Dressed for: Weekend Reading

Already Pretty outfit featuring DKNY knit moto, NYDJ cargo skinnies, Clarks booties, fringe handbag

Jacket – DKNY via Marshalls – similarvest version| also in plus
Tee – Alternative Apparel
Cargos – NYDJ Darleen (old, but a few sizes still available)
Booties – Clarks (no longer available) – VERY similar
Necklace – Altered Ever After/art fair
Earrings – Corset
Bag – this + DIY (tutorial forthcoming)

This outfit was worn for a curled-up reading session. HM and I continue to carve out weekend time for reading, mostly in local cafes where we can sip warm beverages. I’m a sucker for Caribou’s dark chocolate hot chocolate. In fact, it’s spoiled me on all other cafe hot chocolates – they all seem wimpy in comparison. So when I say “local cafes” I mostly mean “nearby Caribous.” Though we do try to mix it up sometimes.

Are you a weekend reader? Weekend cafe-frequenter?


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10 Responses to “Dressed for: Weekend Reading”

  1. Ruth Slavid

    Goodness, how cool do you look? You’ve nailed the secret of great dressing. Instead of the viewer thinking ‘nice jacket’ (fab jacket by the way) or ‘nice boots’ they just think how fantastic you look. In theory I don’t even like all the items in this ensemble, but the overall effect is marvellous.

  2. poodletail

    I love this look, Sal. I knew this was the real you all along. xo

  3. livi

    This outfit is totally bad ass, I love it! I wish I could just sit down and read for a few hours. Alas, I have small children. Someday….

  4. ModlyChic

    Love this look on you and I have to say I am REALLY loving the short hair. Makes me want to ditch the long locks and chop it all off again. – Katy

  5. Lisa

    I LOVE this look. And how you ever thought pants weren’t flattering to you, big mystery! Was your haircut the enabler for this whole metamorphosis? If yes, thank you haircut!

  6. OneGirl_Jess

    I couldn’t quite visualize the complete bag feel until now. It looks great! I love it! So cool