(Don’t Step On My) Blue Snake Shoes

Black and blue ensemble

One of those silly fashion rules I grew up with was “never wear black and blue together.”

I say, “silly rules are made to be broken.”

In fact, black-and-navy has become one of my favorite neutral combos.

Black and navy blue

 As you can see from my hair and the tree litter on the sidewalk, we’ve been getting some strong spring breezes.

Blue Snake Shoes 3

I’ve always been more of a leopard print gal, but the gorgeous snakeskin print of these shoes won me over.

Vintage Hermès cuff

One of my favorite vintage jewelry finds, an Hermès “Collier de Chien” leather cuff.

Blue Snake Shoes 5

As much as I love dangly earrings, I can no longer tolerate any that are heavy. I look for designs that add visual impact without a lot of weight.

Jacket: Eileen Fisher, a few years old. Similar .

Scarf: Nordstrom, here. (This color is called “Blue Merlin.”)

Tee: Eileen Fisher, here. (Color: Ink.)

Pants: Eileen Fisher, here.

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, no longer available. Similar.

Earrings: Argento Vivo, a few years old. Still available here!

Watch: Michael Kors, here.

Cuff: Vintage Hermès, from Beladora2.  Other leather studded cuffs here, and here.

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12 Responses to “(Don’t Step On My) Blue Snake Shoes”

  1. Gracey at Fashion for Giatns

    The blue of that scarf is absolutely amazing on you. I love this whole look, but oh, that blue.

    And I think black and blue, as well as black and brown, can be incredibly chic. You’ve proven that here.

  2. Dorothea

    My pre-adolescent son was reading over my shoulder and said, “Wait, mom, let me see that again.” He liked the shoes and deemed the scarf “very striking. You should get one like that.” So this outfit clearly has wide appeal!

  3. Anat

    I love your outfit. It is toned-down but elegant and interesting. You look great!

  4. Kristin

    I love your use of black/navy with pops of color! I love your shoes too, and I’m normally -not- a snakeskin person 🙂

  5. Cassie

    Pretty mix of blues. That scarf is especially nice with your hair color. Classic with a twist – my favorite!! 🙂


  6. silkpathdiary

    One of my all-time-favourite looks from you! I think it’s simple, sophisticated and modern with exactly the right details. I wear blue and black all the time, they are often interchangeable for me.

  7. coffeeaddict

    Gorgeous outfit! I think that the snakeskin shoes can be paired with just about any jewel colour.
    Your tapered pant hem is perfection, just the right length and width to accentuate the shoes without looking odd, like pairing slim pants or leggings with pointy shoes which looks out of balance.

  8. Sarah Tighe-Jordan

    I think you look great Une Femme, I grew up with similar rules like ‘never wear blue and green’ together. I think there are some style rules that need to be broken. You look great in blue & black so that’s all the proof we need!