with the Elixery team and can’t wait to work with them!

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21 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 9/8/11”

    • Carolyn

      I was going to say something similar, but, to me, it’s much more of the villains outfit. With a big pair of dark sunglasses, I could totally see her casing an art museum.

  1. Audi

    Oh, I love this! So edgy and funky — I would wear this entire outfit exactly as you’ve styled it. You’re lucky I don’t have access to your closet…

  2. Ericka

    I am not normally a cargo fan, but I love these. Great outfit!

    You are wearing more pants lately which is a nice change of pace. Makes me more inspired to think about pant focused outfits (which I normally eschew greatly).

  3. rosie posie

    Wooww..you’re working with a cosmetics brand? Does this mean we’ll be getting more beauty-focused posts?

  4. Megan Mae

    Sal do you have super secret cameras following me? I just thrifted a poncho and was digging through back posts and google looking for inspiration that wasn’t dull or overly 90s. I needed reassurance ponchos could look fashionable – and here it is! You look so chic, and I adore those crops.

  5. Tracey

    I always love what you wear, but this past week or so you’ve somehow taken it all up an extra notch. LOVE today’s outfit.

  6. Lisa

    Heya Sally! Like the outfit, it made me think of this question I’d like to ask you. What are your thoughts on volume + volume (meaning volume on top such as your poncho combined with volume on the bottom such as the cargos). Always thought of this as a tricky matter!

    xoxo Lisa


  7. Nebraskim

    Wow, this outfit for some reason makes you look super tall and leggy. I compared to the white outfit in with the colorful swingy top in the next post, and thought, “she looks like she added 5 inches of height.” Winner. Perhaps a posting on why you think this makes you look so much taller would be an interesting read. I don’t think it’s the camera angle, it’s the outfit.

  8. Becca

    I would stop you in the street to tell you how awesome, fierce and fabulous you look in this outfit. Stop you in the street! Even if I didn’t read the blog.

  9. Cel

    I was talking to a friend of mine who is native to Venezuela, and she told me she had NEVER eaten PB+J. I was shocked. I wonder if there’s a place where cargo-crops and ponchos go hand-in-hand like PB+J? You know, other than on you, heh.

  10. Amanda

    This might be my favorite outfit you’ve ever posted. You look fantastic and edgy. Love the poncho, the cargos, the shoes, the colors, the whole thing. Also, I appreciate that you smile in your pictures. I’ve tried taking “serious face” outfit shots of myself and either look pretentious or like a prune. Your bright smile makes me feel a lot less dorky about smiling myself.