Dressed for: Non-Frenchness

Already Pretty outfit featuring denim jacket, graphic tee, Prairie Undeground Moto pants, ankle boots, J.W. Hulme tote

Denim jacket – Kut from the Kloth (no longer available) – similar
Tee – self-designed through Zazzle
Pants – Prairie Underground Supermoto courtesy Shop Adorn
Boots – Clarks (no longer available) – similar
Earrings – courtesy Lockhart Wrks
Bag – J.W. Hulme

I love the look of white graphic tees with black writing. They’re kinda everywhere right now, and seem incredibly versatile. However, most of the ones I found that didn’t say something that irritated or offended me said something in French or referenced Paris. I don’t speak French and Paris ranks low on my list of dream destinations, so wearing a “bon jour” tee seemed disingenuous.

I turned to Zazzle to make my own, and although I’m satisfied with how they turned out eventually, I strongly recommend choosing a different vendor if you’re interested in trying this yourself. The first batch they sent were ALL on styles of tees I’d never asked for, the second set included some wrong sizes, and the third wasn’t right either but was close enough and I just settled. I’ve used Cafepress in the past and it’s worked MUCH better.


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5 Responses to “Dressed for: Non-Frenchness”

  1. Courtney L.

    Heh. I thought this was going to be a restyle of some of the elements of your “french” outfit from several years ago. (Pink jeans and a black graphic tee of some kind.)

  2. Roselyne

    THANK YOU. As someone who speaks French, I like the graphic shirt look, but most of the shirts sold with “French” writing is only “French” in the sense of “someone used google translate”, and I refuse to pay money for that.

  3. Lisa Wong

    Haha I thought I was the only one who had issues with the messages in graphics! I can’t even buy a coffee mug I like the look of if the message feels disingenuous to me.

  4. wonkyone15

    Have you seen the shirts with lists of names? The one I like was recently featured in an xojane.com article and it listed the first names of all of the members of the Babysitters Club! I like them but I never wear white tees becuase they usually seem thin and show my bra, even when I’m wearing the right shade of nude.