Dressed for: Having it Both Ways

Already Pretty outfit featuring leather moto jacket, olive green tank, cargo sweatpants, black pumps

Leather moto – Bagatelle (no longer available) – similar
Tank – thrifted – similar
Fancy Sweatpants – Hue (no longer available) – similar style in gray
Pumps – Clarks Wessex Wyvern
Necklace – courtesy SBG Designs
Earrings – Corset

I’m gonna be a total brat right now and say that I had these fancy sweatpants before fancy sweatpants became a thing. OK, I’m done.

This moto jacket is one of my favorite finds because the sleeves zip off and it can be worn as a vest. (Seen here.) In most cases multi-use or reversible items seem gimmicky to me, and typically one way of wearing them is far superior to the others. But this guy looks equally great both ways. Now if I could just figure out a way to use the zipped-off sleeves by themselves …

Have you had good luck with multi-use clothes? Jackets that zip into other jackets? Pants that convert to shorts? Do you feel like you get more for your money if something can be worn in more than one way?


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9 Responses to “Dressed for: Having it Both Ways”

  1. sprylie

    sally that GREEN is revelatory on you! Here’s aWIN for saturated colors!

    • walkercreative

      I really agree. That green is fantastic on you and really makes your hair and eyes pop! I’ve been toying around with olive as a neutral for me (I am also high contrast) and you certainly made the case here! Thanks!

  2. Linda B

    Love this outfit!

    The both ways garment I have that works well functionally is a cycling jacket that has a way to zip off a shrug-like portion on the top to become a vest. (Dressing in layers is really helpful as a cyclist, especially when you live in a climate with chilly mornings that warm up fairly quickly, like the desert SW.)

  3. Cleoxymore

    I like the silhouette a lot, but I’m a little unsure about the jewelry with it… Are you rethinking it (including in terms of proportions, but also in terms of design) with your new style direction? It seems that it is a bit “ladylike” for the vibe you’re going for here–what is your thinking?

    • Sally McGraw

      I have definitely thinned out my jewelry but these pieces made the cut! The earrings are spiky and and quite rocker – thought I had a close-up somewhere, but can’t find it. And the necklace isn’t terribly tough on its own, but since there’s a moto jacket involved adding spikes or a big collar or chains felt like overkill here. Also, there are heels … so some juxtaposition already mixed in!

  4. Amy Blankenship

    I have some shorts that have fabric that has a snakeskin print on one side and a floral on the other. They can be worn either way. It takes up less drawer space than two pairs of shorts.

  5. Celynne

    I love this outfit! It’s so fun and saucy, tough yet feminine. The leather jacket looks great on you… I have one of my own and I love when it gets cool enough to break it out again after the summer. And you are really making me want a pair of those pants lady, maybe you’re fueling my pants revolution 😛